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Resists moisture, rot and termites with the beauty of a wood texture or a smooth finish PowerPoint Presentation
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Resists moisture, rot and termites with the beauty of a wood texture or a smooth finish

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Resists moisture, rot and termites with the beauty of a wood texture or a smooth finish - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Resists moisture, rot and termites with the beauty of a wood texture or a smooth finish. Revolutionary Performance. MiraTEC is made from a new technology, the TEC™ process, which drives original performance standards in exterior trim. Made by in Towanda, Pennsylvania.

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Presentation Transcript
revolutionary performance
Revolutionary Performance
  • MiraTEC is made from a new technology, the TEC™ process, which drives original performance standards in exterior trim
made by in towanda pennsylvania
Made by in Towanda, Pennsylvania
  • CMI has been creating innovative building products since 1968
  • The Towanda mill covers 237 acres, with 17.5 acres under roof
  • More than $250,000,000 has been invested in the mill since it was built
  • MiraTEC has been made here since its creation in 1997
cmi has a history of innovation
CMI has a history of innovation
  • Specially engineered manufacturing lines which allow for production flexibility
  • Experience making products for a variety of international markets
  • Pioneered the molded door design technology in 1974
  • Developed the technology to manufacture pre-stained doors
  • Created the TEC™ process that makes MiraTEC and Extira
the tec process was created to make miratec
The TEC™ Process was Created to Make MiraTEC
  • The process is patented and proprietary to CMI, the manufacturer of MiraTEC Trim.
  • Select wood fiber, environmentally safe phenolic resins, a wood preservative, and other ingredients are combined and formed into a thick fiber mat.
  • This mat is loaded into the sealed cavity press.
  • Steam is introduced during the pressing process to facilitate uniform heat transfer throughout the mat, resulting in a board that has exceptionally consistent physical properties.
    • Critical factors are set during this process to produce a firm surface for superb paint holdout and performance.
    • Results in a new-to-the-world material.
miratec product attributes
MiraTEC Product Attributes
  • Single piece construction, uniform density
    • Benefit: uniformity, consistency wherever it is cut, won’t split, check, crack or warp
  • Made with Phenolic Resins
    • Benefit: resists moisture, allows exterior performance. Phenolic resins are durable, heat and moisture resistant and create moisture resistant bonds in the wood fiber
  • Treated with Zinc Borate
    • Benefit: resists rot and termites. Zinc borate is an EPA-registered biocide and a naturally occurring earth chemical that is environmentally safe.
  • Handles the same as wood
    • Benefit: familiarity with standard construction tools and practices; easy to handle, cut, machine and nail
miratec product attributes1
MiraTEC Product Attributes
  • Reversible
    • Benefit: allows the choice of either a smooth or wood texture
  • Factory Primed on 4 sides with mildew resistant primer
    • Benefit: ready for paint, primer resists mildew, accepts paint beautifully
  • 50 year substrate warranty, 5 year primer warranty from CMI
    • Benefit: credibility, security
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Benefit: essentially formaldehyde free
  • Available in widths of 2”,3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 8”, 10”, 12”, 16”
  • Available in 5/4” and 4/4,” 16’ lengths
miratec is compatible with any siding system
MiraTEC is compatible with any siding system
  • MiraTEC works well with all cladding materials:
    • Cement fiber, vinyl, OSB, hardboard, stucco and brick
  • MiraTEC complements any architectural style
  • MiraTEC offers authentic texture and an impeccably smooth finish
miratec beats osb because
MiraTEC beats OSB because…
  • You can machine MiraTEC, you can’t machine OSB
  • MiraTEC is reversible
  • MiraTEC has a more comprehensive warranty
    • Protects against hail damage, rot and warp
  • MiraTEC has an authentic wood texture, OSB does not
miratec beats pvc because
MiraTEC beats PVC because…
  • MiraTEC accepts paint beautifully; PVC generally has problems accepting darker shades
  • MiraTEC is not prone to thermal expansion
  • MiraTEC is environmentally friendly
  • MiraTEC costs about half as much as PVC
  • MiraTEC has a more authentic wood texture
miratec beats fiber cement because
MiraTEC beats fiber cement because . . .
  • Fiber cement trimboard has less authentic wood texture
  • Fiber cement trimboard absorbs water, MiraTEC is five times more resistant to water absorption*
  • Fiber cement trimboard is brittle and is more difficult to stack
  • Fiber cement trimboard is harder to cut and nail and requires special tools
  • Fiber cement trimboard generally costs 30% more than MiraTEC
  • Fiber cement trimboard is generally only available in 10' lengths
  • Fiber cement trimboard from James Hardie only has a 10 year warranty; MiraTEC has a 30 year warranty

*Based on ASTM 24-hour soak test

miratec features heavy advertising to key targets
MiraTEC features heavy advertising to key targets
  • Media schedule covers builders, architects and specifiers, remodelers, and dealers
  • National and regional media
  • Reaches an audience of over 1.2 million people 3.1 times
  • Public relations plan to same audience
  • Media relations to this segment
miratec uses alternative media
MiraTEC uses alternative media
    • Trim category sponsorship
    • Focus is all elements of residential construction
    • Print and web support for MiraTEC
    • Focus is architects
  • Industry sites
    • Online component of traditional print properties (example: www.,
  • Dedicated source for all things MiraTEC
miratec offers a full range of marketing materials
MiraTEC offers a full range of marketing materials
  • Banners
  • Samples
  • Literature
  • Counter Displays
  • Wall Displays
miratec is the best choice
MiraTEC is the best choice
  • Beautiful product with a warm wood texture or smooth finish
  • Proven performance
    • Resists moisture, rot and termites
  • Strong 50 year warranty
    • Most comprehensive in the business
  • Superior value
    • Costs 50% less than PVC and 25% less than fiber cement
  • Greatest breadth of product line
    • Available in 9 widths and in 2 thicknesses