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Biofertilizers use in Mango PowerPoint Presentation
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Biofertilizers use in Mango

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Biofertilizers use in Mango
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Biofertilizers use in Mango

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  1. Biofertilizers use in Mango Introduction Biofertilizer is a substance which contains living microorganism. It can be applied to seed, plant surfaces, or soil, colonizes the rhizosphere or the interior of the plant and promotes growth by increasing the supply or availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Biofertilizers add nutrients through the natural processes of nitrogen fixation, solubilizing phosphorous, and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substances. Biofertilizers can reduce the use of chemical fertilizers.

  2. Biofertilizers use in Mango Introduction Biofertilizers are cost effective as compared to chemical fertilizers and reduces the costs towards fertilizers use, especially regarding nitrogen and phosphorus. It is environmentally friendly fertilizer that not only prevents damaging the natural source but helps to some extend clean the nature from precipitated chemical fertilizer and can provide better nourishment to plants. Thus under integrated nutrient management system, application of biofertilizers is important. Hence we must of an idea about different biofertlizers, their doses and methods of application for effective use.

  3. Biofertilizers use in Mango Useful biofertilizers Azobactor Phosphate solubilizing bacteria AMF Azosprillum Trichoderma

  4. Biofertilizers use in Mango Types of Biofertilizers Nitrogen fixing biofertilizers eg. Rhizobium, Bradyrhizobium, Azospirillum and Azotobacter. Phosphorous solubilising biofertilizers (PSB) eg.Bacillus, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Phosphate mobilizing biofertilizer eg. Mycorrhiza Plant growth promoting biofertilizers eg. Pseudomonas

  5. Biofertilizers use in Mango Methods of application Azosprillum and Azotobactor ☛ Seed treatment ☛ Seedling dipping ☛ Soil application 1. Seedling dipping Prepare the suspension of required amount of inoculants in water in the ratio of 1:10. ☛ Dip the roots of seedlings in suspension and keep them immersed for about 5 minutes ☛ Take out the seedlings from the suspension and transplant as early as possible.

  6. Biofertilizers use in Mango 2. Seed treatment 200 g of inoculant is enough for treatment of 10-15 kg of seeds. Phosphate Solubilizing Biofertilizers (PSB) Methods for application Seed treatment Seedling dipping Soil application Doses : 10kg per acre inoculant is enough for treatment of mango seeds. Soil application: Mix 3-5 kg inoculant with 50 kg finely powdered FYM. Broad cast this mixture at the time of last ploughing.

  7. Biofertilizers use in Mango Precaution while applying biofertlizers Biofertilizers should be stored in dry and cool places. They should not be stored in hot sun and sharp light. Biofertilizers should not be stored along with insecticides and chemical fertlizers. Biofertlizers should be applied few days after the application of insecticides and fungicides. Always apply recommended biofertilizers .