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Computer Science Department Smith College Northampton, MA 01063 cs.smith PowerPoint Presentation
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Computer Science Department Smith College Northampton, MA 01063 cs.smith

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Computer Science Department Smith College Northampton, MA 01063 cs.smith - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Computer Science Major:

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Computer Science Major:

The major is a set of at least 11 semester courses distributed over Theory,Programming, and Systems. All students take a seminar on the state-of-the-art of a topic in computer science such as computer architecture, machine vision, parallel processing, robotics, and digital sound and music processing.

Computer Science Minors:

digital art, digital music, theory, programming, systems, computer science and language, and mathematical foundations of computer science, or self-designed.

Computer Science Department

Smith College

Northampton, MA 01063

Arts oriented courses:

csc106, Introduction to Computing and the Arts; csc240, Computer Graphics; csc354 Seminar on Digital Sound and Music Processing, and others.

For more information on these courses, visit the computer science web site at

Justine Kurtz '08

Double CS/German major

Sarah Unnokon '08

CS major,

Art Studio minor

Computer Science collaborates with the Art, Theatre, Dance, and Music Departments, in developing a program in Arts and Technology

Diana Larry ‘08

CS major, Engineering minor

Moitri Ghosh




CS digital

art minor

TessaTaylor ‘08J

CS major



Computer Science contains and shares assorted computer-equipped classrooms in the science center. Machines include dual boot linux/windows workstations as well as triple boot Macintosh computers.

Students and faculty members pursue interdisciplinary research and class work using digital circuits and microprocessor kits; robot arms, dogs, and platforms; sensors and synthesizers, for digital sound and music; digital video cameras and a Gypsy 3.0 wireless model motion capture system; and a 3-D printer, a laser scanner and a laser cutter for rapid prototyping.

Computer Science shares the Center for Design and Fabrication, a college-wide resource used by artists and scientists alike.

Applications such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator; Macromedia Dreamweaver; Matlab and Mathematica; Final

Cut Pro; Processing, Flash and Sketch up are available, as are QT, Java, and python for advanced programming; Keykit, Csound, and Pure Data for computer sound and music; and OpenGL, GameMaker, and POV-Ray, and blender for computer graphics.

Ngiare Underhill ‘08

Double CS/Economics major

Jordan Crouser '08

Double CS/Math major


Computer Science students are very active in the department. Two liaisons (Jordan Crouser & Stephanie Gibbons this year) attend department meetings, and run social events like movie and game night.

Many students work as teaching assistants, running help sessions, grading, and aiding students during teaching labs.

Many students also do research as special studies, as research grant assistants, or as honors theses.








Gibbons '08

CS major

April 2008

Shae Smith '08 CS major