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TestResults Schema Implementation

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TestResults Schema Implementation. ATML Meeting – Austin, TX October 2005. SAMe Description. TestResults Schema Implementation. The implementation was developed on the SAMe System, by Indra Sistemas SAMe is currently the system selected by the Spanish MoD for the maintenance of all systems

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testresults schema implementation

TestResults SchemaImplementation

ATML Meeting – Austin, TX

October 2005

same description
SAMe Description

TestResults Schema Implementation

  • The implementation was developed on the SAMe System, by Indra Sistemas
  • SAMe is currently the system selected by the Spanish MoD for the maintenance of all systems
  • Designed to be functionally compatible with other ATS currently in use in the Armed Forces, such as HTE or CASS
  • Working Test System now maintaining EFA (GPATE version), F18, AV8B+, Tornado and Typhoon Aircrafts, Leopard2 tank and Tiger Helicopter. It will also maintain in the near future the Spanish UH-60, NH-90 Helicopters, A400 Aircraft and Pizarro Combat Vehicle
  • Test System already installed in Spain (3xRack Version and 2xDeployable version), Italy (2xRack Version for Italian TORNADO and 4xDeployable version for Typhoon) and UK (2xDeployable Version for Typhoon)
software architecture
Software Architecture

TestResults Schema Implementation

process description
Process Description

TestResults Schema Implementation

  • The Test Executive launches the execution of the Test Program
  • As the Test Program executes, test events are generated
  • The test events are sent to the active report generators
  • Indra has developed an ATML report generator (ATML TROS) that generates a XML document compliant with the TestReport schema (P1636.1)
event types
Event Types

TestResults Schema Implementation

  • Test Events include:
    • Start/End of Tests and Test Groups
    • Measurements
    • Messages
    • User Intervention
    • Diagnostic messages
    • Error Exceptions
    • Header: test program identification, UUT, used assets, assets calibration status, sw configuration
    • Footer: Ready For Issue status

TestResults Schema Implementation

  • Implemented in .NET, using DOM and COM
  • Currently, the implementation is working in a real environment
  • Almost all test events generated by the system are captured in the resulting XML document
  • Few potential structural limitations have been found:
    • Time Sequence of Measurement results and other events may be lost
    • Repetition of tests and ID semantics
    • Header/footer events
  • Some other minor problems/improvements have been found, and at this moment the schemas are not 100% stable

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