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Advanced Writing Appreciation of Poetry Creative Writing Drama as Literature English 12P English 12 Expository Folklore PowerPoint Presentation
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Advanced Writing Appreciation of Poetry Creative Writing Drama as Literature English 12P English 12 Expository Folklore

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Advanced Writing Appreciation of Poetry Creative Writing Drama as Literature English 12P English 12 Expository Folklore - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Advanced Writing Appreciation of Poetry Creative Writing Drama as Literature English 12P English 12 Expository Folklore Intermediate Writing Journalism Mass Media Multicultural Literature Newspaper Public Speaking Shakespeare Short Story / Novel Yearbook.

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Advanced Writing

Appreciation of Poetry

Creative Writing

Drama as Literature

English 12P

English 12 Expository


Intermediate Writing


Mass Media

Multicultural Literature


Public Speaking


Short Story / Novel



Course Title: Advanced Writing (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

This course is designed for students who enjoy writing and want to improve their overall writing skills. All types of writing are covered in the class from writing college essays to research papers. Every college-bound student should consider this class. You will be prepared to take and pass college English entrance exams and to meet the demands of any college writing assignment.


Course Title: Appreciation of Poetry (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Open the doors to poetry and examine the rich world it inhabits. An interest in poetry and an average or above ability to read is required. Students will be exposed to different types of poems from different eras and will be encouraged to explore the meanings and delights of these poems. Students will write different types of poems in response to the poems presented in class. Students will review traditional criticism of poetry and develop their own criticisms. There will also be an emphasis on the sound of poetic language and on oral communication skills along with the core skills of reading, writing, speaking, listening, and thinking.


Course Title: Creative Writing (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Learn to find your own voice as a writer. Working in small groups, gain the confidence to write daily and to share your writing with others. Learn that people listen and respond to your written ideas. You will experience a wide variety of sources that stimulate subjects to write about (e.g. art, music, life). The course is fun, and it is work. The fun comes in expressing your ideas with others. The work comes in learning techniques and rewriting skills. You will be a writer when you finish this course.


Course Title: Drama as Literature (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Drama as Literature is for students interested in studying the structure of dramatic literature, the relationship of plays to the period in which they were written, and a general knowledge of the classical periods of our literature.

Nearly all periods of theater literature are covered from the classical Greeks to the modern American playwrights. Extensive material will also be given for the following periods of theater history: Medieval, Commedia dell-Arte, English Renaissance, modern European theater, and twentieth century American theater. The structure of this course is similar to college courses. The first quarter is a lecture/test format, and the second quarter entails writing analytical essays and a research paper. Homework for this class includes reading a Shakespearean play, studying for tests, doing extensive library research for the paper at the end of the semester, and writing essays. When you finish this course, you will have a tremendous head-start on college as we cover all the great pieces of theater literature required by many college English courses.


Course Title: English 12P (P)

Grade Level: 12th

English 12P is a full year course for college preparatory high school seniors who intend to go on to four-year universities. It consists of the in-depth reading and analysis of major works of world literature and the literature of the American immigrant experience. The class will read four to six major pieces of literature together in class, as well as numerous shorter pieces. Students will also read and report on four teacher-approved literary works on their own. In addition to this, most of the second semester will be devoted to the process of writing a fully supported and carefully documented research paper of the kind they will be expected to produce in their college courses. Students who do not complete the research paper will fail the class.


Course Title: English 12 Expository (P)

Grade Level: 12th

This course was designed by California State University professors to prepare students for the demands of college reading and writing. If you are going to college and don’t want to waste time and money taking a remedial English course, this class is for you. You will be prepared to take and pass the English placement exam for any college or university and to succeed in your college classes. The reading material is current and interesting, covering topics from philosophy to male/female relationships.


Course Title: Folklore (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Why doesn't the sky touch the earth and why are there seasons in a year? When you finish Folklore, you will know the answer to these and many other fascinating questions. This course explores myths, legends, and folktales from around the globe and across all the thousands of years mankind has told stories. Learn why myths were and are sacred to their followers and how they formed the science of their time. Discover the heroes and fantasies of a people through their legends. Study folktales to find out how good is rewarded and evil is punished in a society. Come and learn about the past and today.


