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LIB 5020 Information Sources and Services

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LIB 5020 Information Sources and Services - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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LIB 5020 Information Sources and Services. Summer 2009 Class 1 of 6 Dr. Robert Sanders Appalachian State University. Overview. Introductions Review Syllabus Sign up (Blog, Wiki, Discussions,Resource Groups) Wiki Lesson Explain Cross Program Collaborative Assignment RUSA Guidelines

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lib 5020 information sources and services

LIB 5020Information Sources and Services

Summer 2009

Class 1 of 6

Dr. Robert Sanders

Appalachian State University

  • Introductions
  • Review Syllabus
  • Sign up (Blog, Wiki, Discussions,Resource Groups)
  • Wiki Lesson
  • Explain Cross Program Collaborative Assignment
  • RUSA Guidelines
    • Jigsaw
    • Generate Interview Questions for Librarian
  • Watch and Discuss Reference Videos
  • Homework
  • For New Students: AETZone Commons


Sign up for Resource Presentations

(2-3 per group)

Resource Types

SD#1: Bibliographies (Ch. 4)

SD#2: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries (Ch. 5 and 7)

SD#3: Ready Reference and Indexes (Ch. 6 and 8)

SD#4: Biographical Sources (Ch. 11)

SD#5: Geographic Sources (Ch. 10)

SD#6: Special Sources and Gov. Sources (Ch. 9 and 12)

register for tools and groups
Register for Tools and Groups
  • Blog -
    • Log in to existing blogger account
    • Create new blog - LastNameLIB5020
  • Discussion Boards - LIB 5020
    • Accessed via poster in Discussion Depot
  • Wiki
      • Mediapedia - Accessed via poster in Spectacles and WikiWorld
      • See next slide
  • Groups
    • Reference Source Presentation
    • Virtual Reference Interview Pair (register next week)
    • Cross-Program Collaborative Project (groupings in Mediapedia)
wiki lesson
Wiki Lesson
  • Accessed via WikiWorld or Spectacles
  • Click on LIB 5020
  • Register for Wiki
  • Click on Edit tab
cross program collaborative group project
Cross-Program Collaborative Group Project

This semester, cross program teams of students will be responsible for collaborating to develop a vision of a 21st century school in North Carolina. As you begin this activity consider the following questions:

1. What’s happening now in NC schools, businesses, jobs, populations, demographics? How are these changing?

2. What resources will you need in order to be able to create this vision?

3. How will you work as a team? What value does each member from the respective program areas bring to the team?


1. Teams will be responsible for the completion of a cross-program collaborative project involving the development of a vision for 21st century schools and learning.

2. A major component of this project is the development of an understanding of each of the roles of team members and the contribution each role makes to collaborative leadership within a pre-k through higher education settings.

3. Teams will collaborate on the project using the Active Worlds AETZone, Qwaq AETZone, or a combination of both.

4. As part of this project, teams must explore, locate, and disseminate relevant resources including but not limited to journal articles, websites, webinars, etc.

5. Collaborative teams must include at least one representative from each participating program area for a maximum of six members per team.

6. Please visit MediaPedia to see what team you are on. All groups should be in working together by June 6th. Try to negotiate meeting after Class 3.

7. Teams are expected to conduct cross-program collaboration activities outside regularly scheduled class times.

guidelines continued
Guidelines Continued

8. Individual faculty members may spin off additional projects or assignments related to the cross-program collaborative project specific to their course. These additional projects or assignments may not necessarily involve all other team members.

9. All team members will be required to use headsets and microphones during any on-line, cross-program collaborative project activities.

10. Teams will be required to maintain logs or minutes of their cross-program collaborative project activities for posting in the AETZone (Active Worlds or Qwaq). (Use 5020 Blogs)

11. Teams will be required to share the outcomes of their projects through a dissemination plan to be determined by faculty.

12. Teams may be required by faculty to attend on-line seminars or presentations by guest speakers.

13. The activity will begin the first week of June and end the last week of July.

The following activity will become a part of the syllabus of the following courses:

EDL 7040: Educational Organizations and Technology

EDL 7030: Concepts and Constructs in Curriculum and Instruction

ITC 5320: Telecommunications Technologies in Education

ITC 5530: Learning with 3D Worlds

LIB 5020: Information Sources and Services

LIB 5080: The School Library Media Program

LSA 5030: The Principalship

LSA 6535: Information Technology Systems in Education

reference desk observations
Reference Desk Observations
  • Review RUSA Guidelines
    • Guidelines for Behavioral Performance for Reference and Information Service Providers
      • Jigsaw
        • 5 groups
        • 2-3 groups
  • Plan an observation during the upcoming week
    • Post analysis and reflections to journal/blog
reference videos
Reference Videos
  • Reference Videos - YouTube
    • Discuss
    • What makes for a “good” reference question?
    • What does the reference librarian need to know to best answer the question being asked?
reference librarian interview
Reference Librarian Interview
  • Generate 10-20 questions*
  • Professional Reference Librarian
  • To better understand:
    • responsibilities related to:
      • sources
      • users
      • processes and guidelines
      • the reference interview
      • searching
reference librarian interview1
Reference Librarian Interview
  • Generate Potential Questions*
    • ___________________________
    • ___________________________
    • ___________________________
    • ___________________________
    • ___________________________
    • ___________________________

*Consider RUSA Guidelines and competencies

reference librarian interview2
Reference Librarian Interview
  • Narrative format (not question/answer format)
    • Post to Blog
  • Professional reference librarian
  • Prepare to share Class 2
resource presentations
Resource Presentations
  • Resource Presentations/Lessons (pairs)
    • What do we need to know about the reference type selected?
    • Which are the best of this type? How does one select the best?
    • How do you use this reference source? (Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced use)
  • Present in class - approx. 20 minutes
  • Presentation should be interactive/hands-on
  • Bring examples (if possible)
  • Outlines of Presentations due CLASS THREE
    • Groups 1 and 2 will PRESENT at Class Three!
  • Assignment
    • #1 Post to Blog/Journal - Interview and Observation
    • #2 Post to Discussion Board - Readings
    • #3 and #4 Conduct Interview and Observation
    • #5 Begin thinking about Resource Presentation
    • #9 Make initial contact with CPCP team
  • Click on AET Zone icon (may be in ASU Apps folder)
  • Log in
    • First Name Last Name
    • Password: 12345
  • Click on View/Show
  • Select Tabs
  • Select Commons
  • Explore!
change your password
Change your Password
  • Click on Options
  • Select Citizen
  • Change password and email address
try something new
Try something new!
  • Broadcast/Whisper
  • Contacts/Telegrams
  • Access Online Databases in the Information Gardens
  • Audio Chats can be found in the Chit Chat lounge (click on blue sofas - upstairs and downstairs)
    • Name
    • Password: appedtech
aetzone commons
AETZone Commons
  • Discussion Boards (Discussion Depot)
  • Blogs (Blog Bar and Grill)
  • Resources (Spectacles)
to download appedtech browser at home
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