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World Gifts Enterprise Day PowerPoint Presentation
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World Gifts Enterprise Day

World Gifts Enterprise Day

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World Gifts Enterprise Day

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  1. Enterprise day World Gifts World GiftsEnterprise Day Introduction

  2. What are World Gifts? • An alternative gift scheme – a catalogue full of gifts that make a lasting difference • Gifts work in two ways: • something attractive for a friend or relative and • a real gift given, by a CAFOD partner, to someone in the developing world

  3. A whole family can soak up the benefits of having fresh water for drinking, cooking and washing without the risk of potentially fatal, waterborne diseases. Water for a family £30 A gift of fresh clean water.

  4. Teach someone to read £10 Reading can open so many doors – education, work, pleasure and self improvement – and it’s never too late to learn. This gift can pay to train adult literacy teachers and provide books.

  5. Bicycle £50 A bicycle can help a community worker bring life-saving medical treatment and care, or vital support and counselling, to people living in remote areas where help simply isn’t available.

  6. Mother and baby care £30 Inspired by students from St Joseph’s Catholic College in Bradford. Training birth attendants in pre- and post-natal care can give a new mum and her baby a much better chance of survival. This gift can also pay for new equipment and vaccines to give babies a much safer, healthier start in life.

  7. Pair of piglets £25 When the piglets, or their off -spring go to market, they’ll help provide a poor family with extra money for food, education or medicines.

  8. Temporary shelter £9 The gift of a temporary shelter can provide a family who have lost their home due to natural disaster or conflict, with a roof over their heads.