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TMJ Jaw Pain - Daniel Daniel Dentistry Review PowerPoint Presentation
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TMJ Jaw Pain - Daniel Daniel Dentistry Review

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TMJ Jaw Pain - Daniel Daniel Dentistry Review

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TMJ Jaw Pain - Daniel Daniel Dentistry Review

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  2. About Us: Dr. Daniel • Dr. Daniel has a gentle touch and an eye for aesthetic perfection. This combination of skill and attention to detail produces stunning results. • When Dr. Daniel isn’t creating smiles, he coaches his colleagues in areas such as practice transformation, adhesive dentistry, communications and case presentation skills. • Highly experienced and using advanced techniques in cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Daniel is committed to excellence and dedicated to being on the cutting edge of his profession. • He has completed courses at the Kois Center, in Seattle, Washington, and the Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies, a world renowned facility for aesthetic and neuromuscular dentistry.

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  4. TMJ / Jaw Pain • TMJ, TMD, jaw problems and jaw pain can frequently be caused by the muscles. When the bite is not aligned (a bad bite), the jaws have to work very hard to get the teeth to fit together – this makes the muscles sore. Over time, this results in a multitude of symptoms such as headaches, migraines, neck aches, sore jaw muscles, stiff jaw, problems with chewing, and even lock jaw. This can lead to chipped teeth, worn teeth, and can even make overbites worse. • Fortunately, through the use of advanced technology such as neuromuscular dentistry, for certain people this can be corrected without having to do jaw surgery or braces.

  5. Why Choose Daniel Daniel Dentistry? • A lot more people have TMJ issues than actually realize it. A bad bite can cause headaches, migraines, earaches, jaw popping, jaw pain, clenching, grinding, and broken teeth. We see people every day that are not getting successful treatment from massage therapy, chiropractics, physiotherapy, acupuncture, neurologists, physicians, ENT and pain clinics. • computerized technology • K7 jaw tracking equipment • better bites • better smiles • pain free lifestyle

  6. Learn more about TMJ/ Jaw Pain in this video:

  7. Contact us Address Daniel Daniel Dentistry6417 Lady Hammond RdHalifax NS B3K 2S4 Phone: (902) 404-3369 1-866-668-8999 Fax: (902) 404-4368 Email: Stay Connected