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Welcome to Life Science. You should write all notes written in red unless specified to do otherwise. . What is this class all about?. Life Science is the study of living things , from the tiniest to the biggest and the processes that make them function.

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Welcome to life science

Welcome to Life Science

You should write all notes written in red unless specified to do otherwise.

What is this class all about
What is this class all about?

  • Life Science is the study of living things, from the tiniest to the biggest and the processes that make them function.

What will we study list each of these
What will we study?(List each of these)

  • Unit 1: Scientific Processes

  • Unit 2: Characteristics of Living Things

  • Unit 3: Cells and Cell Processes

  • Unit 4: Heredity and Genetics

  • Unit 5: Change over Time

  • Unit 6: Classification of Living Things

  • Unit 7: Interactions of Living Things and their Environment

  • Unit 8: Ecosystems

  • Unit 9: Human Body

What is your responsibility as a student
What is your responsibility as a student?

  • Find something about life science that sparks your interest.

  • Keep up with your notebook. All handouts, notes, etc, should be organized in your notebook and kept for study purposes.

  • Do your best.

  • Contributeto the Class in a Positive


How will i be graded copy all
How will I be graded? (copy all)

  • Homework/Classwork/Projects 20%

  • Quizzes 15%

  • Lab/Journals/Perf. Tasks 35%

  • Tests 20%

  • Final Exam 10%

  • ___________________________


Materials needed
Materials Needed

  • Notebook that can contain all science information

  • Paper

  • Pens Blue or Black only

  • Pencils

  • Colored pencils and Glue sticks

How should i organize my notebook
How Should I Organize my Notebook?

Section 1: Warm-Ups

Section 2: Notes/Handouts

Section 3: Journal/Homework

Daily procedures
Daily Procedures

  • Sharpen Pencils

  • Do Warm-Up

  • Wait on instructions from teacher.

Warm ups

  • Warm-ups are the first line of business each day.

  • Each day you should continue the next warm-up on the same sheet front and back. When we have 10,we will turn them in. Should be neat and only written in blue/black or pencil.

  • Each Warm-Up Should Include:

  • Number (1,, 2, 3,, etc.)

  • Date

  • Question

  • Answer

Warm-Ups are the first thing

we do each day. Your warm-up

will be on the screen and you will

be expected to begin immediately

upon entering the room.

Classroom expectations copy all
Classroom Expectations (copy all)

  • Respect students, staff and self

  • Come to class prepared

  • Remain seated at table or group

  • Raise your hand to be recognized before speaking

  • Participate, Engage, Get Involved

Entering and leaving the classroom
Entering and Leaving the Classroom

  • Students will line up outside my door before class and be admitted in as a group. This should be quiet and orderly. Not restroom or locker time.!

  • When leaving the class, students will be called according to which class you are going .

While you are here
While You Are Here

  • Students are expected to STAY IN THEIR SEAT at all times.

  • Sharpen pencils before class begins.

  • Keep your head up and alert.

  • Notes written will be taken up.

It is very disruptive to get up during instruction to throw away trash

or sharpen pencils. These behaviors will be recorded on PBS.

The one thing

  • If all you do is SHOW RESPECT, you will meet every expectation I have in this classroom.


  • Respect for yourself through your words and actions. They can never be taken back and are a reflection of WHO YOU ARE.

  • Respect for your classmates. Treat them as you want to be treated.

  • Respect for resources. This is the building, equipment, supplies, etc.

  • Respect for teachers and authority. We are here for a reason and it’s not to make your life miserable. It’s to help you reach your goals and potential.

Running a tight ship
Running a Tight Ship

Running a tight ship: to run a ship or an organization in an orderly and disciplined manner.

Just as airplanes, spaceships and pirate ships have

parts and people that make them work, our classroom has many parts.

What are the parts of this classroom that will make it work properly?





What do you expect from me here s my promise to you
What do You expect from Me?Here’s my promise to You.

  • I will be prepared and knowledgeable about Science.

  • I will provide you with resources that will help you learn.

  • I will treat you with


What do i expect from you
What do I expect from You?

  • Be prepared every day.

  • Be ready to learn something everyday.

  • Share your ideas and questions so we can learn from you.

  • Don’t waste our time.

  • Be respectful of me and your classmates.

    by following all expectations.

Without you there is no need for me
Without You, there is no need for Me.

  • You are not only learning each day, but teaching me and others each day through your experiences.

  • Without each of us, we can’t run a tight ship. When one part breaks down, it affects us all.

  • What are some things that can cause this ship to break down and sink?

Who is my teacher
Who Is my Teacher?

  • Mrs. Richardson

  • Teaching for 13 years.

  • Taught 2nd, 3rd grades and taught 8th grade Science. Taught Career Connections 2 years

  • 3 sons 1 daughter

  • Married to Michael

  • Enjoy reading, cooking, planting flowers, church activities, doing things with family.

  • Favorite Channel: Food Network

  • All Time Favorite TV show: The Waltons

What do i like
What Do I Like??

  • Enjoy reading, cooking, planting flowers, church activities, doing things with family.

  • Favorite Channel: Food Network


  • All Time Favorite TV show: The Waltons

  • Favorite Fruit: Strawberries

  • Favorite Animal: Turtles

Who are you
Who Are You?

Use the index card to answer

The following questions.

  • Please tell me:

  • 1.. Name

  • 2. Favorite TV show

  • 3. Favorite Fruit

  • 4. Favorite Animal

  • 5. What do you like and dislike about school?

  • 6. One other thing you may want me to know.