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The Next Level of Online Engagement

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The Next Level of Online Engagement - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Next Level of Online Engagement. Building a smart, strategic and savvy social media operation for any size organization. Brian Cox Tweet Me: @ bctweets. Director, Web Experience Brand Leadership United Way Worldwide . Overview of Online Engagement Why Online Engagement?. THE OLD WAY.

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the next level of online engagement

The Next Level of Online Engagement

Building a smart, strategic and savvy social media operation for any size organization

Brian Cox Tweet Me: @bctweets

Director, Web Experience Brand LeadershipUnited Way Worldwide

overview of online engagement why online engagement
Overview of Online EngagementWhy Online Engagement?


Online Engagement



what is individual engagement
What is Individual Engagement`
  • INDIVIDUAL ENGAGEMENT: Build more personal and relevant connections with current and prospective individuals so that they become inspired to take action and answer your call for advocacy.

Building Your Advocacy Base

Dialogue with Individuals and Motivate Hand Raisers

  • Identify UW Supporters and Gain Better Understanding




how online fits with individual engagement
How Online Fits with Individual Engagement

United Way will harness the power of the Internet to Advance the Common Good. We will inspire and guide a grassroots movement and ensure that we are a mobilizing force for social change -- nationally and locally -- online and on the ground.

  • Retention
  • Deepen relationships through consistent outreach and Ask/Thank/Inform.
  • Drive viral engagement.
  • Acquisition
  • Lead conversations and listen.
  • Generate buzz and WOM.
  • Acquire supporters.


Social Media


  • Activation
  • Online Community Building. (blogging, surveys, conversations)
  • Robust Give/Adv/Volunteer experience.
planning your approach
Planning Your Approach
  • Strategic Framework
  • Communications Plan
  • Public Relations Plan
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Supporter Acquisition
  • Crisis Communication
  • Setting expectations and policies

May 30, 2012

strategic framework
Strategic Framework
  • What are you trying to accomplish?
  • How can Social Media help you get there?
    • Raising Awareness
    • Organizational positioning
    • Lead acquisition (donors, advocates, volunteers)
    • Adding value to partnerships and corporate recognition
  • Considerations:
    • Content creation and curation
    • It takes a village…

May 30, 2012

communications plan
Communications Plan
  • Social media and traditional media work best together
  • Sponsored stories, social media advertisements
  • Can you plan for a VIRAL success?
  • Local events: disasters, controversies, etc
  • Public engagement of key players
  • Others?

May 30, 2012

public relations plan
Public Relations Plan

Being in social media means publicly surrounding yourself with opinions… this is a good thing! Really!

  • Promoting the Good
    • Directly engage
    • Inspire positive messaging
  • Managing the Bad
    • When is it really bad?
    • Do I respond? Do I not…

May 30, 2012

public relations social media outreach
Public Relations / Social Media Outreach

Social Media can help you bypass gatekeepers and directly reach:

  • Journalists, Reporters and various Media
  • Engaging Bloggers and Influencers
  • Creating an Experience
  • Case: Compassion International
  • Case: McDonald’s
  • Directly Engaging Critics

May 30, 2012

stakeholder engagement
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Board Members
  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Donors
  • Advocates
  • Partners:
    • Corporate
    • Community & Non-profit

May 30, 2012

stakeholder engagement1
Stakeholder Engagement
  • Recognition
    • Tweet: @UnitedWay is thrilled to welcome @JuanaSlade to the US Board of Trustees. #LIVEUNITED
    • Tweet: Congratulations @BankofAmerica for recruiting 5,000 volunteer readers, tutors and mentors! Way to go! #LIVEUNITED
  • Appreciation
      • Facebook: John Smith first gave to United Way of North Central Florida in 1932 and hasn’t missed a year since! We’re so grateful to have friends like you! LIKE this post to say THANKS for LIVING UNITED for 80 years.

