fantasia on the dargason n.
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Fantasia on the Dargason PowerPoint Presentation
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Fantasia on the Dargason

Fantasia on the Dargason

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Fantasia on the Dargason

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  1. Fantasia on the Dargason Second Suite in F for Military Band, FourthMovement

  2. Gustav Holst • Born September 21, 1874; died 25 May 1934 • English composer • Most famous composition is orchestral suites, The Planets MARS JUPITER • Influenced by Grieg, Wagner,Richard Strauss and fellow student, Ralph Vaughan Williams • Musical Characteristics: unconventional use of meter and haunting melodies • Composed almost 200 works, including operas, ballets, choral hymns and songs.

  3. Second Suite in F • The Second Suite in F for Military Band is Gustav Holst's second and last suite for concert band • 4 movements • March • Song without Words • Song of the Blacksmith • Fantasia of the Dargason • His first was First Suite in E-flat, and both a staples to the realm of band literature.

  4. Second Suite in F • Written in 1911 • Dedicated to James Causley Windram • Took interest (like many English composers at the time) in writing pieces based on folk music • Ralph Vaughan Williams had based his English Folk Song Suite on English folk tunes • Did the same with the Second Suite • Seven folk tunes in four movements

  5. Themes of the Piece • A theme • The Dargason theme is always present • Even in the last 11 bars, it is broken up, but present • The rest piece the exact same theme is in at least one instrument • B theme • Greensleeves appears twice • Second time is climax of piece • Anything else played is rhythmic or sustained harmony

  6. Whatis a Daragson? • One of two melodies in the 4th movement • Based on the folk song "Dargason” • A 17th century English dance tune from the first edition of The Dancing Master • "Dargason", also known by the name of "Sedanny” and many other names

  7. Whatis a Daragson? Dancing Instructions for Dargason from The Dancing Master

  8. Lyrics and Dance Dargason Dance

  9. Lyrics and Dance • Many melodic variants, as well as other lyrics and other titles • First Verse: • When I was at home, I was merry and frisky.My dad kept a pig, but my mother sold whiskey.My uncle was rich, but ne’er could be aisey (=easy)Till I was enlisted by Corporal Casey.Och, rub-a-dub, row-de-dow, Corporal Casey,My dear little Shelah I thought would run crazyWhen I trudged away with tough Corporal Casey.Och, rub-a-dub row-de-row, Shelah my love. • Non-serious tone, light hearted context

  10. Lyrics and Dance • Very Repetitive • Dargason theme always present • Repetitive because it’s a dance • Need same melodic idea so non-music people can keep track of song and learn to join in quickly • 8-bar ‘circular’ melody lending itself easily to combination with others

  11. CompetingThemes • Second Melody; first enters at m. 57 with the euphonium solo • Greensleeves • English folk song • Love Song • Also may recognize as the Christmas song: What Child is This? • Lyrics: Verse: Alas, my love, you do me wrong,To cast me off discourteously.For I have loved you well and long,Delighting in your company. Chorus: Greensleeves was all my joyGreensleeves was my delight,Greensleeves was my heart of gold,And who but my lady greensleeves.

  12. CompetingThemes • Two Different time signatures: • Dargason: 6/8 (2 feel) • Greensleves: 3/4 (1 feel) • Context of Songs: • Dargason: Playful courtship • Greensleeves: Rejection of Love

  13. Musical Purpose • How do you DANCE to this? • 2 ways: • 1st try some modern beats behind it: (1:25)

  14. Musical Purpose • How do you DANCE to this? • 2 ways: • 1st try some modern beats behind it: • 2nd, the song goes from a 2 feel to a 1 feel. It is the same kind of idea as going from a 4 feel to a 2 feel. For example: • My First Kissby B.O.B.

  15. Within the Music • Three key concepts to apply in this piece: Articulation Balance Phrase

  16. Within the Music • Articulation • Light and Bouncy – Dargason • Long and Connected – Greensleeves • Let’s try the two different styles:

  17. Within the Music • Balance - Continually changing throughout piece • Soloists, Duets • Woodwinds only • Brass only • Combinations • Full Ensemble • Same exercise and loop switching between different soloists and sections

  18. Within the Music • Phrase • Shape the line • Continuous air • Phrase is broken up at times, so still it direction as its pass to another section • One section will play first half of Dargason theme and another section will finish it – Connect the idea

  19. Within the Music • Shape the line – Where is are you leading to? • Continuous air – Across the barline

  20. For Next Time… • Look up other folks songs in other 3 movements • For the other folk songs be able to: • Describe their original purpose • Describe the style of the song • Find at least one another form of one of the folk songs