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Sustaining Education

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Sustaining Education. Current Needs Forecasting the Future Superintendent Alexis Tibbets Superintendent Carlene Anderson Okaloosa County School District Walton County School District. Affordable Housing Land Acquisition. Affordable housing for workforce in education

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Sustaining Education

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sustaining education
Sustaining Education

Current Needs Forecasting the Future

Superintendent Alexis Tibbets Superintendent Carlene Anderson

Okaloosa County School District Walton County School District

affordable housing land acquisition
Affordable Housing Land Acquisition
  • Affordable housing for workforce in education
  • Funding for salaries to meet cost of living increases
  • South Walton challenges to acquire affordable school sites
  • Students attending schools out of zone area/bus transportation zones-more parents transporting via roadways
  • Transportation infrastructure-the ability to move students-using school buses or through parents transporting
  • Critical roadways: Hwy 98, 331, 85, 87 and those additional ones in Escambia and Santa Rosa
enrollment instability
Enrollment Instability
  • Military Instability-student enrollment spiking and declining – realigning schools are costly ventures (time + effort=$$$)
  • Migration to the north-relocation of students without relocation of schools
strong business environment
Strong Business Environment
  • Highly skilled employees in high wage jobs
  • Attract businesses for students entering work force
  • Technological infrastructure – fiber optic networks established while increasing bandwidth
  • Need for web-based learning to decrease drop-out rate and improve credit retrieval
  • Streaming distance learning- increase curricular offering remotely for rural areas.
qualified personnel
Qualified Personnel
  • Highly qualified teachers (Class Size Reduction depletes applicant pool annually)
  • Administration (CEO’s), declining pool of applicants
  • Increased need for specialty certifications

ELL, Math, Science, Technology, ESE

  • Professional development for teachers of subgroups
closing the gap
Closing the Gap
  • Disability population increasing

Need for highly skilled professionals (education v/s private sector)

  • Cost of serving disabled population

(lower class ratio…support personnel)

safety and crime
Safety and Crime
  • Sexual offenders in the communities-Need strong law enforcement in the communities
  • School Resource Officers
  • Additional costs of future unfunded legislation (i.e., Jessica Lunsford Act)
  • Influence on students from Internet
  • DJJ schools
  • Alternative schools
property acquisition walton
Property Acquisition (Walton)
  • Rising cost of construction
  • Increased cost of acreage in areas where growth is evident
  • Protecting the environment while building schools
  • Protecting community relationships while providing for children
funding cuts
Funding (cuts)
  • State education funding
  • Resistance to increased tax revenues
  • Loss of flexibility in federal funding

(Title I)

maintaining the extras
Maintaining the Extras
  • Culturally rich curriculum-art, music, band
  • Joint ventures with post secondary education-OWCC symphony, NW FL Ballet, dual enrollment
  • Joint ventures with the private sector-Developing good stewards of the environment-(i.e., Nokuse)
future initiatives
Future initiatives
  • Consensus building

Inter-county education pooling resources-


  • Marketing our product
children are the key to the sustainable emerald coast
Children are the Key to the Sustainable Emerald Coast
  • Planners of Transportation and Infrastructure
  • Future Educators
  • Environmental Protectors