May 30, 2012

supporter acquisition
Supporter Acquisition
  • Social Media lets you inspire your supporters to take action and evangelize on behalf of your cause.
  • Your following shows LEADERSHIP
  • The power of the FIRST FOLLOWER
  • Peer-to-Peer Friendraising, Fundraising

May 30, 2012

crisis communications
Crisis Communications
  • Crisis in the Community
  • Customer Service Crisis
  • Organizational Crisis
  • Communicating through chaos
    • Case: KLM Airlines
  • Damage Control

May 30, 2012

setting expectations and policies
Setting Expectations and Policies
  • Who should tweet and post on behalf of themselves?
  • Who should tweet and post on behalf of your organization:
    • Two models:
      • Social Media Manager
      • Select individuals
        • Assign content topics
        • Use management tools
    • CEO

May 30, 2012

setting expectations and policies1
Setting Expectations and Policies
  • How Many Twitter Handles and Facebook Pages
  • Internal Audience
  • External Audience
  • Remember, what happens in Vegas stays on… YouTube!
  • Post Frequency
  • Facebook: 1/day or 5-7 per week
  • Twitter: As often as you’d like!
  • Google+: 5-10 per week

May 30, 2012

what to expect
What to Expect

Plan First. Measure Second.

May 30, 2012

do metrics
  • Metrics Include:
  • Donations
  • Advocacy Actions
  • Event Attendance
  • Membership
  • Volunteerism
  • Sales
  • For Each “Do” metric there are specific conversion-related KPIs
  • If your DO metric is securing donations, DO KPIs will help you determine if your tactics are converting or driving donors away
      • Samples: referral traffic sources, # of unique visitors, bounce rate, time spent on donation page
see metrics
  • Metrics Include:
  • Facebook like totals
  • Twitter follower totals
  • Website traffic
  • Email sign-ups
  • RSS subscriptions
  • Earned Media
  • ALL BETS ARE OFF… until users engage with your content!
  • Website visits, social media followers, and email sign-ups represent a level of engagement deeper than “Impressions”
say metrics
  • Where most social media efforts begin and end.
  • Metrics Include:
  • Facebook content likes
  • Facebook shares
  • Twitter retweets
  • Email forwards
  • Google +1s
  • SAY Metrics are GREAT indicators of content quality
  • Metrics help you identify champions of your cause
  • Great indicators of engagement
  • Beyond awareness, SAY metrics drive interactions
feel metrics
  • Taking SAY one step further
  • Metrics Include:
  • Facebook Shares with personalized messages
  • Facebook comments
  • Personalized retweets
  • Blog comments
  • Captures instances when people engage with content, internalize message, and add their two cents.
  • Known in social media as sentiment
what does it mean
What does it mean?

May 30, 2012

bringing it to life
Bringing it to Life
  • Numbers are misleading!
  • Context is Key:
  • Tools can provide support, but YOU have to provide context
  • Are people saying positive or negative things?
  • Reporting on social media should include insights and analysis
  • For each metric ask yourself:
  • Who is engaging?
  • What are they responding to?
  • What are they saying?
  • What does it mean?
tying the technical to the narrative
Tying the Technical to the Narrative
  • This is where you earn your stripes!
  • Who is your demographic online? Does it differ from on the ground?
  • What are Facebook’s Insights telling you about content interactions?
  • Adjust your approach:
  • If you lead with a great stat, but the retweets focus on a detail in the story, take this to heart!
  • From the trenches, it all looks beautiful! Be selective about your content.
best practices update
Best Practices Update
  • Five Facts to Bank on in 2012
  • The Face of Facebook Pages is Changing. Again.
  • Google+ Is Not Going Away
  • Traditional and Social Media Work Best Together
  • Social is Mobile and Mobile is Finally Social
  • Move Fast, or Move Out of the Way


Matt Wurst


best practices update1
Best Practices Update
  • How to Create News Feed-worthy Facebook Content
  • Content is Not Always King - Posting too often can drive fans to unlike your page. Control volume but produce content yielding high interactions
  • Vary Your Posts - Often it’s not what you’re saying, but what you’re sharing. Include photos, videos, etc.
  • Timing is Everything – Keep a log of what time of day you post things. Vary it and keep a record so you know when your posts are read the most.
  • Post About a Trending Topic
  • Go Manual – Scheduling ALL of your posts may provide a poor experience
  • Use Facebook’s New Features


Chelsea Hejny

SmartBlog on Social Media


May 30, 2012

best practices update2
Best Practices Update
  • How can I get more people talking about me on Twitter?
  • Share other people’s content
  • Pay attention to timing
  • Share behind-the-scenes-stuff


Andy Sernovitz

SmartBlog on Social Media

SmartBrief / Andy’s Answers

get a grip
Get a Grip!
  • Tools to Help Your Measure Social Media


Thank you

Brian Cox Tweet Me: @bctweetsDirector, Web Experience

Brand Leadership, United Way Worldwide