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Compressed Air Cars in America PowerPoint Presentation
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Compressed Air Cars in America

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Compressed Air Cars in America - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Compressed Air Cars in America

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  1. Compressed Air Cars in America By Chip Bell courtesy of Ev World

  2. Questions you may be asking - “What is an Compressed Air Car?” - “What do you need to know about them” - “What are some of the physical specifications of these vehicles?” - “Why should I care?”

  3. What is a Compressed Air Car? • A Compressed Air Car is an automobile that runs completely or partially on compressed air • -This is the same technology that pumps tires, cools refrigerators, and even controls amusement park rides courtesy of courtesy courtesy of

  4. What you need to know about these vehicles - Some of these cars run completely on compressed air, some are gasoline hybrids - They have already been manufactured in other countries, such as India and France - They are much safer and cheaper than many other alternative fuels, such as hydrogen - They help to remove pollution away from cities and nearer to power plants, where it can be managed better and more cheaply - Air cars actually filter the air coming in to the motor, so they actually purify the surrounding air

  5. Cool Specs about the cars - These cars plan to retail for lower than $20,000 dollars (compare to price of another popular hybrid)‏ - The hybrid models will have a range of up to 1000 miles on a tank (compare to price another popular hybrid)‏ - The cars will be 4-door and 6-seaters, much like most modern family cars -The motors will have roughly 75 hp (compare to hp of another hybrid) -Cars will be able to travel up to 35 mph without help from gasoline, and with higher speeds will use very little petroleum. Top speed is estimated to be 90 mph -Air stored at a pressure around 30 MPa (which is around 4500 psi, roughly 129 times the pressure a car tire!)‏

  6. Why should you care? (They're coming to America!)‏ - The MDI Air Car is set to release in 2010. Some resources stated even in the summer of this year! - This design will be just entering the market when present college students will be possibly buying a car upon graduation - The infrastructure for compressed air cars is already here; air compressors, the “gas pumps” for these cars, are readily found across America. This means that the switch to this technology will be much more easily done than hydrogen - The cars are predicted to be very affordable, and very fuel efficient. If all of the U.S. were to switch to compressed air cars upon their arrival, it would lower petroleum use of the country by 25%. This means that the consumer would benefit, without completely destroying the petroleum market

  7. A Brief Summary - Compressed air cars are vehicles that run completely, or partially on compressed air. - These vehicles will soon be available in the United States - Because they are affordable and efficient, they could significantly affect the American automobile market, if not revolutionize it.

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