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Choco art. Made by Topaz : Noe, Olivia, Isaac, Lea and Richard. Our strengths. The strengths of our first team member(Noe) are: ICT and body smart. The strengths of our next team member (Olivia) are: Art, English and Body smart.

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Choco art

Made by Topaz: Noe, Olivia, Isaac, Lea and Richard.

Our strengths
Our strengths

  • The strengths of our first team member(Noe) are: ICT and body smart.

  • The strengths of our next team member (Olivia) are: Art, English and Body smart.

  • For the next team member (Richard), his strengths are: Maths, People and Body smart.

  • The strengths of the fourth member (Isaac) are: ICT and English.

  • The strengths of our last member (Lea) are: Art, English and People smart.

Team work
Team work

  • “I think that team work is very important, but to complete it you need to have good communication and co-operation” – Noe

  • “You need to listen to each other and work together and not fight or argue and if solve the problem” – Lea

  • “ Everyone's idea should be included and all the ideas combined is made an excellent plan idea” – Isaac

  • “You should not argue but instead solve the problem and then get on with your job” - Richard

  • “I think I is important to not leave anyone out as their idea will be useful and all that makes a great team spirit” - Olivia

The tasks
The tasks

  • Monday : We found out who was in our team and prepared and started to develop our product with ideas and thoughts. We even observed some real cookie boxes and looked at their properties.

  • Tuesday : We decided our name , slogan and looked at how our net for our box should be designed. We then looked at our recipes that we had bought in as homework and half of the team went to the ICT lab to look at how we made and used a website that we would make ourselves!!! We also walked around school asking teachers a questionnaire about what they would like on their cookies.

  • Wednesday : We carried on with cutting out our nets and making our website and presentations.

  • Thursday: We finished our presentations and sides for our nets and boxes

Research and development
Research and development

  • We researched by walking around school with a 5 piece questionnaire asking teachers questions like “would you prefer sweet or savoury”. The answers came up like this –

  • Sweet and savoury was a tie.

  • Most people wanted chocolate as a topping.

  • Most wanted thin instead of thick cookies.

  • Most wanted crunchy cookies.

  • Most of them liked a plain filling inside.

First ideas
First ideas

At first choice we wanted to do a chocolate chip cookie with little bits of marshmallows. But then we realized that it was to unhealthy so we decided that we were going to make a flat cookie with different patterns on each cookie. It is arty and creative with a touch of glam. They are not to unhealthy and are not too posh and expensive!!!

Product name
Product name

We came up with lots of different names but we had to choose one. So we each showed our names and the name that was chosen was “Choco Art”. One of the names we wanted were :

  • Arty Choco

  • Lookie cookie

  • Art Choco

    So it all had to do with art and alliteration!!!


We came up with our slogan by each writing our ideas and discussing our ideas. Then we each revealed our ideas and the one that won was “look good, Taste good, Feel good”.

What went well

  • Communication

  • Cooperation

  • Doing the PowerPoint presentation

  • We worked well together while we did the PowerPoint and website.

  • We did well for the PowerPoint presentation and working together.

  • Making the QR code was fun and simple.

  • teamwork

Things that gave us trouble
Things that gave us trouble

  • We were not always organised.

  • The splitting up for Dutch was hard and gave us trouble.

  • The box net was hard to make.

  • The board was hard to complete.

  • Agreeing with the cookies and slogan name.

  • Finish website in time.

What we will do differently
What we will do differently

  • Making the net not to difficult.

  • Stay a bit more together.

  • Put a bit more info on the website.

  • More things on the board.

  • Take more pride and effort in our PowerPoint presentation.

Our cookie description
Our cookie description

  • Our cookie is filled with love and made with care. We have cookies with chocolate on the top of them and a pattern is displayed onto them!!! It is an everyday cookie and makes your day that bit better. It is also recycelable!!!

Thank you
Thank you

  • We all hope you( Sir David Of Porritt) have enjoyed our presentation.