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Welcome to Poland... PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Poland...

Welcome to Poland...

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Welcome to Poland...

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  1. Welcome to Poland... ...welcome to Leszno!

  2. Leszno has 63,663 inhabitants. There are lots of amazing places to visit and many interesting things to do. It’s popular with many tourists and famous for various events. Let ‘s go on a short trip now.

  3. You can admire the advertisement balloon of our great hotel and swimming pool- Akwawit.

  4. Every year Leszno’s sky is covered with many beautiful hot air balloons from different countries.

  5. Leszno is famous for Gliding World Championships too.

  6. Speedway. Contest For Orchestras.

  7. And other events.... Dogs shows and championships. So called „Szlifowanie bruku”. Music concerts Marcin Rozynek in the photo.

  8. The Market Square at night.

  9. Let’s visit our school - Gimnazjum nr 1.

  10. It’s a school with a long history and tradition. It used to look different in 1912 as Handels und Gewerbeshule.

  11. And today it looks like this...

  12. This is our class – 1c. Our class is very big. There are 32 students in our class. We have lots of lessons - 33 a week. We learn : Maths, Polish, English, German, Art, Social Studies, Chemistry, P.E.m Music, Geography, History, Biology, and Physics. We have one lessons with our tutor, Miss Blanka Ślotała, a week. We think our class is very nice ;)

  13. Now it’s time to introduce our European Club. We want to show you how we celebrated the European Day last year. There were different competitions happening at the same time. The students were given many tasks to do. Let’s see what we did...

  14. Before that day we had prepared some posters about various European countries.

  15. On the European Day we took part in the European Song Competition.

  16. We had to draw a poster about a given European country.

  17. Each class had to prepare one of the European traditional meals and...

  18. ...we were to search for some statystics and information about a given European country. We used some guides and books.

  19. We also listened to some European anthems and... ...we searched for some information about specific countries on the Internet.

  20. The questions on our worksheets in the competiton were also connected with geography. We could use the maps to solve some puzzles and to find some places there too.

  21. We didn’t forget about the fact that it was also the European Sport Day.

  22. We had a lot of activities to compelete in groups or individually.

  23. You have just been to many places and you have seen many things... Next time we will tell you about our class so you will know us better ;) Do zobaczenia!