A New Era in Medical Science
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A New Era in Medical Science. Problem? Lack of New Technology. Infectious Bacteria Dominates the News. Antibiotic Limitations (Well-Documented). Blood Cells. Harmful Microbes. Biofilm. Necrotic (Dead) Tissue. Inflammatory Cells. BIOBURDEN. BIOBURDEN. Our Objective.

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Infectious bacteria dominates the news

Problem? Lack of New Technology

Infectious Bacteria Dominates the News

Antibiotic Limitations








(Dead) Tissue





Our objective

Our Objective

Provide clinicians with the most powerful safe and effective topical decontaminant for debriding/sealing oral and skin infectious tissues

Desiccation Shock Technology (DST)

Bioburden is dependent on water to survive

Desiccation Shock Technology

Proprietary formulation produces an electrostatic charge that instantly attracts water

A Simplified Understanding How DST Works

Removing water selectively eradicates any bioburden

Dst offers new choices
DST Offers New Choices

  • Side-Effects

  • Bacterial Resistance

  • Higher Cost

  • Longer to Act

  • Limited Effectiveness

  • Drug Class

  • Toxic

  • Limited Inventories


  • No Side Effects

  • No Bacterial Resistance

  • Low Cost

  • Acts in Seconds

  • Also Effective Against All Forms of Viruses and Fungi

  • Device Class Worldwide

  • Non-Toxic

  • Ample Availability


Photomicrograph infected tissue surface
Photomicrograph: Infected Tissue Surface

All living surface organisms (good or bad) survive because of the availability of water (in yellow)


(infected tissue)

Healthy Tissue


  • Dentists, Periodontists and Hygienists

    • Peri-implnatitis, periodontal disease (gum disease) and infection control (Prophy)

  • Dermatologists/Doctors/Nurses

    • Skin diseases, rashes, acne, athlete’s foot and viruses

  • Cosmetologist's

    • Exfoliation

  • Veterinarians

    • Oral diseases, teeth cleaning, stomatitis and compromised skin conditions (hot spots)

  • Hospitals/Clinics

    • Cleaning catheters, surgical rinses

  • Objective

  • Accomplished

    • PerioPH a powerful topical desiccant, designed to instantly strip away water from tissue surfaces.

    • In seconds, biofilm/bioburden is disrupted, all micro-organisms are destroyed, infected tissue is repaired, sealed and healing is accelerated.

Desiccation Shock Technology


  • Over 8 Million Human Treatments

  • No Adverse Events