Spanish ii b day august 2013
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Spanish II B-Day-August 2013 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Spanish II B-Day-August 2013. Chapter 3A & 3B- La Comida Pages: 122-169 Obj. 1 : Talk about food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner Obj. 2 : Talk about likes and dislikes of foods. Obj. 3 : Express how often something is done.

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Spanish ii b day august 2013

Spanish IIB-Day-August 2013

Chapter 3A & 3B- La Comida

Pages: 122-169

Obj. 1 : Talk about food and beverages for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Obj. 2 : Talk about likes and dislikes of foods.

Obj. 3 : Express how often something is done.

Obj. 4 : Understand cultural perspectives on meals.

Obj. 5 : Describe what people or things are like.

Obj. 6 : Discuss food, health, and exercise choices.

Obj. 7 : Understand Cultural perspective on diet and health.

Spanish ii b day august
Spanish II- B-Day-August

  • Chapter Test 3A & 3B

  • Vocabulary Quiz

  • Realidades Workbook

  • Projects:

    • Brochure: Para La Salud: Vacaciones

      • Students will create a brochure describing a typical day at a health resort. The brochure must include a schedule of the day’s activities and description of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Pictures or drawings must accompany each meal and one of the activities listed. Students will present their brochure in Spanish as if they were sales representatives from their resort. Brochure must be in Spanish.

        2. Poster: Para Mantener la Salud (Project: To Maintain One’s Health)

      • Students will create a poster board with good eating and exercise habits in Spanish. Pictures of healthy foods and exercise must be on poster board and labeled in Spanish.

Spanish ii b day september 2013
Spanish II B-DaySeptember 2013

Chapter 4A & 4B : Los Pasatiempos

Pages: 170-219

Obj. 1: Talk about locations in your community

Obj. 2: Discuss leisure activities

Obj. 3: Talk about where you go and with whom

Obj. 4: Learn how to ask questions

Obj. 5: Understand culture perspective on leisure activities

Obj. 6: Talk about activities outside of school

Obj. 7: Extend, accept, and decline invitations

Obj. 8: Tell when an event happens

Obj. 9: Understand Culture perspectives on after school activities

Spanish ii b day september 20131
Spanish II: B-Day-September 2013

  • Chapter test 4A & 4B

  • Vocabulary Quiz

  • Realidades Workbook

  • Projects:

    1. Guia para el Tiempo Libre:

    • Students will create a weekend entertainment guide, featuring times and locations of six different events and an illustration of each event. Students will present guide in Spanish to class.

      2. Una Invitacion:

    • Students will create an invitation to a special event ( a concert, sporting event, or party). The invitation has to include:

      • the name of the event

      • when, where, and at what time the event is taking place

      • who is going

Spanish ii b dayoctober 2013
Spanish-II - B-DayOctober 2013

Chapter 5A & 5B Fiesta en Familia

Pages: 220-269

Obj. 1:Describe families

Obj. 2: Talk about celebrations and parties

Obj. 3: Ask and tell ages

Obj. 4: Express possession

Obj. 5: Understand cultural perspectives on family and celebrations

Obj. 6: Talk about family celebrations

Obj. 7: Describe family members and friends

Obj. 8: Ask politely to have something brought to you

Obj. 9: Order a meal in a restaurant

Obj.10: Understand cultural perspectives on family celebrations

Spanish ii b dayoctober 20131
Spanish II: B-DayOctober 2013

  • Chapter Test 5A & 5B

  • Vocabulary Quiz

  • Realidades workbook

  • Projects

    1. Arbolgenealogico con fotos y descripciones:

    • Students will create a three generation family trees on a poster board or a power point featuring photos of family members and a brief description under each photo. They will explain the relationships on the genealogical tree and describing selected members.

      2. Celebration of “Day of the Dead”

    • We will celebrate the “Day of the Dead” on October 31 and November 1st. More details will be posted or will be given to students as we get closer to the dates. We will be decorating mask for the celebration.

Spanish ii b day november december 2013
Spanish II- B-Day- November & December 2013

Chapter 6A & 6B: La Casa

pages: 270-319

Obj. 1: Talk about your bedroom

Obj. 2: Describe bedroom items and electronic equipment

Obj. 3: Make comparisons

Obj. 4: Understand cultural perspectives on homes

Obj. 5: Identify rooms in a house

Obj. 6: Name household chores

Obj. 7: Tell where you live and what you are doing

Obj. 8: Understand cultural perspectives on different typesof housing

Spanish ii b day november december 20131
Spanish II- B-Day November-December 2013

  • Chapter test 6A & 6B

  • Vocabulary Quiz

  • Realidades Workbook

  • Projects:

    1. La casa de mis sueños: (The house of my dreams)

    • Students will build their dream house from a shoe box, cardboard, or create a house plan in a poster board. They will label every room and can use magazine cutouts, drawings or small doll house furnishers.

    • Students will write a short paragraph describing their dream house.

      2. Se vende un apartamento o casa. (Apartment or House for sale).

      • Students will create a flyer in Spanish to promote the sale of your family’s house or apartment. Create an attractive and inviting flyer that will make your home, dream house, or apartment, appealing to a potential buyer.