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Secondary Higher. Olympic Scandals. Write 3. Ways to cheat in a sports game or competition… Things that would ruin an international event Things that a famous person/athlete would do to make themselves unpopular

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secondary higher

Secondary Higher

Olympic Scandals

write 3

Write 3

Ways to cheat in a sports game or competition…

Things that would ruin an international event

Things that a famous person/athlete would do to make themselves unpopular

Things you won’t be allowed to do at the British Council performance at the end of July

controversy reading answers

Controversy Reading: Answers

6 – b

7 - a

8 - a

9 - b

10 - a

1 – b

2 – c

3 – a

4 – b

5 - a

write the names on the numbers
Write the names on the numbers












1. Fred Lorz

3. US Basketballers 1972

4.Ben Johnson

2. Tommy Smith and John Carlos

7. Si Hun v Jones Jr.

6. Jesse Owens

5. Stella ‘the Fella’ Walsh

8. BorysOnyshchenko

9.Madeline de Jesus

10. Jim Thorpe

true or false
True or False

Marathon cheat Fred Lorz returned to the stadium on foot after his trainer’s car broke down.

Hitler refused to shake Jesse Owens’ hand or give him his medals after his victory.

Stella Walsh announced she was a man on the winners’ podium.

US sprinters Tommy Smith and John Carlos were booed by the stadium spectators after their ‘Black Power’ salute.

The 1972 US Basketball team eventually accepted their silver medals and shook hands with their Russian victorious opponents.

find the expressions in the texts
Find the expressions in the texts

To ignore a lie =

To break a law =

Really wanting to do/show something =

To not be told the answer =

To encounter someone/something as an opponent =

To suggest people don’t take part in or watch an event =

Forced to leave =

Up until now =

One straight after the other =

make a sentence using the word expression and the details
Make a sentence using the word/expression and the details

To set consecutive world records

To be determined to prove

To propose a boycott

To come up against

To be evicted from

To go along with

collocations stop the bus athlete
Collocations Stop-the-Bus Athlete









Come up against….

Determined to…

Evicted from

Go along with…

Left to wonder…

which is the greatest scandal
Which is the greatest scandal?

A scandal is something that shocks people “because it is morally wrong” (Cambridge)

  • Reasons/Criteria
  • Morally wrong
  • Number of people affected
  • Impact on the event
  • Useful Language
  • _____ is clearly the greatest scandal because
  • If you ask me ...
  • I’m not with you on that one Ron…
  • I’m not sure I agree with that
scandal newspaper cover

Scandal Newspaper Cover…

Main story headline

Picture + Caption

Shorter stories

write an olympic scandal
Write an Olympic Scandal


Main details (who, what, when, where, why)

Invent quotations from key people involved

Mention action that may be taken against the people involved

newspaper article planning
Newspaper article planning

Why & How: Mysterious circumstances, rumour that he lost control of the car.

Where: Phu Tho Stadium, District 10


Taxi driver



Vinasun Taxi accidentally turns onto sprinting track…

What Athletes injured, spectators stunned, Lam Truong crying in audience.

When: In the middle of the 800m running final

Quotes: “Troi oi!” – onlooker

“I’m glad no-one was hurt” – organiser

“I hope my mother wasn’t watching” - driver