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Degraded Image: Valentine’s Gift

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Degraded Image: Valentine’s Gift - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Degraded Image: Valentine’s Gift. By Gabrielle Turgeon. Before and After. Step One: Choices. First choose a picture that you want to use. Put it in a word document and change the printing option to “landscape” This picture will go on the outside of the craft. Step 2: Print.

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Presentation Transcript
step one choices
Step One: Choices
  • First choose a picture that you want to use.
  • Put it in a word document and change the printing option to “landscape”
  • This picture will go on the outside of the craft.
step 2 print
Step 2: Print
  • Choose different pictures to put into a booklet
  • Make sure to choose “landscape” again for the printing options.
  • Leave room on one side for words. Resize the photo if you must.
step 3 booklet making
Step 3: Booklet Making
  • Order the pages however you want and then fold them in half.
  • Staple the outside of the photos to hold them together like the binding of a book.
step 4 checking
Step 4: Checking
  • It is very important to make sure that the booklet is how you want.
  • Make sure your makeshift binding holds together and looks good as well as making sure the pictures are in the order you want them to be.
step 5 writing a note
Step 5: Writing a Note
  • Write a nice note for every picture on the opposite side of the booklet.
  • If you so desire, you can even write in when the picture was taken.
  • It is basically turning into a very mini, makeshift scrapbook.
step 6 label the scrapbook
Step 6: Label the Scrapbook
  • Make sure to label the front of the scrapbook/booklet however you want
  • Since mine was for Valentine’s Day, I labeled it accordingly.
step 7 the craft design
Step 7: The Craft Design
  • Cut out the photo you want on the outside of the craft.
  • Make sure to leave no white on the outside.
step 8 designing the design
Step 8: Designing the Design
  • Create any design you want.
  • Make sure it is small enough to put on the picture
  • Tape it to the photo with clear tape.
step 9 get creative
Step 9: Get Creative
  • For my craft, I filled a Mike’s Hard Lemonade glass bottle with Aquarium rocks for fish that were pink and purple.
  • You don’t need to remove the label, because you will end up covering it.
step 10 decorate craft
Step 10: Decorate Craft
  • Using clear tape, tape your photo around the bottle.
  • For stylistic purposes, you can cut the corners off the photo once it is taped to make it look a bit neater.
  • Last step is to give the craft as a gift.
  • As it is handmade, it is bound to be a hit.
  • Probably…