standardization activities for chinese characters in taiwan n.
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Standardization Activities for Chinese Characters in Taiwan PowerPoint Presentation
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Standardization Activities for Chinese Characters in Taiwan

Standardization Activities for Chinese Characters in Taiwan

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Standardization Activities for Chinese Characters in Taiwan

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  1. Standardization Activities for Chinese Characters in Taiwan Tseng, Shih-shyeng Senior Analyst Computing Center, Academia Sinica by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  2. New Standard for Chinese Character Encoding BSMI (Bureau of Standard, Metrology and Inspection), the organization for standardization in Taiwan, published a new standard for Chinese character encoding in May 2002, named CNS 14649-1. The new standard is actually the Chinese version of ISO/IEC 10646-1:2000. by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  3. Working Group for Chinese Character Encoding In order to coordinate the organizations dealing with the works of Chinese characters’ standardization, a working group was founded. The team is in charge of the collection and reviewing new Chinese characters, and the attendant of IRG. The members of the working group are from Academia Sinica, EDP Center of Directorate General of Budget Accounting and Statistics, BSMI, Mandarin Promotion Council, Chinese Foundation for Digitalization Technology (CMEX), Taipei Computer Association, Institute for Information Industry and IBM Taiwan. by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  4. Work for CJK Unified Ideograph Extension C ISO/IEC JTC1/SC2/WG2/IRG is now working for CJK Unified Ideograph Extension C. Taiwan submitted 10,659 new Chinese characters to IRG. These characters were collected form given names, business and company names, and place names. by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  5. The Database of CNS 11643 Chinese Characters The database was developed by EDP Center of DGBAS and CMEX. It provides fonts and attributes of all Chinese characters in CNS 11643, and software tools. The URL of the database is by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  6. Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants MPC published a new electronic dictionary named “Dictionary of Chinese Character Variants”. It contains totally 112,799 characters. The URL of the dictionary is by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  7. Network Query System for CJK Unified Ideographs CMEX had developed a new on-line Ideographic database, called “The Network Query System for ISO 10646 Super CJK Unified Ideographs”, which was sponsored by EDP Center of DGBAS.It contains all characters in SuperCJK and provides the search function for attributes. The URL of this system is by Tseng, Shih-shyeng

  8. Character Mapping Table for Chinese Domain Names TWNIC (Taiwan Network Information Center) is working on “the mapping table between traditional and simplified Chinese characters for Chinese domain names” right now. The purpose of this project is tending to solve the problems on interchanging Chinese domain names between Mainland China and Taiwan. by Tseng, Shih-shyeng