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Front Line of ESD in Japan

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Front Line of ESD in Japan - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Front Line of ESD in Japan. Prof. Shuichi NAKAYAMA Hiroshima Univ. of Economics At German-Japanese ESD Symposium Japan German Center, Berlin August 19, 2008. 1. ESD: Major Achievements in Japan. 1. Mandated CSR Report since 2004 2. National Movement since 2005

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front line of esd in japan

Front Line of ESD in Japan

Prof. Shuichi NAKAYAMA

Hiroshima Univ. of Economics

At German-Japanese ESD Symposium

Japan German Center, Berlin

August 19, 2008


esd major achievements in japan
ESD: Major Achievements in Japan

1. Mandated CSR Report since 2004

2. National Movement since 2005

3. Japan’s Action Plan for UNDESD 2006

  • Revision of the National Curriculum


  • Paradigm Shift in Life-Style to Eco-Life


central government framework for esd
Central Government Framework for ESD

Environment Basic Law 1993

1stEnvironment Basic Plan 1994 (Environment, Parasitism, Participation)

2nd Environment Basic Plan 2000

(International Cooperation)

3rd Environment

Basic Plan 2006 (Sustainable Society)

Japan’s Action

Plan for the UNDESD 2006

1993 1994 2000 2003 2004 2005 2006 2008

National Movement Team Minus 6%

Revised National Curriculum 2008

Environment =CSR Report

Law 2004



Promotion Law 2003

1 mandated csr report since 2004
1. Mandated CSR Report since 2004

Responsibility by

  • Central and Local Governments to publicize CSR Report for promoting Sustainable Development

(2) Corporate Sector should publish CSR Report and take business actions on the basis of CSR Report of others

(3) Citizens should take seriously CSR reports when they take economic activities

●Activities can be seen at the Website “CSR Project” by Nippon Economic Newspaper Co.

2 national movement team minus 6 since 2005
2. National Movement :Team Minus 6% since 2005

● Six Recommended Actions for CO2 reduction

1. Set air conditioners to 28 degrees C in summer and to 20 degree C in winter.

2. Turn off the faucet every time you finish using it.

3. Drive your car more efficiently.

4. Choose eco-friendly products.

5. Say no to excessive packing.

6. Unplug electric appliances when no in use.

◆ Team Member as of June 30, 2008

Individual 2,302,513 Businesses/civil groups 21,795

3 1 purpose of esd in the japan s action plan for the undesd 2005
3-1. Purpose of ESD in the Japan’s Action Plan for the UNDESD (2005)

●To ensure that anyone can benefit from quality education, and that the principles, values, and actions necessary for promoting sustainable development are incorporated in all forms of education and learning environment, thus bringing about a revolution of action for realizing a sustainable future with respect to the environment, economy and society. ( p.3)

3 2 goals by the final year 2014
3-2. Goals by the Final Year 2014
  • Every one to come to participate in the creation of a sustainable society.

2. Educational institutions, NPOs, enterprises, and administrative organizations incorporate in their programs actions for building a sustainable society.

3. Everyone to extend their willingness of participate for building a sustainable society in developing countries. (Japan’ Action Plan p.4)

3 3 key points in japan s action plan for undesd 2005
3-3. Key Points in Japan’s Action Plan for UNDESD (2005)

●In Chapter 3 Guidelines for Implementing ESD

◆How to learn & teach = ①Willingness to participate

②Problem-solving abilities

③One-on-one dialogue

◆Abilities to be developed = systemic thinking,

critical thinking , data analysis, communication skills

◆Sense of ESD values = respect for human life and dignity, diversity, non-exclusiveness,equal opportunity, & environment

4 revised course of study 2008
4. Revised Course of Study 2008

● The importance of ESD : A special mention was made at subjects in Junior High School : Science, Geography and Civics.

●In Civics = Building a Sustainable Society

is a perfection of social studies

◆Senior High School : to be implemented

by December 2008

5 paradigm shift to a nation of herb
5. Paradigm Shift to a Nation of “HERB”

Japan’s Ultimate National Goal is

an Advanced Environmental Country

or A Nation of “HERB”

Healthy, Beautiful, Rich + Ecology and Economy

“An Image of Sustainable Society”

(3rd Environment Basic Plan 2006, pp.4-5)

concluding remarks 2 curriculum shift toward esd in japan
Concluding Remarks (2)Curriculum Shift toward ESD in Japan

Every subject area

must take

a paradigm shift of

contents and teaching methodology on the basis of Japanese Image of ESD World

from the traditional principles

to the new ESD principles