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Sigita Asvydiene Jurate Lazinskiene Lithuania PowerPoint Presentation
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Sigita Asvydiene Jurate Lazinskiene Lithuania

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Sigita Asvydiene Jurate Lazinskiene Lithuania - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Keeping stability. Implementing Group analytical paradigm – to the ever changing cultural tradition in Archangels psychiatric community. Sigita Asvydiene Jurate Lazinskiene Lithuania. Short history. 2003 -2004

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Keeping stability. Implementing Group analytical paradigm – to the ever changing cultural tradition in Archangels psychiatric community

Sigita Asvydiene



short history
  • 2003 -2004
  • Two workshops for two weeks a year about the use of groups as an integral part of milieu-therapyinhospital treatment of severely disturbed patients. 3 wards participate
  • 2005-2007 continuation. 6wards and theadministration group participate
short history1
Short history
  • 2008-2010. Continuation of the milieu-therapyand a new project “Improving mental health services in Archangels County by integration of primary and specialized mental health care “. Hospital and outpatient service of the region and a family doctors participate
  • From the 2009 -department of the family doctors in University and the tutors participate

3. 2011 – Training fortrainers

  • The common goal for all parts of the project – humanization of the relationship in psychiatry and decreasing thestigmatization of the psychic illness.

1.Theory lectures

  • Small discussion groups
  • Small groups for the practicing skills
  • Small and large supervision groups
  • Large group
  • Small therapy groups (2011)
  • Administrationgroup
we were goal seeking by
We were goal seeking by:

1. creation the culture of inquiry

2. empathy skillstraining

3. stimulation of the open discussions and sharing the information

  • indroducingaconceptof boundaries
  • keeping clear and stable boundaries

6.increasing self-awareness.

factors that have helped
Factors, that have helped:
  • Stability of the trainers staff
  • Experience in Group Analytic training helped us to tolerate our own incompetence in the ever changing situation and to serve as a models for the group members
  • The large group was the forum for the spreading culture of inquiry an tolerance and to keep continuity in the informational andemotional levels.
  • Thelargegroup as a social biopsy
factors that have helped1
Factors, that have helped:
  • Small groups with a similar culture helped for members to work through their narcissism and to release creativity
  • Discussions and positive feedback in the project group helped teachers to keep motivation and self-confidence.
  • Supervisions helped us to aware countertransference feelings in a complicate internationalsituation.
  • Effectivecooperation