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Dr. Ron Binder. Director of Greek Affairs, Bowling Green State University Former Dir. of Greek Affairs, UNC Chapel Hill Former Greek Advisor for the U. of Georgia Past Chair of the Risk Management Committee for the Association of Fraternity Advisors

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dr ron binder
Dr. Ron Binder
  • Director of Greek Affairs, Bowling Green State University
  • Former Dir. of Greek Affairs, UNC Chapel Hill
  • Former Greek Advisor for the U. of Georgia
  • Past Chair of the Risk Management Committee for the Association of Fraternity Advisors
  • Consulted at over 100 Colleges & Universities
top 20 uninsurable entities find the area you will go into after you leave college
1. Bars

2. Liquor stores

3. Child Care Centers

4. Asbestos Contractors

5. Hazardous Waste

Disposal Companies

6. Fraternities &


7. Engineers

8. Doctors

9. Lawyers

10. Accountants

11. Manufacturers

12. Small Businesses

13. Non-Profit Entities

14. Architects

15. Nurse-Midwives

16. Cities

17. State Governments

18. School Districts

19. Fire Districts

20. Ice Rinks

Top 20 Uninsurable EntitiesFind the area you will go into after you leave college
where are the cases found
Where are the Cases Found?
  • 85% involve alcohol abuse (not use)
  • Over half of sexual assaults involve alcohol
  • 95% of hazing incidents involve alcohol
    • hazing suits tend to be the most costly
  • 86% of all serious injuries involve alcohol
  • 96% of all falls from roofs involve alcohol
  • More suits occur in the Fall than Spring

56 % of the time we are sued by our own members!

alcohol use vs alcohol abuse
Alcohol Use vs. Alcohol Abuse
  • Moderate drinking causes little problems
  • More alcohol consumed = more problems
  • Binge drinking is defined as having 5 or more drinks in one night, during the last 2 weeks
  • For women, the limit is 4
  • Lets take a poll!
  • National Undergrad Binge Drinking Results

Non-Greeks = 45%

Athletes & Greeks = 75%

risk management principles
Risk Management Principles
  • Identify What is Risky Behavior
  • Has someone gotten hurt?
      • Whitlock v Denver
      • Beta @ UNC
  • Does it violate a policy?
  • Does it violate a law?
      • Most policies or laws are the result of someone getting killed
      • Delta Tau Delta’s hazing policy
criminal liability
Criminal Liability
  • That which is illegal, either state or federal
    • hazing
    • providing alcohol (kegs, bars, cans, etc.)
    • providing alcohol to those noticeably intoxicated
    • fights
    • using and dealing drugs
      • Operation Equanox at UVA
civil liability
Civil Liability
  • Being sued by anyone
    • injured party
    • parents
    • friends
  • Results in judgement for damages
  • 56% of the time we are sued by our own members!
  • Largest lawsuit ever settled against a fraternity?
  • $21 million (KA @ U. of Texas)!
  • Largest filed: $100 million AKA @ Los Angeles
liability insurance
Liability Insurance
  • Most chapters have at least $1 million insurance
  • Average sorority member pays $50/member
  • Average fraternity member pays $100/member
  • Highest is $200/member

Do your know how much you are paying for liability insurance?

  • Policies do not cover the following:
    • Anything illegal
      • hazing
      • providing alcohol (kegs, bars, cans, etc.)
    • Anything against your national policy
      • hazing
      • providing alcohol (kegs, bars, etc.)
      • open parties
who pays if there is no insurance
Who Pays If There Is No Insurance?
  • U. of Oregon Kappa Sigma
    • $320,000 settlement
      • $32,000 President, $27,000 Pledge Educator
      • $20,000 Social Chair, $241,000 rest of the chapter
  • If national policy violated, chapter on it’s own
    • Universities are excused
    • National is excused
    • Alumni are excused
    • Only one left are undergraduates

Your Parents Homeowner’s Insurance Policies

hazing policy
Standard definition used by all nationals

Regardless of the willingness of the participant

1. Forced consumption

of alcohol

2. Calisthenics, runs,

push-ups, etc.

3. Paddling

4. Line-Ups

5. Road Trips

6. Running Personal Errands of the Members

Hazing Policy
a better definition of hazing
A Better Definition of Hazing

To determine if it’s hazing, ask the following:

1. Would you tell prospective members?

2. Would you tell your National?

3. Would you tell your Greek Advisor?

4. Would you tell your parents?

5. Would you be willing to have your new members interviewed?

If you hesitate on any one, then it’s probably hazing

riskiest night i big brother big sister night
Riskiest Night I:Big Brother/Big Sister Night
  • When new members receive their big brother/sister
  • Most common gift is alcohol!
  • Sig Ep @ UGA case
    • Big brother gives little brother a fifth
    • Never said “if you don’t drink you won’t be a Sig Ep”
    • Let’s have a drink to this, to that, to the founders (12)
    • Consumed a fifth in one hour
    • Peaked out at 0.300 BAC at the hospital
riskiest night ii initiation
Riskiest Night II: Initiation
  • Welcome to brotherhood/sisterhood: Let’s Drink!
  • Brotherhood/sisterhood kegs
  • Consistency: what we say for 8 weeks vs. what we do
  • LSU
  • MIT
riskiest night iii 21 st birthday
Riskiest Night III: 21st Birthday
  • Time to celebrate
  • A right of passage
  • Moderation
  • Record # of shots?
  • Michigan State
  • Phi Delt @ Chico State
alcohol policy
Alcohol Policy
  • Common-source containers (kegs, bars, cases, etc.) are prohibited at all chapter events
  • All events are BYOB
  • No open parties (guest lists)
  • Purchasing alcohol with chapter funds
    • cans = kegs (Penn State)
    • alcohol in beer machines (Chi Psi @ UGA)
  • Alcohol-free recruitment
what is a chapter event
What is a Chapter Event?

1. Who paid for the event?

2. How was it advertised?

3. What % of members were present?

  • UNC Panhel: 40%
  • All national policies are much stricter
  • SPE & Chi O @ UGA, SN & Pi Phi @ Mercer
official unofficial
“Official” & “Unofficial”
  • No such thing!
  • Courts view each event on its own merit
  • Duck Theory:
    • If it walks like a duck & sounds like a duck, then it’s a duck
  • Sig Ep @ Duke
  • Pi Kap @ Radford
risk management our ritual
Risk Management & Our Ritual
  • Our rituals state that we care for our brothers
  • Our oath of obligation requires care for others
  • If we really care, then no one would be harmed
  • It is the greatest risk management document ever created