9 th grade patriot success night l.
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9 th GRADE PATRIOT SUCCESS NIGHT. HOW HIGH SCHOOL WORKS. Understanding Academics. Credits-what are your classes worth? How many credits will you earn each year? Progressing from one grade to the next What happens if you don’t earn enough credit? Which courses are required for graduation?

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9 th grade patriot success night



understanding academics
Understanding Academics
  • Credits-what are your classes worth?
  • How many credits will you earn each year?
  • Progressing from one grade to the next
  • What happens if you don’t earn enough credit?
  • Which courses are required for graduation?
  • How do tests affect graduation?
fayette county schools are under the semester system
Fayette County Schools are under the semester system.
  • Each semester has 18 weeks.
  • Students are scheduled for 6 classes per semester.
  • You can accumulate 3 credits or units per semester, for a total of 6 credits per school year.
  • Each semester stands alone. Semesters are not averaged together.
awarding credit
Awarding Credit
  • At the end of each semester, student are given a final exam
  • Grades are calculated (85% of the grade comes from the semester, 15% comes from the final exam)
  • Credit is awarded and placed on the permanent record (transcript)
For each class that you take and PASS, you are awarded

½ or .50Carnegie Units.

Most students will have earned24 unitsby the time they graduate

9 th grade schedule
9TH Grade Schedule

1st Semester2nd Semester

9th English A .50 9th English B .50

Math A .50 Math B .50

Science A .50 Science B .50

Health .50 Person Fit .50

Band (elective) .50 Band (elective) .50

German (elective) .50 German (elective) .50

Total 3 units Total 3 units

Total for the year = 6 units

For Promotion to the 10th Grade = 5.5 credits

grade promotions

9TH to 10th Grade = 5.5 units

10th to 11th Grade = 11.5 units

11th to 12th Grade = 17 units

Total Units to Graduate = minimum 23 units

in the state of georgia
In the state of Georgia
  • 23 credits are required for graduation In the state of Georgia
  • At least a 70 is required to pass a class.
  • All classes receive same amount of credit.
new graduation rule
New Graduation Rule
  • Effective with incoming freshmen in 2008
  • Eliminate tiered diploma options
  • Common set of diploma requirements
  • All graduates prepared for college-entry courses without remediation and the workplace
new graduation rule11
New Graduation Rule
  • Areas of Study:
  • Units Required
  • English/Language Arts * 4
  • Mathematics* 4
  • Science* 4
  • Social Studies* 3
  • CTAE and/or Fine Arts and/or Foreign Lang. 3
  • Health and Physical Education* 1
  • Electives 4
  • Total Units (Minimum) 23
  • * Required Courses and/or Core Courses
english language arts requirements
English/Language Arts Requirements

4 units of English/Language Arts required, including:

  • 1 unit of 9th Grade Literature and Composition
  • 1 unit of American Literature and Composition
  • 2 additional units
math requirements
Math Requirements
  • 4 units of Mathematics required, including:
    • 1 unit of Mathematics I or Accelerated Mathematics I
    • 1 unit of Mathematics II or Accelerated Mathematics II
    • 1 unit of Mathematics III or Accelerated Mathematics III or any higher level mathematics course, including AP/IB
    • 1 additional math unit
  • New courses for 4th year will be added
  • Support classes, interventions for struggling students
science requirements
Science Requirements
  • 4 units of Science required, including:
    • 1 unit of Biology (can be AP/IB)
    • 1 unit of Physics (AP/IB)
    • 1 unit of Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, or an AP/IB course
    • 1 unit of a 4th science, including any AP/IB, academic science, or career tech science (ex: Agricultural Science)
  • 4th science unit may be used to meet both the science and elective requirements
social studies requirements
Social Studies Requirements
  • 3 units of Social Studies required, including:
    • 1 unit of World History
    • 1 unit of United States History
    • ½ unit of American Government/Civics
    • ½ unit of Economics
  • 7 units required, including:
    • A total of 3 units required from: CTAE and/or Foreign Language and/or Fine Arts for all students (students planning to enter or transfer into a University System of Georgia institution must take two units of the same foreign language)
    • 4 additional elective units for all students
foreign language
Foreign Language
  • The majority of colleges require at least two years of the same foreign language even though it is no longer required for a high school diploma in Georgia.
additional requirements
Additional Requirements

Requirements for Health/PE

  • All students must complete 1 unit
  • 3 units of JROTC may substitute for the Health/PE requirement
end of course tests
End of Course Tests
  • Students are required to take these tests.
  • These tests are developed by the GA Dept. of Education
  • They account for 15% of the final grade in the following areas:
  • 9th English, American Lit., Math I, Math II, Physical Science, Biology, US History and Economics
more tests
More tests…
  • Students are required to take and pass GA High School Graduation Tests as part of their graduation requirements in the following areas:
  • Writing
  • Language Arts
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies.

These tests are given in the 11th grade.

more tests21
More Tests….
  • 10th and 11th Grade-PSAT- offered once a year
  • Spring of 11th grade, Fall of 12th Grade- SAT and/or ACT
  • 11th or 12th Grade-ASVAB-provided by the Armed Forces to assist in career preference and search
  • Most Technical Colleges give the ASSET and/or COMPASS for admission
about your course selection
About your course selection…
  • Every year in the spring your counselor will meet with you to assist you in making your course selection for your next academic year.
  • This is the time you get to select electives.
  • Take the time to rethink what are your possible career choices and/or post secondary options.
  • Adjust selection and level of courses as needed to help you with your future educational and career plans.
extracurricular activities
Extracurricular Activities
  • Start thinking about what school club or sport team you need to join.
  • Colleges like for you to be able to document your participation in school activities.
  • Learning to manage your time between school work and extracurricular activities helps you develop a very important life skill, that will serve you well as an adult.
end of presentation
End of Presentation
  • I hope you now have a better understanding of how High School works
  • Please write down any questions you may have on the provided evaluation sheet.
  • All questions will be answered in the auditorium at the end of all 4 sessions.

Thank you