unit 4 extraterrestrials n.
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Unit 4 extraterrestrials

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Unit 4 extraterrestrials. Preview materials. GR-1. Part Division of the Text. Parts. Lines. Main Ideas. The narrator claims that no extraterrestrials will ever land on Earth. 1. 1~7.

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unit 4 extraterrestrials

Unit 4 extraterrestrials

Preview materials


Part Division of the Text



Main Ideas

The narrator claims that no extraterrestrials will ever land on Earth.



The narrator gives an account of his encounter with extraterrestrials, making it clear why he claims that they will return no more.



after 4 useful 1


Useful Expressions

1. on account of


2. a general store


3. a sheep ranch


4. insist on doing sth


5. a flying saucer


after 4 useful 2


Useful Expressions

6. be backed up against



7. knock off

8. hit the sack


9. a shooting star


10. bug one’s eyes


after 4 useful 3


Useful Expressions

11. a dark complexion



12. have … under observation

13. spit out



14. go for

15. regardless of


after 4 useful 4


Useful Expressions

16. at sb.’s service


17. a hurry-up message


18. go to pieces


19. recover one’s wits


20. make like


after 4 useful 5


Useful Expressions


21. knock down

22. The breath goes out of sb.


23. take off


24. fade out



He is so busy by April l4 that he will not have anything to do with anybody. April l5 is the deadline for tax forms to be mailed. On April l4 some people stay up late trying to finish all the tax forms.

  • 1. By April 14, he isn't approachable.:
  • 2. You could see the light break in on Cameron:
  • 3. Cameron didn’t go much for foreigners ..., but generally he tried to be fair.:

You could notice Cameron was beginning to understand what they said.

Although Cameron didn’t like foreigners very much..., he

would try to be fair to them.

4. ... but I couldn’t as much as fall down if someone had pushed the chair out from under me.:
  • 5. ... everything they said was so.:
  • 6. ... it was as though I could hear their minds.:

but I was so scared that I couldn’t do anything, couldn’t even fall down if someone took my chair away. All I could do was sit and stare.

... everything they said was true.

It means that the author completely understood

what they said.

Language Study

1. exhaust: (v.)1) to tire out 使精疲力竭

e.g. What an exhausting day! I’m completely exhausted.

2) to use up completely 用完,耗尽

e.g. exhaust the funds in a week

exhaust one’s patience

3) to describe or deal with (a subject) completely


e.g. We’ve exhausted this subject; let’s go on to the next.

(n.) the escape or release of vaporous waste material as from an engine; the fumes or gases.

2. privacy: (n.) 1) the quality or condition of being secluded from the presence or view of others; 个人空间

2) the state of being free from unsanctioned intrusion

e.g. People should respect others’ right to privacy.

3) secrecy 隐私

3 on account of fml because of
3. on account of : (fml ) because of
  • 同义词

because of, as a result of, due to, owing to, thanks to

  • 这个房子对老人来说太高了。

The house isn’t really suitable for an old person on

account of all those stairs.

2. 总统因为嗓子痛拒绝演讲。

The president declined to deliver the speech himself on account of a sore throat.

4. deputy: the second most important person in a particular organization

e.g. A deputy was appointed in case the manager became ill.

After several years’ hard work he was promoted to deputy manager.

5. work up: spend time and effort preparing; produce or develop gradually

e.g. The head of the department asked me to work up some sample compositions and give them to the students.

Let's go for a walk to work up an appetite (to make ourselves hungry).

6. knock off: (infml) stop working, usu. at the end of a day

e.g. He always knocks off at six o’clock.

If I get this paper done I'll knock off early today.

When do you usually knock off for supper?

7. knock down:

l) cause someone to fall to the ground by pushing or hitting them

e.g. The driver was in serious trouble for knocking down a pedestrian on a pedestrian crossing.

2) destroy and remove sth.

e.g. The house is being knocked down to make way for a new road.

We’re planning to knock the dividing wall down so as to make one large room.

8. hit the sack: (infml) go to bed,

e.g. Time to hit the sack; lights out!

Louise was so tired that he hit the sack soon after supper.

9. locality: a particular place; the position of sth.

e.g. People living in this locality complain of traffic noises disturbing them at night.

