dr dana samet dds offers exceptional dental care n.
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Dana Samet DDS - Torrance Dentist PowerPoint Presentation
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Dana Samet DDS - Torrance Dentist

Dana Samet DDS - Torrance Dentist

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Dana Samet DDS - Torrance Dentist

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  1. Dr. Dana Samet DDS Offers Exceptional Dental Care Services

  2. Dr. Dana Samet DDS is an experienced professional working in the field of dentistry for many years. She is dedicated to offering excellent services to her patients for their different dental issues. She completed her training at Lunds University in Sweden in 1997 and then cleared dental board examination at USC and UOP.

  3. She has been practicing in the South Bay since 2002. Whether patients require routine check-ups or complex dental procedures, she is the preferred choice. She follows a comprehensive approach towards finding the best solutions for issues being faced by her patients.

  4. At her office, Dr. Dana Samet DDS makes sure that each patient receives adequate attention and care. The office offers a compassionate and warm environment to the patients. The friendly and caring staff members are dedicated to providing quality, individualized care to patients.

  5. She and her team of expert professionals educate patients about their dental conditions and the best treatment programs. They formulate a personalized treatment program that best serves their issues. All staff members at Dr. Samet clinic are highly trained with years of experience in the dentistry field.

  6. Dr. Dana Samet DDS is a member in good standing of WHO (Oral Health Division), ADA, and Western Dental Society. Her specialties cover cosmetic dentistry that gives a natural appearance and offers a beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentistry is an art of using various techniques to create functional and white teeth.

  7. Some of the treatments include tooth implants, dental crowns and bridges, bleaching and straightening of tooth, tooth whitening, tooth contouring and reshaping and others. Dr. Samet and her team is always there to assist you with any dental issues. To know more, please browse through