naked mole rat letters
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Naked Mole-Rat Letters

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Naked Mole-Rat Letters - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Themes. Word Choice Naked Mole Rat Letters has many wild word choices to choose from. Debilitating-

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naked mole rat letters

Word Choice

Naked Mole Rat Letters has many wild word choices to choose from.


Debilitating is one wild word choice because Frankie, the main character, misspells some words, and then Ayanna teaches her the correct spelling of the word. It is the word Frankie uses to describe Nutter and Skip’s “illness”.


To sap the strength or energy of; enervate.

In the book, three major themes protrude from the many feelings of Frankie Wallop. One theme, growing up, truly gives the book it’s structure as Frankie learns about dating, boys, and lies. Another theme, growing up, describes how what Frankie goes through when her Father starts dating and she starts lying and cheating. The last theme from the book is remembering the past, because old wounds become worse as Frankie’s father brings another woman into his life and begins to warm up to her. These three themes obviously show throughout the book, and help it to be a masterpiece.

  • Figurative Language
  • This book also has funky figurative language.
  • He thanked the Troll twelve million times!
  • Mr. Haxer’s horribly handsome face turned as red as a baboons butt.
  • Crisp crust
  • Fictional fiancée

Naked Mole-Rat Letters


  • You’ll be rolling in the aisles as you read this humorous novel. Mary Amato weaves in hilarious happenings that will make even the most serious person chuckle.
  • Ms. Doris Trolly. I almost screamed. She was wearing a green jogging suit and lipstick. Pink!
  • In fact, all I could see was a scrawny, little, ugly white butt.
  • My hair looked exactly like a nest made by a blind squirrel on drugs.

By Shelby and Grace