Having lived in California for about ten years, they moved to another locality.

10. isolate: set apart; cut off from others

e.g. When I’m angry, I find it best to isolate myself from other people for a little while.

In the early decades of its history, the United States was relatively isolated from Europe and other parts of the world.

It would certainly be unnatural for someone to totally isolate themselves.

11. adopt: take over and use as one’s own; take into one’s family and make legal son or daughter

e.g. Some immigrants discarded their old customs and adopted American ways.

Several private international organizations have adopted standards for consumer protection in electronic commerce.

The Red Cross has adopted a lot of homeless children in Afghanistan.

12. supreme: greatest in power, rank or degree

e.g. The Supreme Court meets in Washington, D.C., and the other federal courts are located in cities throughout the United States.

They argued that the Security Council was the supreme authority and the General Assembly had in fact no right to authorize peacekeeping activities.

13. arrangement: plan; preparation (usu. pl, followed by about/for)

e.g. The company tried to make flexible work arrangements so that it would make the best of all its employees.

The personnel department only called me, but made no arrangements to see me.

14. at one’s service: willing to help sb.

e.g. If you need any help, i'm at your service.

“Would you fetch me my glasses from the kitchen, Rose?”

“At your service, madam.”

15. go to pieces: If you go to pieces, you are so upset or nervous that you lose control of yourself and cannot do what you should do.

e.g. Anne is a strong woman, but she nearly went to pieces when she heard her colleague died in the car accident.

16. come around: visit someone at their house

e.g. Halfway through the party, a neighbor came around to complain about the noise.

Why didn’t you come around while you were in Beijing on business?

17. wit: (also wits) quick understanding, intelligence

e.g. He lacked the wit to respond in time.

Peter hadn’t the wits to realize the danger.

The policeman used his wits more than his gun to tame the local criminals.

18. make like: (infml) act as if one were; pretend to be (used in the patterns: make like sb./sth.; make like + clause)

e.g. The old man made like a monkey to amuse the children.

Bob made like he was a fish blowing bubbles.

19. leave ... alone: allow one to be by oneself; allow sb. or sth. to remain untouched or unchanged

e.g. It’s useless to talk to her since she is so upset; just leave her alone.

He won’t leave me alone – he’s always phoning or coming to see me.

20. fade out: disappear gradually

e.g. As it was getting colder and colder their enthusiasm for doing sports in the morning faded out.

My daughter’s interest in drawing has now almost completely faded out.

21. rocket: a tube-like device containing material that burns rapidly and propels the tube through the air
  • The Shenzhou III spacecraft and its Long March carrier rocket are undergoing final preparations on the pad at the Jiuquan Launch Centre in Gansu Province.
  • American Robert H. Goddard was one of the first scientists to experiment with rocket propulsion (推进) systems.
22. organization: a group of persons grouped together or organized for some purpose or work
  • The European Union, the biggest US trade partner, prepared a protest to the World Trade Organization (WTO).
  • the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

pension: n. an amount of money paid regularly to someone who can no longer earn (enough) money by working.Allowance; alimony; pensions; installment

  • A(n) ________ is a small amount of money given regularly to a child by its parents.

2. If you pay for something in ________ , you pay small sums of money at regular intervals over a period of time.

3. The _______ is the money that someone has to pay regularly to their former wife or husband after they have been divorced.

4. The employees in many companies put aside money for their retirement _________ .

bug v annoy sb
bug: v. ;annoy sb.
  • The naughty kid from next door put a frog in my mailbox, which really bugged me.
  • He closed the windows to keep the bugs out. (insects)
  • I'm running a fever; I must have picked up a bug somewhere.

(a germ causing disease)

  • The system failed again because of a bug in that old software.

(an error or malfunction in a computer program or system)

regardless of without worrying about or taking account of
regardless of: without worrying about or taking account of
  • 同义词

Despite (of); in spite of

  • Medicare, another form of federal health insurance, pays a large part of the medical bills for the disabled, regardless of age.
  • Each state in America has two senators, regardless of population.
  • Regardless of the dangers he might face, Henson helped many slaves travel the Underground Railroad to freedom.