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Information Assurance Small Business Association (IASBA). Building the Bridges February 6, 2008. Why Are We Here?. Celebrate the formal kickoff of IASBA Review IASBA’s genesis, membership and intended value to the US IA marketplace

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Information assurance small business association iasba

Information Assurance Small Business Association (IASBA)

Building the Bridges

February 6, 2008

Why are we here
Why Are We Here?

  • Celebrate the formal kickoff of IASBA

  • Review IASBA’s genesis, membership and intended value to the US IA marketplace

  • To open a dialogue between NSA, Large IA Businesses, Small IA Businesses and IASBA

  • To start building bridges among the NSA IA communities (Government, Large Business, Academia, Other Associations and Small Businesses)




  • 3:00 - 3:05: Welcome and Introduction (Mr. John Nicolettos - IASBA President)

  • 3:05 - 3:30: Message from the IASBA (Mr. John Nicolettos)

  • 3:30 - 4:00: Keynote Address (Mr. Richard Schaeffer - Director, Information Assurance Directorate)

  • 4:00 - 4:30: Keynote Address (Mr. Curt Dukes - Director, NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center)

  • 4:30 - 4:55: Keynote Address (Ms. Debbie Jacquez – Senior Vice President, Systems Engineering Department, L-3 Services, Inc.)

  • 4:55 - 5:00: Closing Thoughts (Mr. John Nicolettos)

  • 5:00 - 6:30: Reception

Iasba message
IASBA Message

  • Background for Today’s Event

  • Overview of the Information Assurance Small Business Association (IASBA)

  • Initial characterization of IASBA Membership

  • Pathways to More Effective Partnerships



Focus for today
Focus for Today

  • IASBA recognizes the need for Small Business representation within the entire US IA marketplace

  • IASBA Board of Directors has chosen a strategy of managed growth

  • First step is to concentrate on the NSA IA Mission as a prototype

  • Expand into other US IA market segments using “lessons learned” from NSA partnership

    IASBA Strategy of Managed Growth

    Has Initial Focus on NSA



Small businesses in the us
Small Businesses in the US

  • Employ over half of all private sector employees

  • Represent 99.7% of all employers

  • Represent 23 – 27 million companies

  • Generate 60 to 80% of net new jobs annually

  • Account for over 44% of the total United States payroll

  • Produce over 13 times more patents per employee than large patenting firms do

  • Make up 97% of all identified exporters

  • Produce 29% of known export value

  • Small business prime contracts represent more than 23% of the total contract value across the federal government

    Small Businesses are Significant Contributors

    with Excellent Track Records of Achievement

    Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy, “Small Business by the Numbers” June 2004.



Past relationship between nsa ia organizations and sb community
Past Relationship BetweenNSA IA Organizations and SB Community

  • Direct contracts with NSA IA organizations:

    • Specific to a particular NSA IA organization

    • Specific Small Business chosen by NSA IA technical staff

    • Often small, sole-source efforts

  • Matched small business capabilities directly to NSA’s IA needs

  • Encouraged direct interaction between NSA IA and SBC technical & management staff

    • SBC keenly aware of NSA’s IA missions, challenges and priorities

    • NSA IA knowledgeable of SBC capabilities and personnel



Current relationship between nsa ia organizations and sb community
Current Relationship BetweenNSA IA Organizations and SB Community

  • SBC consists of a large number of small IA focused businesses (Est. 70 - 90)

  • NSA IA contracts are mainly with large business primes

  • SBC IA capabilities typically integrated into prime’s team by providing resources on specific tasks

  • SBC access to NSA IA’s technical or management staff typically constrained to specific tasks

  • Very few small business IA prime contracts




  • NSA IA organizations must achieve their missions under very demanding conditions:

    • Budgetary constraints

    • Ever increasing needs for services

    • Demanding, complex and interdependent customer needs and requirements

    • Formal acquisition framework of statutory, regulatory and policy requirements

  • Meeting these challenges requires NSA to develop creative, flexible and responsive solutions

  • Small businesses traditionally provide creativity, technology and responsiveness to the marketplace

    The SBC Has the Required Characteristics and Capabilities…

    “Bridges” are Needed to Better Connect

    the NSA IA and SB Communities



Iasba mission
IASBA Mission

  • Be an advocate for small businesses supporting the US IA marketplace

  • Provide the SBC with an identity and “consensus” voice to communicate needs and capabilities more effectively

  • Educate and communicate on behalf of the IA SBC to other stakeholders (e.g., government, large businesses, academia and other trade associations)

  • Foster the increased and improved interaction among small businesses for providing better and more effective solutions to the NSA IA Mission



Iasba status
IASBA Status

  • IASBA is Chartered as a not-for-profit Association – July 10th, 2007

    • Not-For-Profit 501 C(6) association charted in Maryland

    • Advocacy and education focus… not marketing or lobbying

    • Membership - revenues of less than $23M (3 yr. avg.)

