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Enterprise Management - managing Windows 8 devices. Alun Rogers. 15:03:13. Agenda. Client management approach. Managing Windows 8. Cloud and hybrid options. Questions. App management. Case References & Examples. InTune screenshot walkthrough. Influencing Microsoft.

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15 03 13

Enterprise Management - managing Windows 8 devices

Alun Rogers


15 03 13


Client management approach

Managing Windows 8

Cloud and hybrid options


App management

Case References & Examples

InTune screenshot walkthrough

Influencing Microsoft

Client management approach
Client Management approach


System Center Configuration Manager

Infinite Tweaking


Exchange ActiveSync, VPN Policies

Simple Primitives

Corporate device

  • Personal Devices

  • IT uses system of least control

  • IT Owns the Device and sets all of the rules

  • PC, Mobile, Slate, Laptop

  • Hardware, Apps, OS’s

Homogenous System

  • Heterogeneous Systems

  • Self Service, App Stores

  • Of apps, patches, configurations


  • Pull

  • Conditional access to Network, Applications and Data

  • Devices, applications, configurations

Corporate standards

  • Constraints

  • Variable device trust level, data must be directly protected

  • Systems enforce device standards to Protect data (Bitlocker, OS/Patch Level, Applications)

  • Protected Data

Protected devices

Cloud only windows intune
Cloud only - Windows Intune

Cloud only solution

Subscription based

No-on premise infrastructure

All devices connect to Internet

Rich x platform support

Azure AD integration

Hybrid sccm and intune
Hybrid – SCCM and Intune

Full Windows x client management

User centric app management

UEV/App-V integration

OS X / Linux support

Single console

Managing windows 8
Managing Windows 8


PXE Boot, USB install, Wipe and Load, Side by side, prestaged Media

Metered Connections

  • Admin with Windows 8 is able to control traffic:

    • Block network impactful client management activities

    • Avoid being unpleasantly surprised with their network bill

Windows to Go

Scenarios: Contractors, Bring Your Own Device, Travel Light, Shared PCs

Provision: Admin can push deploy WTG to a removable device, End User can pull provision WTG

Manage: Updated and managed same as a physical laptop/desktop, Admin can determine if device is WTG or not

Your data and apps on any device
Your data and apps on any device

Personalized, consistent, online & offline experience

Apps and data follow users

Centralized management of apps and data (IT)

Local data is protected (IT)

Configuration Manager

App-V 5.0 and U-EV (MDOP), Folder Redirection


User Settings

+ Data

+ Apps

User Settings+ Apps + Data

BitLockerDrive Encryption

BitLockerDrive Encryption

Windows 8 apps
Windows 8 apps

  • Benefits:

    • Runs across x86 and ARM

    • Inherently more secure

    • Easier and faster to deploy

  • Software distribution updated:

    • New object

    • Same deployment process

    • Similar management functionality

  • End users installation same as today

Windows Store

Self-Service Portal (SSP)





Windows 8 (x86)

Windows RT device

Deep link apps
Deep link apps

  • Software Distribution updated:

    • New type of software

    • Same process

  • Administrators do not need to repackage applications

  • End Users have one location for all Enterprise Applications


Windows Store

Self-Service Portal (SSP)

Building on the cloud
Building on the cloud

Office 365

Azure recovery services for DPM

Azure recovery services for 2012



Metrics Hub



Azure AD

Azure web sites

VM role

Azure network


Virtual machines


Case References & Examples

Influencing Microsoft

15 03 13


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