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The Lorena Stove PowerPoint Presentation
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The Lorena Stove

The Lorena Stove

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The Lorena Stove

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  1. The Lorena Stove Saving the World One Person at a Time

  2. What Is a Lorena Stove? • Replaces open fires in hut • Removes smoke from hut through chimney • Constructed of inexpensive raw materials • Adobe (mud, straw, water) • Large plastic bucket • Empty coffee or soup can • Pipe for chimney Cooking on an open fire in a hut The Lorena Stove

  3. Effect of Lorena Stoves on Infant Mortality Note drop after 2003 when Lorena Stoves were installed * Cases of respiratory disease not available The Lorena Stove

  4. Why Use Lorena Stoves? • Decrease incidence of common diseases from smoke inhalation • Respiratory infections • Eye infections • Asthma • Increase fuel efficiency • Save trees in and around village • Save work cutting and gathering wood Peruvian boy who has suffered from respiratory infections The Lorena Stove

  5. smoke How Do They Work? • Wood or grass placed in fuel chamber • Fuel ignited • Pot or pan placed on opening on top • Cool air enters through fuel chamber • Smoke exits through chimney Chimney pipe Pipe exits roof Opening for pot or pan Adobe Stove Fuel chamber The Lorena Stove

  6. Selecting the Location Chimney Opening for pan • Build Lorena stove in corner of hut farthest from front door • Choose wall so that fuel chamber is on right or left, depending on handedness of cook Lorena stove Door Walls of hut The Lorena Stove

  7. Constructing the Stove: Making Adobe • Select mud with a moderate amount of clay ► Excessive clay causes stove to crack when heated ► Insufficient clay causes stove to collapse • Mix with water • Add straw Mixing mud and water Mixing in straw The Lorena Stove

  8. Constructing the Stove: Preparing the Frame Fuel chamber • Place large plastic bucket near side of wooden form to be fuel chamber • Place empty coffee can near other side of form to be heat chamber • Place chimney pipe midway between other items Chimney pipe Heat chamber Wooden form The Lorena Stove

  9. Constructing the Stove: Filling Frame with Adobe • Join 3 chambers with pipes or small cans • Add adobe around buckets, cans, and pipes • Prop sides of form to prevent collapse • Allow 48 to 72 hours to dry Adding adobe to frame The Lorena Stove

  10. Constructing the Stove: Adding a Finish • After adobe dries, remove wooden frame • Remove plastic bucket (other cans and pipes stay in stove) • Apply wet adobe to outer surface; rub until smooth Photo of completed stove in woman’s hut The Lorena Stove

  11. Final Notes • Work under direction of villagers • Train villagers to build stoves • Train villagers to cook on stove • Villagers like stoves for their fuel economy • Lorena stoves save lives The Lorena Stove