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David Pelzer. Dave made his way though his mother’s abuse and having to move from place to place. He found his way though all the bad things that happened to him. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qOU-8WyWfWY.

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David pelzer

Dave made his way though his mother’s abuse and having to move from place to place. He found his way though all the bad things that happened to him.


David pelzer

David Pelzer J.K Rowling

Had a tough and abuse childhood Had a poor childhood

Had an education Also had a good education

Wrote a lot of amazing books Wrote a few but famous books

Is married and has a kid Is also married and has kids

David pelzer

Dave’s younger years J.K Rowling

When David was younger his Mother called him “It”. His Mother did a lot of mean things to him. Some examples are making him drink Clorox , beating him, and locking him in a basement when she had nothing for him to do. One time his mother held his hand in a flame. When he was about 6 his mother stabbed him below the heart and did not take him to get medical care. He did have an education at Thomas Elementary, they’re the ones that saved him and took him away from his mother. He then went to Ms. Gold, his secretary. He called Ms. Gold his angel because she help him escape his mother and because he felt safe with her.

David pelzer

Foster homes J.K Rowling

After Ms. Gold he went into foster homes. The first one he lived in for a year but then he went to juvenile hall because his friend frame him for trying to burn a school down. When he got out of juvenile hall he went to another foster home. Then another one and their names were Alice and Harold. After that he went to a few others. In the end other in ended up at Alice’s again but for good this time.

David pelzer

David as an adult J.K Rowling

When David was 18 he was no longer to stay in a foster home. When this time came he joined the air force. He was in the air force 8 years and out of that time it helped him discover what he wanted to do after severing in the air force.

David pelzer

What he did after the air force J.K Rowling

After the air force Dave wrote books, talked to the unprivileged kids, and was on Opera Winfrey show. Some of the books he wrote were, A Boy Named “It”, The Lost Boy, and A Man Named Dave. He also wrote other books too.

He now is married and has a son.

David pelzer


Lover of his wife and son

Who excels at writing

Who feels no one should be abused like he was when he was little

Who needs love

Who gives life lessons to kids

Who feared his mother when he was little

Who likes to eat pizza

Who would like to see kids make it in the world

Residents of Rancho, Mirage, CA.