Course Title: Intermediate Writing (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Whether you are going to community college or not going to college at all, the ability to express yourself in writing is still going to be a part of your future. This class is designed to make you a better writer. Your future may demand you write letters, reports, and proposals as a part of your job or personal life. The skills you learn now may mean making more money in the future!


Course Title: Journalism

Grade Level: 9,10,11,12

Prepare to be a member of the staff of the Warren newspaper, the Justice. Journalism utilizes critical thinking and communication by asking students to combine a wide range of skills and knowledge into a published document. In developing communication worthy of publication, journalism students sharpen their skills of reading, writing, interviewing, listening, and thinking. Through collaboration, research, composing, and editing, students develop essential techniques to prepare them to be both discriminating consumers of media and skillful communicators with opportunities for life-long learning.


Course Title: Mass Media

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Projects, projects, projects! This class gives students "hands-on" experience with the various media. The major focus is on film and television. Projects include designing your own newspaper; creating an original magazine advertisement; writing and recording radio commercials; and scripting and producing a television commercial, a news broadcast, and an interview show. Students receive "hands-on" experience as directors, camera operators, stage managers, and actors. The final exam project involves creating and producing a 20-minute television production with four commercials. Come and experience this class.


Course Title: Multicultural Literature

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Discrimination, poverty, censorship, ignorance, religious persecution, struggle. Experience the voices of multicultural authors as their literature takes us around the world. Don’t be a slave to the writings of the “dead white men.” Explore what others have to say. Join us to discuss and analyze a variety of cultures, traditions, and perspectives. If you are able to appreciate others’ struggles and keep an open mind, then this class is for you!

Course Length: Semester Reading Level: Average Meets Literature Component

UC/CSU “a-g” Requirements met: None


Course Title: Newspaper (5 to 40 credits)

Grade Level: 9,10,11,12

Prerequisites: Journalism and/or teacher recommendation

Become a real Cub reporter; join the staff of the Justice. This course is for the writer who is interested in pursuing a career in journalism or related fields. Students enrolled in Newspaper may continue the class through all four years of high school to develop and perfect the skills learned in producing the school newspaper. Class content includes developing writing skills, designing layouts, selling advertising, proofreading, interviewing, and reporting. Editing will be performed using desktop publishing on the computer.


Course Title: Public Speaking (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Learn how to speak with confidence, regardless of your previous experiences in front of an audience. Through various types of speeches, students learn how to present themselves in a comfortable manner. Types of speeches include sales, pet peeve, personal experience, demonstration, informative, oral interpretation, impromptu, and debate speech. Come join the fun.


Course Title: Shakespeare (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Bantering with the Bard, baffooning with bawdy, beset with bellicose . . . words only a dead poet can understand? Naaa! What do you want to take this class for anyway? What's in it for you? Join this class for a romp through the Renaissance, using Shakespeare and his plays and poems as a guide to discover things about our world and perhaps even ourselves. Taking Shakespeare is more than much ado about almost anything.


Course Title: Short Story/Novel (P)

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

Attention Juniors and Seniors: do you enjoy reading? Would you like to join an exclusive club of lovers of good literature? Enroll today in an English elective class where you will read, analyze, and enjoy the best short stories in America. We will also discuss novels that you will find challenging, exploring them in literature circles and in classroom discussions. Get a head-start on college today!


Course Title: Yearbook

Grade Level: 11th and 12th

We are looking for responsible, hard working, yet creative

individuals who want to be part of Warren's history in hard

copy. Come join the production team of the ElOroso yearbook. Computer skills and photographic know-how are not mandatory; but since we do this entire picture book on computer, they would be helpful. Writing skills are necessary as each page must report the story shown in the photos found there. People skills are the most necessary of all, as the yearbook can only be produced through true team effort and hours of togetherness. Come book with us! Your high school memories rely on you!! Students must complete an application and interview to be considered for the yearbook staff. Applications can be obtained from the Yearbook advisor.