securities fraud n.
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Securities Fraud

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Securities Fraud

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  1. Securities Fraud Class Actions “Most adequate plaintiff” (last updated 17 Apr 12)

  2. Securities Fraud Action Rule 10b-5 • Transactional nexus • Plaintiff • Defendant • Elements • Procedure … litigation under Rule 10b-5 presents a danger of vexatiousness … Blue Chip Stamps (US 1975)

  3. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Solve problem of securities fraud class action “strike suits” Prof. Elliott Weiss Univ of Arizona

  4. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act Lead plaintiff • Notice of lawsuit to class members • Appointment of lead plaintiff • Presumption: “largest financial interest” • Rebut: “Not adequately represent class” • Selection of lead counsel • By lead plaintiff • Subject to approval of court Prof. Elliott Weiss Univ of Arizona

  5. In re Cendant Corp. Litigation(3d Cir 2001) Hold SHs What are the issues? Buy SHs Milberg Weiss CalPERS Group

  6. In re Cendant Corp. Litigation(3d Cir 2001) Hold SHs Questions: • Who is the lead plaintiff? • What is presumption? Can group be lead Pl? • Is Pl typical if “holding” Sh (class of “buying” SHs)? • What determines adequacy? Low-rate counsel? • How rebut presumption? • How is class counsel chosen? • Can lead Pl choose more expensive law firm? • Must Lead Pl conduct auction? Can trial court? • Is “pay to play” politics OK? • How are atty fees set? • Presumption for fees set by agreement with lead Pl? • What is % method / lodestar method? • Can court re-compute fees? Buy SHs Milberg Weiss CalPERS Group

  7. PSLRA Not later than 90 days after the date on which a notice [of class action] the court shall consider any motion made by a purported class member in response to the notice, … and shall appoint as lead plaintiff the member or members of the purported plaintiff class that the court determines to be most capable of adequately representing the interests of class members (hereafter in this paragraph referred to as the "most adequate plaintiff")

  8. PSLRA … the court shall adopt a presumption that the most adequate plaintiff in any private action arising under this title is the person or group of persons that-- • has either filed the complaint or made a motion in response to a notice under subparagraph (A)(i); • in the determination of the court, has the largest financial interest in the relief sought by the class; and • otherwise satisfies the requirements of Rule 23 of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

  9. PSLRA The presumption described in subclause (I) may be rebutted only upon proof by a member of the purported plaintiff class that the presumptively most adequate plaintiff-- • will not fairly and adequately protect the interests of the class; or • is subject to unique defenses that render such plaintiff incapable of adequately representing the class.

  10. PSLRA Selection of lead counsel The most adequate plaintiff shall, subject to the approval of the court, select and retain counsel to represent the class. Restrictions on professional plaintiffs Except as the court may otherwise permit, consistent with the purposes of this section, a person may be a lead plaintiff, or an officer, director, or fiduciary of a lead plaintiff, in no more than 5 securities class actions brought as plaintiff class actions pursuant to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure during any 3-year period.

  11. Netflix case [click here](see Stanford clearinghouse)

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