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2020 Vision

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2020 Vision. People. Passion. Potential. P 3. Strategic. A statement of vision and action to the fulfillment of which all other school planning is directed. One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all And in the darkness bind them. Shared.

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2020 Vision

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    1. 2020 Vision People. Passion. Potential. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    2. Strategic A statement of vision and action to the fulfillment of which all other school planning is directed. One ring to rule them all, One ring to find them; One ring to bring them all And in the darkness bind them. People. Passion. Potential.

    3. Shared • We built on the MSA process, the Brief, and previous strategic planning from 1996, 2004 and 2010 (the SMP). • We consulted and reviewed input from more than 1000 people. People. Passion. Potential.

    4. SMART • We initiated a plan which is • Specific, • Measureable, • Attainable, • Relevant, • Timely. People. Passion. Potential.

    5. 2020 Vision: the contents • Vision Statement • Mission Statement • Guiding Principles • Desired Learning Outcomes • Strategic Objectives • Action Plans • Financial Implications People. Passion. Potential.

    6. What’s “2020 Vision” about? • People – who we are • Passion – how we are energized • Potential – what we can do People. Passion. Potential.

    7. Glimpses: People with Passion Luminescence ’11 People. Passion. Potential.

    8. Se Min Suh Korea • From a robot “made in Korea” to a real boy. • Class of 2011 Best All-round Student. • Poad Music Shield. • Now at Oberlin College on a full ride. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    9. Nan Onkka Art • Came as a St. Olaf student teacher in the Fall of 2008. • Now the head of our Art Department. • Climbed Bandarpoonch this summer. • Leader in innovations like the AP Studio Art Blog. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    10. www.apstudioartatwoodstock.blogspot.com People. Passion. Potential. P3

    11. Stephen and Tamara Philip • She has a PhD in Chemistry and came to India from England because she wanted to transform education • He is a Mechanical Engineer and came to India from Detroit because he wanted to transform education • From first date to marriage in six months! Woodstock brings people with passion together! People. Passion. Potential. P3

    12. It’s about Potential If that is today, what might the future hold? Let’s hear from those who will be living there – our students. People. Passion. Potential.

    13. Glimpses: Student Voices from 2004 A passion for learning, service and the environment Combines curricular and extra-curricular activity People. Passion. Potential. Global awareness, languages, conflict resolution

    14. Independent learning Integrated knowledge Open-minded, sense of judgement Computer-aided learning People. Passion. Potential. Ethics-based, not rules-based

    15. The Class of 2020 People. Passion. Potential. It’s their future – what do they want?

    16. The Class of 2020 Saturday school Longer school till 4:30 A bigger bed in the dorms I think Hanson field should be moved up closer to the school It would be cool if Woodstock had a music theatre and a hot tub People. Passion. Potential. Internet in dorms Longer math

    17. Glimpses: Woodstock 2020 People. Passion. Potential.

    18. A metaphor for growth and description People. Passion. Potential.

    19. People. Passion. Potential.

    20. Vision statement By 2020 Woodstock School will be widely recognised as a leading educational institution in Asia, impacting the world from its Indian Himalayan context.  Our diverse student body and talented staff will be drawn from many nations. Our educational approach will be relevant, innovative and inspiring, built upon values which have anchored the school for more than 150 years.We will graduate self-directed and reflective young people with a passion and curiosity for life,equipped for leadership and influence throughout the world. Through highly engaged staff, and with the support of worldwide networks of alumni and partner institutions, Woodstock will become a beacon of excellence in India and beyond – holding out a uniquely effective educational vision of hope and possibility. People. Passion. Potential.

    21. Mission statement Woodstock School strives for excellence in teaching and learning, offering an exceptional education in a diverse international community. Inspired by our Indian Himalayan environment and our inclusive Christian tradition, we develop visionary, articulate and ethical individuals equipped to achieve their full potential in leadership and in life. People. Passion. Potential.

    22. Guiding principles Converting shared values into decision-making tools. The process of writing this will be as important as the outcome. We intend to unify the whole Woodstock community around the vision, mission and guiding principles of Woodstock. People. Passion. Potential.

    23. Desired Learning Outcomes These are not just “student outcomes”; they are aspirations for our whole community to embrace, live and model. People. Passion. Potential.

    24. Desired Learning Outcomes Members of the Woodstock community increasingly take initiative in developing the following skills, attitudes, and values: • Develop a profound sense of self; • Develop healthy interpersonal relationships; • Equip ourselves to survive and thrive in the 21stcentury; • Develop as citizens. People. Passion. Potential.

    25. Glimpses: a Grade 10 studentfrom India • He is the first in his family to go to high school and—hopefully—college. • His father made a fortune in commodities and wants him to do the same. • What has Woodstock done? He wants to honour his father, but worries that after Woodstock, he will not be able to participate in the kind of business ethics that have, in part, enabled his father’s success. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    26. End of Part One Is this the goal we want to move towards?

    27. Strategic Objectives • Excel in Vision and Leadership • Ensure a Stable and High-Calibre Staff • Expand Student Diversity • Enhance Student Learning • Enrich Student Experience • Encourage Community Growth • Extend Our Roots • Inclusive Christian tradition • Alumni community • India and the Himalayan Environment People. Passion. Potential.

    28. Excel in vision and leadership • Forge links with global educational institutions. • Build expert, responsible and committed leadership. • Unify all stakeholders around 2020 Vision. People. Passion. Potential.

