testing the waters or a mental health court in marin l.
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Testing The Waters or . . . A Mental Health Court In Marin PowerPoint Presentation
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Testing The Waters or . . . A Mental Health Court In Marin

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Testing The Waters or . . . A Mental Health Court In Marin - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Testing The Waters or . . . A Mental Health Court In Marin. Why Would We Do THAT?. Saves Court Time Better Use Of Court Time. How Would That Help?. Increases Offender Accountability Reduces Recidivism & Arrest Increases Court Efficiency

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Presentation Transcript
why would we do that
Why Would We Do THAT?
  • Saves Court Time
  • Better Use Of Court Time
how would that help
How Would That Help?
  • Increases Offender Accountability
  • Reduces Recidivism & Arrest
  • Increases Court Efficiency
  • Offenders Receive Effective & Informed Court Services
  • Builds Partnerships Among Stakeholders
mental health clients
Mental Health Clients
  • Increased Support In The Community
  • Reduces Time In Jail
  • Demystifies Court
  • Reasonable Requirements
  • Encourages Independence
  • Help Getting Through It
  • Mental Health Expertise At Your Fingertips
  • Expedites Court Process
  • Saves Court Costs
  • Fewer Adversarial Proceedings
  • Better Outcomes For Participants
law enforcement
Law Enforcement
  • Reduces Court Appearances
  • Reduces Calls For Service
  • Improves Public Safety
  • Increases Awareness Of Mental Illness
  • Increases Offender Cooperation With Police
mental health
Mental Health
  • Maintains Continuity Of Care
  • Includes Mental Health Perspective
  • Can Increase Client Motivation
  • Increases Treatment Compliance
  • Can Assist With Dual Diagnosis Treatment
  • Increased Information Sharing
  • Expedites Investigations
  • Promotes more effective/reasonable probation orders and supervision.
  • Increases Offender Accountability
  • Increases Public Safety
  • Increases Monitoring of High Risk Offenders
  • Reduces Incarceration
  • Reduces Criminalization Of Mentally Ill
  • Consistent Services For Clients
  • Clients Are Acknowledged For Their Achievements
marin county jail
Marin County Jail
  • Reduces Length Of Stay
  • Reduces Cost of Medical & Psychiatric Care
oh come on try it out
Oh Come ON . . . Try It OUT
  • STAR Program funding continues until 6-30-03.
  • STAR clients on supervised probation are sometimes arrested for violations of probation.
  • When these violations occur, we can implement a mental health court experiment within and existing and FUNDED case management team!
how would this work
How Would This Work?
  • STAR Probation Violation Arrest
  • Appear on 1:30 Dept. M In-Custody Arraignment Calendar
  • Referred To Department J for “OR Motion”
  • Case Continued to Next Scheduled Mental Health Court Day
mental health court
Mental Health Court
  • Prior to session, team meets to review/update cases.
  • A treatment plan is developed and team members agree to support the plan
  • Each participant appears before the judge and is made aware of the plan
  • Follow up court dates are scheduled to support compliance
can we do it
Can We Do It?
  • Department “J” Judge Verna Adams has agreed to this experiment and will present this proposal to her colleagues TOMORROW.
  • The Public Defender has assigned a deputy to appear
court star success
Court + STAR = Success
  • Streamlines and improves PV Process
  • Provides better information to the court
  • Prevents disruptions in treatment planning
  • Reduces confusion especially around LPS and Prop-36 referrals.
  • ANCHORS treatment plan in court mandates.

Christine O’Hanlon – Deputy Public Defender

Marin County Public Defender’s Office



Miles Kramer – Forensic Services Supervisor

Marin County Community Mental Health



insurmountable obstacles
Insurmountable Obstacles
  • $$$$$$$$ . . . . There Ain’t NONE!
  • Calendar CLOG
  • Working Together Is Complications
  • Communication Breakdowns
  • Mental Health Clients DON’T SHOW UP IN COURT!!!
  • Shouldn’t Someone Else Do This!
  • Insufficient Support Services In Marin
mental health clients24
Mental Health Clients
  • Coerced Treatment
  • Court Is My Problem
  • Too Many Court Appearances
  • My Meds My Choice
  • Calendar Clog
  • Too Many Court Appearances
  • Therapeutic Court? How About Therapy?
law enforcement26
Law Enforcement
  • Get Out Of Jail Free?
  • Why Am I Here?
  • These People Aren’t Supervision Material
  • We’re Overloaded ALREADY!
  • These Folks Generate TONS of PV’S
  • NO One Helps US!
  • These Folks Don’t Follow Through With Treatment
  • Get Out Of Jail Free?
  • No Accountability For Offenders
  • Mentally Ill People Shouldn’t Go To JAIL
  • What About Due Process?
  • What About Confidentiality?
  • What About Attorney Client Privilege?