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Graphic Novels

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Graphic Novels. Ms A Pusram. Diversity. Can be fiction or non-fiction Not genre based, really a medium Seen as the “cool” way to read? Can be for any age; ability level; nationality (as graphic heavy) Can be “text heavy” or “text light”

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graphic novels

Graphic Novels

Ms A Pusram

  • Can be fiction or non-fiction
  • Not genre based, really a medium
  • Seen as the “cool” way to read?
  • Can be for any age; ability level; nationality (as graphic heavy)
  • Can be “text heavy” or “text light”
  • Use pictures (graphics) to illustrate themes, plot and characters
  • Can make difficult stories accessible
  • Can entice “reluctant” readers or non-typical library users
they re hot
They’re hot!
  • How do graphic novels compare to other forms of storytelling?
  • Novels usually linear written narrative; film uses moving images; poetry can communicate with us far differently than other mediums (non-direct description)
  • Graphic novels combine all these elements
hamlet varying styles
Hamlet –varying styles
  • Amazon Review: “Each book opens with a list of characters and a description of the setting. Background information, a short synopsis, famous phrases from the play, and a biographical sketch of Shakespeare are also included....each slim volume is written in large-sized font and includes full-color illustrations with 2-5 panels per page. All dialogue has been extracted from the original play, which exposes readers to Shakespearean language. Explanatory text boxes judiciously placed throughout the panels enhance readers' understanding... With substantial front and back matter, these adaptations seem best suited for instructional purposes....the books will serve as introductions to the Bard for older, reluctant readers...Hamlet and King Lear were done in a straightforward style and have rich, dramatic colors...a limited color palette for A Midsummer Night's Dream suits the moonlight setting. This adaptation's inclusion of Puck's rhyming introduction to the characters is a delightful addition”. --School Library Journal, January 1, 2009
  • Construction of a scene from Hamlet in graphic novel form
  • What techniques has the author used when considering the final effect?
  • Look at characters’ facial expressions
  • How do the illustrations help tell the story?
manga shakespeare hamlet
Retains original language but is set in the future

Characters and themes remain true to original yet story is delivered in a very different way

Graphics are manga style

Manga Shakespeare:Hamlet
fun stuff
Fun stuff
  • Adapt a scene or chapter from a novel that you have read from the Catalyst longlist to a comic strip, but one that depicts complex themes and characters using illustrated scenes with simple dialogue. You are marketing your book to less able or reluctant readers, aged between 12-16
  • You will be acting as a creator of graphic novels and will “pitch” your layout/premise for your graphic novel to a publisher
designing the novel
Designing the novel
  • Use comic creation websites-will give suggestions
  • Use MS Word and paste images and tools to create speech bubbles
  • If ultra talented, design the whole comic by hand!
suggested online comic creators
Suggested online comic creators
planning and consideration
Planning and consideration
  • Cannot launch straight into design without research and consideration!
  • Will work on planning/design with librarian over next few weeks
  • Plan first: you need to adapt a complex story into a graphic account so that less keen readers can experience the storyline-must be enriching
  • Depict story using images and speech, with short captions in the scene to summarise the scene
  • Consider and ponder (!) graphic novels given to you in class-read through them, considering how scene is set, characters, and dialogue
  • Planning on paper: will you adapt an important/intriguing scene or summarise entire plot? Who are the main characters in your story? How do they relate with minor characters? Consider the setting. Themes and messages. What was the novel trying to tell you? Thoughts and feelings of characters. Similar/alternative to novel? Modern day or classic? Dialogue-colloquialisms? Formal language? Will you keep the ending the same? How can we make this relatable to our target market?
to start
To start….
  • Research using the internet graphic novels on the market
  • See if a novel you have read has been adapted
  • Explore styles used; target audiences (age groups; gender; interest) dialogue; illustration (intricately detailed or simply depicted?)
mainstream graphic novels
Mainstream Graphic Novels
  • Art Spiegleman’s Maus-1986-big, bold, important issues addressed
  • Memoir of Art Spiegleman listening to his father, a Polish Jew, as he retells his story of the Holocaust. Jews depicted as mice; Germans as cats
  • Batman; Watchmen (exploring a post-Hiroshima world)
write a plot summary
Write a plot summary
  • Choose a graphic novel from the graphic novels area in the library
  • Spend time examining it and write a summary of the plot, in prose style. Add it to Glow wikis.
  • Tips: Explain how the author has utilised illustration to demonstrate characters’ experiences
  • Describe style e.g. is it a classic story retold in modern day?