    29. Leadership: key actions • Embed the vision into the school’s culture and operations. • Engage external stakeholders. • Restructure Board. • Model effective leadership. • Build a culture of trust. • Communicate expectations to staff. People. Passion. Potential.

    30. Ensure a Stable and High-Calibre Staff People. Passion. Potential.

    31. Staff: key actions • Identify retention factors. • Address issues around salary and benefits. • Improve evaluation. • Analyze training needs. • Provide access to training. • Offer opportunity for Masters’ Degrees. People. Passion. Potential.

    32. Expand Student Diversity • A microcosm of the world • Challenging annual targets. • Use summer programmes as “tasters”. • Build diversity scholarships – and here’s an example of why we want to do this. People. Passion. Potential.

    33. Glimpses: Montazerul Mehdi, Afghanistan • Class of 2009. • Generously financed by an Australian guardian. • Student Body President. • Founded the Honor Council because of his passion for hard work. • Now at La Trobe University in Australia. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    34. Expand Student Diversity • Work towards a microcosm of the world • Set challenging annual targets. • Use summer programmes as “tasters”. • Build diversity scholarships. • Evolve a targeted marketing strategy, including social media. • Diversify our programme: • Expand ESL provision through all grades; • Create a “mixed economy” of curriculum. Why? People. Passion. Potential.

    35. Where do Woodstock students go? People. Passion. Potential. Our students enter colleges in many parts of the world; we need to assess what will best suit their needs, and provide it as we are able, within the overall context that the AP program will remain our core specialism.

    36. Student Diversity: 2011 People. Passion. Potential.

    37. Student Diversity: 2020 People. Passion. Potential. (Target countries are indicative only.)

    38. Enhance Student Learning • Align around Desired Learning Outcomes. • Encourage students to direct their own learning. • Strengthen the AP Programme - focus on the AP International Diploma. • Improve the articulation, differentiation and integration of the curriculum from K-12. People. Passion. Potential.

    39. Enrich Student Experience • Design and implement an innovative Enrichment Programme. • Here’s an example from today of how that might look. People. Passion. Potential.

    40. Glimpses: Kritika Deb, Nepal • Entered Woodstock in Grade 3, after the death of her father. Woodstock gave her a family. • 2010-11 Student Body President. • Initiated the Jordi Village Library Project. • Now at Smith College. People. Passion. Potential. Kritika P3

    41. Enrich Student Experience • Implement an innovative Enrichment Program. • Expand the advisory programme and engage a wider range of adult role models for students. • Create the opportunity to graduate “with distinction” for those who excel in these areas. People. Passion. Potential.

    42. Encourage Community Growth • Promote positive relationships across cultures and ages. • Create opportunities for the wider community: • Educational • Cultural • Shared action on concerns • Here’s one example of the kind of people who can make that happen. People. Passion. Potential.

    43. Bethany Okie Drama • Came to Woodstock from Atlanta, Georgia in 2010. • Transforming the theatre programme at Woodstock. • Creating opportunities for staff and students to develop their passions. • Providing access for the Mussoorie community to join us for performances – two extra this time. People. Passion..Potential. P3

    44. Encourage Community Growth • Promote positive relationships across cultures and ages. • Create opportunities for the wider community: • Educational • Cultural • Shared action on concerns • Space and time for growth: • Communities need time together to reflect on shared goals and ambitions. People. Passion. Potential.

    45. Extend our roots • Give back to India • Educational, cultural and environmental leadership • Improving grass-roots education locally • Work towards a Teacher Training Institute. Here’s an example of what we are already doing. People. Passion. Potential.

    46. Mohammed Yousuf Ansari • Hindi Teacher, joined the faculty in Fall, 2010. • Son of Mussoorie tailor, Faiz Ansari (better known as Faiz). • Worked at the Landour Language School for many years. • Now one of Woodstock’s more popular teachers. • A marathon runner, Yousuf will be running with ten students and several other faculty members in the New Delhi Marathon in November, 2011. People. Passion. Potential. P3

    47. Extend our roots • Give back to India • Educational, cultural and environmental leadership • Improving grass-roots education locally • Work towards a Teacher Training Institute • Begin “at home” with our employees; extend their educational opportunities. • Live in harmony with the Himalayan environment: • Stewardship and responsibility • Promoting and encouraging sound practices People. Passion. Potential.

    48. Financial Implications Operational budget (1)Items with either no financial implications, or which can be addressed in the next annual budget: • Expansion of ESL department to enable wider pool of recruits. • Development and implementation of a standards-based staff evaluation programme. • New teacher pay grades. People. Passion. Potential.

    49. Financial Implications Operational budget (2)Items which need to be built into future budgets via a five-year rolling business plan: • Staff compensation (initialexpense may be shared with the interested foundations). • Staff development (initialexpense may be shared with the Downs Foundation). • Investment in essential capital developments, campus renovation, facilities and equipment (will need to be supplemented by fundraising - see below). • Increased levels of maintenance to protect our investments. • Operating costs associated with the expansion of academic and other programmes. • ICT costs associated with higher levels of online activity. People. Passion. Potential.

    50. Financial Implications Fundraising • Staff compensation (bridging against annual increases in tuition and fees during the first years of the plan). • Campus and facilities investment (campus plan in place by March 2012; business plan will consider range of funding options). • Building a substantial endowment to: • Remove all student financial aid from the operating budget by 2020. • Establish student diversity scholarships. • Address other areas of need as identified by the school in consultation with those establishing the endowments. People. Passion. Potential.