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On Demand Writing PowerPoint Presentation
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On Demand Writing

On Demand Writing

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On Demand Writing

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  1. On Demand Writing

  2. What is On Demand writing? • State writing test for 5, 8, and 11 graders • Taken on the the last day of KREP testing • Students complete two writings: prompt-based & passage-based • Scored holistically (both pieces together) as novice, apprentice, proficient, distinguished • Only three purposes for writing: narrate, inform, & argue • Prewriting space is provided but NOT scored

  3. Prewriting • All students MUST prewrite • S.P.A.T. is used to understand the purpose • S (situation), P (purpose), A (audience), and T (task type) • Organizers are used based on prompt purpose • Students get one full white page; it is NOT scored

  4. Prompt-Based • First part of test • 40 minutes to complete: read prompts, choose, prewrite, draft, revise, and edit. • Students get a choice between two writing prompts • Only two sheets of paper provided • Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Writer’s Reference Sheet allowed during testing .

  5. Prompt-Based Informative & Narrative Examples Informative: Situation: Life can sometimes be really difficult and present us with challenges we have to overcome. One can become ill, break a bone, not make the team you worked hard to make, or have a family event that disrupts life. Task: Write a letter to a friend informing him/her of an obstacle you have had to overcome. Make sure to include information about the obstacle and how you were able to overcome it. Remember to use key details and transitions in your writing. Narrative: Situation: The weather is abnormally warm for this time of year. The sun is shining, and it is 60 degrees in February. Kids are playing in the parks in pants and short sleeves; however, it is still winter. And, Kentucky is known for having just a few great snow days. Will we have any good snow days this year? Task: Thinking about how much you miss the fun winter weather, write a blog telling about a time that you had fun in the snow. Be sure to include descriptive details about where you were, who was with you, and what you did?

  6. Passage-Based Prompt • Second part of test • 90 minutes to complete: read prompt, read passage(s), prewrite, draft, revise, and edit. • Students do NOT get a choice; only one prompt • Four sheets of paper provided: expected to use text evidence from passage(s). • Dictionary, Thesaurus, and Writer’s Reference Sheet allowed during testing

  7. Passage-Based Argument Example Situation: Many students have been complaining that the grading system used at their schools is unfair. Students think that who they are matters when it comes to their grades. To deal with this problem, several school districts have implemented “blind grading.” Task: Using the attached articles, write an argumentative speech stating your opinion on blind grading to present to your school’s decision making council. Be sure to include your claim, evidence from the articles, and a counterclaim to strengthen your argument.