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Green Focused Programs of Study Technical Assistance Academy

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Green Focused Programs of Study Technical Assistance Academy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Green Focused Programs of Study Technical Assistance Academy. Academy for Educational Development MPR Associates, Inc. National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium for the National Research Center for Career and Technical Education.

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green focused programs of study technical assistance academy
Green Focused Programs of Study Technical Assistance Academy

Academy for Educational Development

MPR Associates, Inc.

National Association of State Directors of Career Technical

Education Consortium

for the

National Research Center for

Career and Technical Education

Information from the

State Director Webinar

September 4, 2009

ta academy overview
TA Academy Overview


  • Develop green-focused Programs of Study (POS)
  • Develop and build replicable implementation models to bring POS to scale within states


  • Work with state team over 10-month period
    • Phone
    • E-mail
    • State Meetings
    • TA Academy in DC
    • Webinars – In-state and all states
ta academy overview cont d
TA Academy Overview cont’d


  • Consultants
    • POS
    • Green CTE, Industry

In-state meetings: Three meetings with facilitator

Three-day facilitated TA Academy in Washington, DC

Career Clusters Institute: Present state model and implementation process


9/4/09 State Director’s Webinar

9/15/09-6/31/10 In-State Meetings (at least 3)

9/15/09-6/31/10 On-going Communication between Facilitator and State Team

2/3 – 5/10 TA Academy in Washington, DC

6/14-16/10 State Model Presentation at Career Clusters Institute in Denver, CO

6/30/10 Final State Plan for Roll-out for 2010-2011 Academic Year


State Participants


Georgia Emily Spann

Illinois Mark Williams

New Jersey  Marie Barry

Ohio Ike Kershaw

Oregon Laura Roach

georgia green industries
Georgia Green Industries
  • Environmental (Agriculture)
  • Energy (Nuclear, Biomass,)
  • Construction (Industrial, Commercial)
    • Engineering and Architectural Designs also involved
  • Transportation (Ground, Air, Maritime)
illinois green programs of study
Illinois Green Programs of Study
  • Identified Clusters in Green Jobs Definition
    • Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
    • Architecture & Construction
    • Finance
    • Information Technology
    • Manufacturing
    • Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
    • Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
  • Crosswalk all to an industry:
    • Energy & Utilities and Waste Management
potential industry focus
Potential Industry Focus
  • Energy utilities face burgeoning demand for technicians with green skills
  • Construction industry will require green building skills
  • Emerging renewable energy industry will require technicians
ohio industry sectors
Ohio Industry Sectors

Energy and Alternative Fuels

  • Solar, geothermal, wind, biofuel, hydro, fossil
  • Research and development
  • Site selection, acquisition and preparation
  • Business management & operation


  • Products based on agricultural feedstocks
  • Paints, adhesives, plastics, packaging

Precision Agriculture for Sustainability

  • Sustainable production practices
  • Production efficiency
  • Energy Reduction
  • Reduce dependence with demand growing
green focused pos
Green-Focused POS
  • Developed through a statewide partnership
    • Secondary
    • Postsecondary
    • Industry
  • Initial focus will be sustainable building
  • Develop incentives to expand
    • Streamlined application
    • Targeted professional development
    • Additional Perkins resources
    • Streamlined articulation

Self Assessment

  • Reflect on POS implementation progress under each component
  • Identify critical strengths and weaknesses related to POS
  • Identify where the TA Academy and expert consultants could most benefit
  • the state
  • Support facilitator in guiding state team’s work
  • Establish priorities for POS model design
  • Promote state conversation about:
    • State progress on POS components
    • POS components state should focus on
    • Components that needs further assistance to improve POS

POS Framework

  • A Program of Study is a structured sequence of academic and career and technical education courses that lead to a postsecondary-level credential

POS Components

  • Legislation and Policies
  • Partnerships Among Education, Business, and Other Community Stakeholders
  • Sustainable Leadership and Shared Planning
  • Rigorous Academic and Technical Standards and Assessments
  • Aligned Secondary and Postsecondary Education Elements
  • Credit Transfer Agreements
  • Accountability and Evaluation Criteria
  • Guidance, Counseling, and Advisement
  • Professional Development
  • Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies

Action Plan

  • A living document that provides a detailed plan for building and
  • implementing state green-focused POS model(s)
  • Objectives – what the state plans to achieve
  • Activities – work to be undertaken to achieve objectives
  • Timeline – dates activities will be accomplished
  • Outcome(s) – what state products will be
  • Responsible parties – who is accountable for accomplishing activities
  • Resources needed

Planning and Meetings

  • Prior to State Meeting
    • States complete self-assessment
    • Proposed teams are representative of stakeholder community (may need to
    • be some modification)
  • Facilitated In-State Meeting (held before December 15, 2009)
    • States begin work on action plan and identify timeline of support, possibly to
    • include specific follow-up meeting dates
    • States identify needs and next steps, possibly to include identifying content for
    • DC TA Academy and TA consultants
  • DC Technical Assistance Academy
    • Team members participate actively in team, role alike, and cross-team session
    • activities
    • Participants complete workshop evaluations including evaluation of content


  • Outcomes
    • State action plans
    • Final plan for POS rollout
    • States implement POS in 2010-2011
    • Final products address state specific contexts and needs
      • Responsive to political and economic factors by
      • adapting outcomes and timelines


  • Outcomes
    • States implement POS
    • Planning materials applied to new POS
    • States serve as resources for others (including LEAs
    • within the state and other states)
  • Documentation
    • Final state products collected and archived
    • Planning resources and content cataloged and
    • disseminated
    • Content resources on green and POS collected, archived,
    • and disseminated
    • Summary memo detailing lessons learned

State Facilitators


Georgia Emily Spann Robin White

Illinois Mark Williams Ivan Charner

New Jersey  Marie Barry Steven Klein

Ohio Ike Kershaw Jim Schoelkopf

Oregon Laura Roach Katherine Boswell


Follow-up and Questions

Ivan Charner

Academy for Educational Development

202 884 8173