    • Associate memberships - to large businesses, government and academia

    • Managed by a Board of Directors elected from SBC membership

  • Administrative / financial infrastructures in place & functioning

  • Outreach programs initiated:

    • NSA - IA Mission and Acquisition

    • Large businesses in NSA IA marketplace

    • Other formal and informal IA organizations and associations

  • Characterization data call of founding members collected, analyzed and presented

  • Web portal up



Iasba portal who we are
IASBA Portal (Who We Are) (including the hyphen!)



The other portal who we are not
The Other Portal (Who We Are Not!) (International Arab Social Betterment Association)



Iasba board of directors
IASBA Board of Directors

  • President - John Nicolettos (A&N Associates, Inc.)

  • Treasurer - Judith McCarty (MTI, Inc.)

  • Secretary - Brian McElroy (TRIPRO Consulting)

  • Board Members

    • Doug Oakley (The Agency Consulting Group)

    • Steve Wolverton (Tailored Access, LLC)

    • Dave Pyle (Secure Technologies Group)

    • Mary Stassie (The Van Dyke Technology Group)

  • Support

    • Executive Director - Yuriy Dzambasow (A&N Associates)

    • Assistant Secretary/Treasurer - Rachael Toren (A&N Associates)


Representation of ia small businesses in your backyard
Representation of IA Small Businesses(In Your Backyard!)



Initial profile of iasba membership
Initial Profile of IASBA Membership

  • Included 17 companies out of the 70 to 90 small businesses in IA Market

  • Total cleared professionals: 346

  • Average years in business: 7

  • Staff certifications: CISSP, CAP, CISM, PMP, CCDA, ISSEP, GIAC, CCNA

  • SCIF and laboratory space available

  • Approved accounting systems: NSA, GSA and/or DCAA approved rate schedules

  • Offices other than HQ: 8 (from New York to Florida)

  • Clients and customers that span Federal, State and Local governments as well as commercial enterprises

    A highly skilled and diversified workforce comprised of highly experienced leaders

    committed to a long-term relationship with NSA composed of companies with

    excellent track records of achievement



Iasba membership is growing our chartered members
IASBA Membership is Growing!Our Chartered Members

E n v i e t a

Secure Communications


Iasba s value
IASBA’s Value

  • Efficient/centralized majority voice representing the SBC of IA providers

  • Bidirectional communications bridges between the SBC its IA customer organizations and large business partners

  • Convenient access to aggregated SBC IA capabilities for the benefit of NSA IA customer organizations and large business partners

  • Mechanism to unite small businesses with IA experience to understand and focus on major NSA IA challenges

  • Industry pathway for attracting and mentoring small businesses with technologies, capabilities or processes of value to the NSA IA Mission

  • Promotes socializing and networking within the SBC, and between the SBC and its large business partners and IA customer organizations

  • Model for other Departments and/or Agencies



Engaging the iasba
Engaging the IASBA

  • The Federal Acquisition Regulations (5.102) - explicitly encourages acquisition officials to work with industry trade associations:

    • As a knowledgeable contact for reliable market research

    • To obtain source lists of trade association members

    • To support determinations on contractor past performance

    • Participating in interactive, on-line communication sharing among industry, acquisition personnel, and customers

    • Assisting local trade associations in disseminating notification of procurement actions to their members

  • Joint Ethics Regulation, DOD 5500.7-R (See Article VI, Section 5)

    • DoD employees may serve as DoD liaisons to non-Federal entities when…there is a significant and continuing DoD interest to be served by such representation

    • Liaisons serve as part of their official DoD duties…and represent only DoD interests to the non-Federal entity in an advisory capacity

    • Liaisons may not be involved in matters of management or control of the non-Federal entity

    • Liaisons may officially represent DoD in discussions of matters of mutual interest with non-Federal entities providing it is made clear to the non-Federal entities that the opinions expressed by liaisons do not bind DoD or any DoD Component to any action



Foundation for building bridges
Foundation for Building Bridges

  • NSA’s Contribution

    • A senior level “champion” or “set of champions” that can represent NSA’s IA Mission needs

    • A specific NSA-wide strategy for re-engaging with its IA SBC

    • Broad-based NSA senior management support to build a “bi-directional communications bridges” between NSA organizations requiring IA services and the IASBA

  • Large Business Contribution

    • Senior leadership commitment to, and support of the IASBA

    • Participation in dialogues with the SBC focused on synergizing competencies and capabilities for the fulfillment of NSA's IA mission

    • Participation in joint advocacy and education efforts that promote and advertise the IA capabilities of both communities

    • Recognition of, and respect for the individual identities and capabilities of your small business partners



Foundation for building bridges cont
Foundation for Building Bridges (cont.)

  • SBC’s Contribution

    • Senior leadership commitment and support to the IASBA, to include monetary and personnel resources

    • Unrelenting dedication to crafting and shaping the IASBA to serve all constituents in the NSA IA marketplace

    • Focus on applying the formidable capabilities and resources of the entire IA SBC to the NSA IA mission


Building the bridges
“Building The Bridges”

Keynote Speakers

Mr. Richard Schaeffer – Director, Information Assurance Directorate

Mr. Curt Dukes – Director, NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center

Ms. Debbie A. Jacquez – Senior Vice President, Systems Engineering Department, Intelligence Solutions Division, L-3 Services, Inc.