bbes pta survey 2013
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BBES PTA Survey 2013

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BBES PTA Survey 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BBES PTA Survey 2013. What we did. Created a 17 question survey focusing on Membership, Communication and Fundraising. How did we distribute?. Posted survey online at BBES PTA website Posted survey on Face Book multiple times Reached 150 parents & staff via e-blast

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what we did
What we did
  • Created a 17 question survey focusing on Membership, Communication and Fundraising
how did we distribute
How did we distribute?
  • Posted survey online at BBES PTA website
  • Posted survey on Face Book multiple times
  • Reached 150 parents & staff via e-blast
  • Reached 654 students’ parents via hard copy in Thursday packets
  • Made available hard copies in the Main Office
how many responses did we get
How many responses did we get?
  • We have 400+/- families at BBES
  • We have nearly 300 PTA members
  • We have 650+ children currently enrolled
  • We received 61 responses back which is about a 15% response rate
    • 53 hard copy responses
    • 8 electronic responses
membership what did we learn
Membership – What did we learn?
  • 78% who responded was a PTA member. We have nearly 300 members to date.
  • 8% said it was cost prohibitive to join
  • 5% each said they don’t want to be asked for money or to volunteer
  • Why aren’t they joining?
      • Little feedback, most didn’t respond
      • Want an incentive like a raffle, not worth their time, can get same information from e-blasts and FaceBook
  • Why aren’t they coming to meetings?
      • Competing responses that people aren’t coming to the meetings b/c we don’t have daycare/day or night meetings
      • No “time”
      • Can get same information from e-blasts and FaceBook
recommendations to improve membership
Recommendations to improve Membership
  • Better advertising that we have childcare and hold both day/night meetings
  • Consider asking each person who accepts the role of class parent to attend PTA meetings and provide input on behalf of their class/grade, etc. The benefit is to engage parental involvement in activities on a classroom level and how the PTA can support classroom needs. The Board only knows what’s going on/needs are for our own kids classes.
  • Teacher attendance is low.
    • Consider asking each grade level team to have a "PTA Teacher Representative," with one parent taking the role, two sharing it, or a different parent attending the meeting each month. The benefit for the teachers is consideration for classroom grants.
    • Ask teachers what they need out of the meetings. Do they want more topics discussed that affect the kids/classroom (i.e. homework strategies, 2nd grade is struggling with writing, what can we do, etc.?)
  • Consider holding PTA meetings in conjunction with a school event (right before BINGO night, etc.)
  • Make parents input feel needed
    • If we are fundraising focused parents feel they can get minutes off PTA website.
    • If we want discussions and parental “involvement” at meetings we could consider changing focus/agendas of 1 or 2 meetings:
      • Hold a potluck dinner meeting and a round table discussion at the beginning of the year. Parents offer topics they want to discuss with other parents (who is struggling to get homework done, how do you get your child to read more, etc?)
communication what did we learn
Communication – What did we learn?
  • 84% were receiving e-blasts
  • 47% were on Face Book page
  • 85% would NOT use Twitter
  • 78% receive Volunteer Spot requests
recommendations to improve communication
Recommendations to Improve Communication
  • Consider a second half of the year push to get more people on Face Book and on the e-blast list (we’re only reaching about 25% of the families via e-blast).
      • Thoughts on how to do this?
      • Can we invest in a banner sign that we can hang in the lobby with our Face Book link, [email protected], and Volunteer Spot email so people see it and know how to get involved.
fundraising what did we learn
Fundraising - What did we learn?
  • How do people prefer to donate money?
fundraising what did we learn overall
Fundraising - What did we learnOverall?
  • For the most part, parents are happy with amount of fundraising we do
  • Respondents overwhelmingly want to continue supporting grants to teachers with their donated funds
recommendations to improve fundraising
Recommendations to improve Fundraising
  • Consider fewer fundraisers in which people have to purchase an item and switch to new ones that people get Gift Cards to stores of their choosing
  • Consider an automatic withdraw credit card option next year
    • Offering a $5/month or $10 month option would result in more money than a one time donation of $25.
    • PayPal
  • Consider an electronic donation campaign/option such as
    • Send emails to those on eblast list and they are auto generated. (Offer prizes for kids who provide additional emails to extended family members, etc.), e-thank you’s are auto sent out. Donors get to pick from Free Gift Certificates/Discounts to local merchants so it is oftentimes a wash (i.e. someone one donates $25 receives a $25 gift certificate /coupon to a local restaurant of their choosing from a list of sponsors)
  • Brainstorm how to incorporate specific items/dollar amounts into fundraising options so people know where there money is going
      • i.e. a $50 donation will contribute $2.50 to events, $10 to technology purchases, and $37.50 to teacher grants
what did we learn about p a w s
What did we learn about P.A.W.S?
  • Average donation was between $0 – 50 and a quarter of respondents didn’t donate at all
  • It pays to do a big fundraising push at the beginning of the year but people aren’t donating significantly throughout the year as they expressed they would.
  • On average 50% of people would increase their donation amount if we eliminated fundraising
events activities what did we learn
Events & Activities - What did we learn?
  • What events do people want to keep?
    • Community building events are appreciated (dances, BINGO, Talent Show)
  • What events do people want to see ELIMINATED
    • D.A.R.E. t-shirts, Muffins for Moms, Donuts for Dads and Boo HooBreakfast
  • Third most comments were to eliminate spending PTA funds on items ALL students can’t benefit from (i.e. student agendas, Odyssey, DARE)
  • 1 comment to reduce the number of assemblies and focus on instructional time
  • PTA funds should not be spent on landscaping
recommendations to improve our events activities
Recommendations to improve our events & activities
  • Ask 5thgrade parents to pay for DARE t-shirts
  • Combine Muffins/Donuts/Boo Hoo into one “Welcome back to school” event
  • Go back to charging for community events (i.e. BINGO, Fall/Spring Dance, and Talent Show, etc.)
  • Offer Student Directories electronically only and eliminate printing or make it optional or just print a few and keep them in the office/library for parents without computers to look at
  • See if local Girl Scout troop/Boy Scout pack would sponsor a “Scout Landscaping Day at BBES”
  • Consider a campaign to get dads to Chair at least 3 events next year