statement of ownership ps form 3526 l.
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STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP PS FORM 3526 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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STATEMENT OF OWNERSHIP PS FORM 3526. Must be FILED with the Post Office on or before October 1st. Dailies/Multiweeklies must print in the newspaper no later than October 10th. Weeklies must print in the newspaper no later than October 31st.

I am the owner, or an agent authorized to act on behalf of the owner, of the copyrighted work described.
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Choose the very best issue with good single copies in the month of September. You do not have to use the last issue before filing as you will not have returns for that issue.

the latest version of the form can be obtained by
Emailing Deannie at

Found on our website –

Found on the postal website -

The latest version of the form can be obtained by:

We suggest you scan the form into a pagination software, type the data and print to improve legibility. Use 2 columns wide. DO NOT PRINT THE 3RD PAGE OF INSTRUCTIONS TO THE PUBLISHER IN THE NEWSPAPER.

the 1 st page
The 1st page:
  • Questions 1-9 asks for Publication Information – name, address, publication number, frequency, annual subscription price, phone number, contact information, etc.
  • Question 10 asks for owner information or corporation name. This information is different for each operation and is supplied to you on the memo.
  • Question 11 asks for bondholder and mortgage information – everyone should type: NONE and check the box marked NONE.
  • Question 12 Tax Status – more than likely will be “Has Not Changed During Preceding 12 Months”
the 2 nd page
The 2nd page:
  • Question 13 asks for Publication Title
  • Question 14 asks for the Issue Date for the data below
  • Question 15 – has 2 columns. The left column is an average of the preceding 12 months – use the last 12 months of MCR’s to get the average. The right column is for the single issue you have chosen from September – use the 3541. Specific line #’s from the 3541 are included
question 15 in detail
Question 15 (in detail):
  • 15a Total Number of Copies = press run
  • 15b1 Mailed Outside-County Paid Subs = out-of county mail (lines B1-B10 sub copies on all Part B’s)
  • 15b2 Mailed In-County Subs = in-county mail (lines A1 - A2 sub copies on all Part A’s)
  • 15b3 Paid Distribution Outside the Mail = employee copies, single copies, NIE copies & bulk copies
  • 15b4 Paid Distribution by Other Classes = 0
question 15 in detail10
Question 15 (in detail):
  • 15c Total Paid Distribution = the sum of 15b1-15b4
  • 15d1 Free Outside-County Copies = sample copies mailed to out-of-county (lines B1-B10 non-sub copies on all Part B’s)
  • 15d2 Free In-County Copies = sample copies mailed to in-county (lines A1-A2 non-sub copies on all Part A’s)
  • 15d3 Free Copies Mailed via USPS = 0
  • 15d4 Free Copies sent outside USPS = 0
question 15 in detail11
Question 15 (in detail):
  • 15e Total Free Distribution = the sum of 15d1-15d4
  • 15f Total Distribution = add up 15c + 15e
  • 15g Copies not Distributed = returns, office use copies and all other copies not distributed
  • 15h Total = the sum of 15f + 15g
  • 15i Percent Paid = take 15c divided by 15f and then take that times 100
  • Note: 15a and 15h should match
the rest of the 2 nd page
The rest of the 2nd page:
  • Question 16 Publication of Statement of Ownership – check the box that it is required & put the date that it will print in your newspaper
  • Question 17 Signature & Title of who signs the report – usually your general manager or publisher. If you do not have one, your editor can sign.
some extras
Some extras:
  • When printed in the newspaper, this report is counted as NON-ADVERTISING.
  • Once it prints in the paper, please send a tearsheet to Deannie Baxter.
  • If you have competitor’s in your market, please clip & save their Statement of Ownerships for reference.