overview of north sound mental health administration s internal structure l.
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Overview of North Sound Mental Health Administration’s Internal Structure PowerPoint Presentation
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Overview of North Sound Mental Health Administration’s Internal Structure

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Overview of North Sound Mental Health Administration’s Internal Structure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Overview of North Sound Mental Health Administration’s Internal Structure. Administration. The Administrative Department of NSMHA consists of the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Support Services.

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The Administrative Department of NSMHA consists of the Executive Director, Deputy Director and Support Services.

The Administration oversees compliance with Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services and the Mental Health Division; as well as interacts with Tribal governments. The Administration also implements policy directions adopted by the Board of Directors.


Chuck Benjamin, Executive Director

Greg Long, Deputy Director/Planner

Annette Calder, Executive Assistant

Rebecca Pate, Administrative Secretary

Shannon Solar, Administrative Secretary

Barbara Jacobson, Secretary

Christin Haymond, Receptionist

quality management department
Quality Management Department

Quality Management functions are:

  • Quality Assurance and Improvement,
  • Utilization Management,
  • Care Advocacy,
  • Complaints/Grievance/Appeals/Fair Hearing,
  • Risk Management,
  • Policy Development Support,
  • Inpatient Utilization,
  • Customer Services, and
  • Monitor Delegated Functions.
quality management
Quality Management

Cindy Ainsley, Quality Manager

Laura Davis, Lead Quality Specialist

Charissa Fuller, Lead Quality Specialist

Kurt Aemmer, Quality Specialist

Julie de Losada, Quality Specialist

Angela Fraser-Holtz, Quality Specialist

Terry McDonough, Quality Specialist

Diana Striplin, Quality Specialist

Sandy Whitcutt, Quality Specialist

fiscal department
Fiscal Department

The Fiscal Department handles all:

  • Revenues,
  • Expenses,
  • Inpatient Claims,
  • Fiscal Audits,
  • Payroll,
  • Insurance,
  • Government Reporting and
  • Administration of Employee Benefits, etc.
fiscal department7
Fiscal Department

Bill Whitlock, Fiscal Officer

Shari Downing, Accounting Specialist

Sean Powell, IS Support/Accounting Specialist

information systems information technology department
Information Systems/Information Technology Department

Our Information Systems/Information Technology Department handles all aspects of our:

  • Network,
  • Security,
  • Data,
  • Website,
  • Equipment, and
  • Technical Needs.
is it department
IS/IT Department

Michael White, IS/IT Administrator

Dennis Regan, Data Support Analyst

Sean Powell, IS Support/Accounting Specialist

contracts department
Contracts Department

The Contracts Department oversees:

  • Contract Negotiations,
  • Contracts and Amendments,
  • Contract Deliverables,
  • Provider Licensing,
  • Memorandums of Understanding, and
  • Participates in the Administrative Audits.
contracts department11
Contracts Department

Margaret Rojas, Contracts Coordinator

consumer affairs department
Consumer Affairs Department

Consumer Affairs coordinates consumer involvement in NSMHA activities as well as activities at the State level.

consumer affairs
Consumer Affairs

Margaret Rojas, Consumer Affairs Coordinator

planning department
Planning Department

Planning works with cross systems and community stakeholders to evaluate system functions and needs in order to develop or improve services. A Regional Strategic Plan is developed every 3-4 years and revised annually. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to address areas of desired improvement in the delivery of services and the overall mental health system. A major focus of Planning is to assure close coordination of care across different systems of care (DD, employment, health care, HCS, schools, etc.).


Greg Long, Deputy Director/Planner

Tom Yost, Planning Specialist

nsmha management team
NSMHA Management Team

The NSMHA Management Team is comprised of:

  • Executive Director,
  • Deputy Director,
  • Fiscal Officer,
  • Contracts Coordinator,
  • IS/IT Administrator,
  • Executive Assistant, and
  • Quality Manager.

Currently the two Lead Quality Specialists are filling the position of the Quality Manager on the Management Team. The structure of the Management Team may be revisited after the new Quality Manager joins in September.

quality management contacts
Quality Management Contacts

Risk Management

Critical Incidents: Kurt Aemmer

Utilization Management

Utilization Review: Sandy Whitcutt

Denials: Charissa Fuller

Authorizations: Terry McDonough

quality management contacts18
Quality Management Contacts

Care Advocacy

Adults: Laura Davis

Children: Angela Fraser-Holtz

Systems: Julie de Losada

Inpatient Utilization: Charissa Fuller

Delegated Function: Charissa Fuller

quality management contacts19
Quality Management Contacts

Complaints, Grievances, Appeals, Fair Hearings: Diana Striplin

MHD Audit: Terry McDonough