it impact positive and negative graduate programs gps technology overview l.
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IT Impact: Positive and Negative Graduate Programs GPS Technology Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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IT Impact: Positive and Negative Graduate Programs GPS Technology Overview

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IT Impact: Positive and Negative Graduate Programs GPS Technology Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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IT Impact: Positive and Negative Graduate Programs GPS Technology Overview. Virginia Franke Kleist, Ph.D. December 4, 2003. Impact of Technology Graduate school GPS Class review. Impact of Technology. Does IT matter? Is IT harmful?. IT for Strategic, Competitive Advantage.

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it impact positive and negative graduate programs gps technology overview

IT Impact: Positive and NegativeGraduate ProgramsGPS Technology Overview

Virginia Franke Kleist, Ph.D.

december 4 2003
December 4, 2003
  • Impact of Technology
  • Graduate school
  • GPS
  • Class review
impact of technology
Impact of Technology
  • Does IT matter?
  • Is IT harmful?
it for strategic competitive advantage
IT for Strategic, Competitive Advantage
  • How to measure impact of information technology on productivity and performance? ROI, Performance, sales.
  • IT for strategic competitive advantage gives unique edge over competition
  • Sustained edge over competition
  • Examples: Baxter Healthcare, American Airlines, Walmart, USAToday, Comdial, FedEx, Otis Elevator
  • Increase in productivity, or increase in worker hours?
what are the latest technologies of interest
What are the latest technologies of interest?
  • CPU’s and software, open source code
  • Client server computing
  • Storage area networks
  • Interactive multimedia
  • Developments in Electronic Commerce
  • TCP/IP and the Internet
  • Databases and Datamining
  • Handhelds, M-commerce
  • Knowledge Management tools and Artificial Intelligence
management information systems planning
Management: Information Systems Planning
  • IS plan maps to the corporate strategic plan
  • Variety of IS planning styles: CSF, Enterprise, other formal structures
  • Plan itself: What are the components?
  • Organizational change from systems: TQM, BPR, paradigm shifts or simple automation?
strategic advantage it at work
Strategic Advantage: IT at work
  • IT and changes in the organization of business: flatter, leaner, teams, JIT, global
  • Datamining and Walmart
  • E-commerce and the supply chain at Dell
  • M-commerce and Progressive Auto
  • Internet and Egghead
  • American Airlines, Baxter, Citibank
tools to identify strategic advantage from it
Tools to Identify Strategic Advantage from IT
  • Porter Value Chain
  • Competitive Forces Model
  • What technology do we “Bet” on?
  • Risk vs. Return
is it harmful
Is IT Harmful?
  • Kurzweil’s The Age of Spiritual Machines
  • Bill Joy’s Wired article called “The Future Doesn’t Need Us”
  • Chiles’ Inviting Disaster: Lessons from the Edge of Technology
  • Dumas’ Lethal Arrogance: Human Fallibility and Dangerous Technologies
graduate school
Graduate School
  • MBA
  • MS in MIS
  • MS in Network Security
  • MS in Software Engineering
  • MS in Accounting
  • Law School
  • PhD
gps technology
GPS Technology
  • Why GPS is important for MIS students
  • How does GPS technology work
  • How does the device work
  • Why is GPS so interesting
  • Applications of GPS in business
gps device
GPS Device
  • Garmin GPS 76 has 12 channel receiver with WAAS, accepts data from MapSource CD Rom
garmin gps device
Garmin GPS Device
  • Activities to step through
  • Cycle through using GPS device outside
  • Applied V and H coordinates to Morgantown map
  • Present findings and conclusions at end of class in groups
why gps is important for mis students
Why GPS is important for MIS students
  • GPS is the root technology for GIS applications
  • GPS is operationalized via satellite constellations, geostationary and low orbit satellites
  • m-commerce rests on GPS
  • GIS is important new business application
  • Encourage further study with ArcView or GIS classes in Geology or elsewhere
how does gps work in general
How does GPS work in general
  • Constellations of at least 24 satellites operated by DOD
  • Removed selective availablity
  • GPS satellites radio down data packet every 30 seconds, with pseudo random bit pattern
  • Calculates signal delay differences
  • Uses how long signal took to get to receiver, satellite’s velocity, and time of transmission and triangulates three signals or more to pinpoint spot
  • Fairly reliable unless under canopy or in unusual regions
how does the device work
How does the device work
  • Terms
  • Maps
  • Menu
  • Acquiring satellites
  • Establishing location
  • Marking position and viewing in map page
  • Compass page, map page, highway page
why is gps so interesting
Why is GPS so interesting
  • For a long time, man only knew latitude based on the stars, and ships were lost and wrecked
  • Progress was made with determining longitude when clocks helped to establish locations based on celestial relative to the earth at certain times (required expert seamanship, accurate charts, sextants)
  • Polar magnetic fields shift daily
  • Now, can get 3 meter accuracy
  • Get latitude, longitude and altitude with high degree of accuracy and little amount of skill
  • Predict will radically change the world that we live in technologically
sample applications of gps
Sample Applications of GPS
  • Alzheimer’s patients
  • Lost dogs
  • World Trade Center mapping
  • Smart bombs
  • Car nav systems
  • Fishing, hunting and camping
  • Child tracking
  • Prisoner tracking and monitoring
  • Golf game enhancement
  • Criminal activity pattern mapping
sample applications in business
Sample Applications in Business
  • Tool for sales and marketing with GM, Ford with OnStar type products
  • GIS applications in mining, property management, cable mapping, maintenance
  • GIS decisionmaking tools using algorithms
  • FedEx, UPS and trucker tracking
  • Know where all inventory and equipment are located
  • m-commerce
review of data communications
Review of Data Communications
  • History of networks
  • Application layer: host, client, client server models
  • HTTP request
  • HTTP response
  • SMTP packets
  • FTP, Telnet
physical layer
Physical Layer
  • Circuits and media
  • Digital transmission
  • Analog to digital conversion
  • Multiplexing: TDM, FM, AM, PM
  • T-1
  • World becoming digital, why
network and transport layer
Network and Transport Layer
  • TCP/IP
  • Addressing
  • Packetizing
  • Routing
  • TCP/IP examples
lans backbones mans
LANs, Backbones, MANs
  • Bridges, routers, gateways
  • Ethernet vs. Token Ring
  • Wireless
  • Backbones, VLAN
  • ISDN, X.25, ATM, VPN
  • ISP
  • DSL
  • Cable modems
  • MAE, peering
security design management
Security, Design, Management
  • Threats
  • Risk assessment, IT auditing
  • Controls: physical and software
  • Firewall design structures
  • Redundancy, reliability
  • Public and private keys, encryption
  • RFP
  • Network design
  • Cost management, firefighting, planning, strategy, budgeting
  • Job help
  • Graduate school
  • Keep in touch