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NASA Langley Research Center. Revolutionizing Aerospace for the Millennium. Langley Research Center. Center of Excellence for structures and materials research Atmospheric Sciences Aeronautics. Aviation Safety Program.

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NASA Langley Research Center

Revolutionizing Aerospace for the Millennium

Langley research center l.jpg
Langley Research Center

  • Center of Excellence for structures and materials research

  • Atmospheric Sciences

  • Aeronautics

Aviation safety program l.jpg
Aviation Safety Program

Growth in commercial aviation will lead to an increase in major aviation accidents

NASA, the Department of Defense (DOD) and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have partnered to form the Aviation Safety Program

Aviation safety program4 l.jpg
Aviation Safety Program

  • GOAL: Develop and demonstrate technologies that contribute to a reduction in the aviation fatal accident rate by a factor of 5 by year 2007 and by a factor of 10 by year 2022.

  • Strategies

    • System Modeling

    • Accident prevention

    • Accident mitigation

Small aircraft transportation system l.jpg
Small Aircraft Transportation System

  • The program consists of developing small, general aviation aircraft for business and personal transportation, for on-demand, point-to-point travel between smaller landing facilities

  • No need for radar and control towers

  • No need for more land around airports

Small aircraft transportation system6 l.jpg
Small Aircraft Transportation System

  • SATS represents an opportunity to create affordable and safe transportation choices in the 21st century

  • Provide safe travel alternative

  • Create access to more communities in less time

  • Improve mobility and quality of life

Vehicle systems technology l.jpg
Vehicle Systems Technology

  • Provides technology foundation for future aerospace vehicles

    • Advanced airframe and spaceframe concepts

    • Validated tools and techniques

    • Quick response to critical national issues

    • Fundamental physics behind aerospace disciplines

Vehicle systems technology8 l.jpg
Vehicle Systems Technology

  • Projects

    • Reliable Systems

    • Airframe Technology

    • Advanced Concepts

    • General Aviation

    • Environmentally Compatible Airframes

Intelligent synthesis environment l.jpg
Intelligent SynthesisEnvironment

  • Goal

    • To develop the capability at dispersed geographic locations to work together in an immersive virtual environment to model complete life-cycle of a product/mission with near real-time response time before commitments are made to produce physical products

Intelligent synthesis environment10 l.jpg
Intelligent SynthesisEnvironment

  • Seeks to radically change the ways NASA designs, develops and operates its flight systems

  • Provide a balanced approach to advancing the way NASA conducts its business

    • Focused Revolutionary Breakthroughs

    • Evolutionary Advances

    • Applied Technology Validation

    • Cultural Infusion

Quiet aircraft technology l.jpg
Quiet Aircraft Technology

  • Develop and validate technology in the laboratory to reduce perceived noise levels of aircraft

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Langley Research Center

Improving the way the world lives.