65 abw ja the legal office n.
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65 ABW/JA The Legal Office PowerPoint Presentation
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65 ABW/JA The Legal Office

65 ABW/JA The Legal Office

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65 ABW/JA The Legal Office

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  1. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office Located in Bldg T-100 535-3546 Hours of Operation: Legal Assistance – By Appointment Notary & POA Service 0900-1500 Monday - Friday

  2. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office Smooth Move Tips • Pictures, pictures, pictures Make sure high value items are listed on high risk inventory to include make/model/serial number • List number of CDs/DVDs/other collections Make a personal inventory of all high value items • Hand carry or mail valuable items such as pictures, important documents, etc. • If you do not agree with the exceptions noted on the inventory, write it down • List all contents of cartons or containers • Make sure to ask the carrier who to contact to file a claim

  3. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office Proof of Ownership If a high-value item is missing, and was not on the inventory, you may be required to submit proof that you owned the item. Some examples: • Original purchase receipt/credit card receipt • Photographs or videotapes • Statements from others who have knowledge that you owned the item(s).

  4. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office DD Form 1840/1840R (Pink Form) Turning in your DD Form 1840/1840R is NOT filing your claim, it is only notifying the carrier of your loss or damage. Failure to put the carrier on notice for your loss/damage can cost you the ability to get reimbursed for damages. Keep in mind you have 70 days from the date of delivery to turn in the DD Form 1840R. FAILURE TO SUBMIT THIS FORM ON TIME IMPACTS THE AMOUNT OF YOUR AWARD!

  5. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office Air Force Claims Service Center (AFCSC) You are required to take the online briefing which can be viewed from any computer, anywhere in the world, at any time! This briefing can be accessed from the AFCSC public webpage at: The link for the briefing is located on the lower left side of the page.

  6. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office HAAZ Clearance • Call us no earlier than 10 days before your departure date • Review contracts and final notice stipulations • Schedule an appointment with Dr. Lemos (if necessary) • Ensure social security contributions are fully paid and up to date • Common Complaints Gardener Final telephone & internet bill

  7. 65 ABW/JAThe Legal Office POV • If selling, the buyer and seller must do a bill of sale for de-registration • Shipment of POV Annotate all damages on the DD Form 788 at the port Damages found after leaving are hard to prove that they are shipment related Call the nearest legal office for inspection You have 2 years from the date of delivery to file a claim