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Institutional Resources to Help With Research

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Institutional Resources to Help With Research - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Institutional Resources to Help With Research. Jeanne-Marie Guise, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Oregon BIRCWH and Comparative Effectiveness K12 Programs Cynthia Morris, PhD, M.P.H. Director, OCTRI Education and Career Development Core Darlene Kitterman , MBA

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Institutional Resources to Help With Research

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    1. Institutional Resources to Help With Research Jeanne-Marie Guise, M.D., M.P.H. Director, Oregon BIRCWH and Comparative Effectiveness K12 Programs Cynthia Morris, PhD, M.P.H. Director, OCTRI Education and Career Development Core Darlene Kitterman, MBA Director, OCTRI Investigator Support and Integration Services Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D. Director, Research Development and Communication Services October 2010

    2. Training and Career Development Pathway Fellowships & Career Awards GRADUATE/ MEDICAL STUDENT Predoctoral Institutional Training Grant (T32) Predoctoral Individual NRSA (F31) Predoctoral Individual MD/PhD NRSA (F30) Training T32: Postdoctoral Institutional Training Grant F32: Postdoctoral Individual NRSA POST- DOCTORAL Research Grants K01: Mentored Research Scientist Development Award K08: Mentored Clinical Scientist Development Award K23: Mentored Patient-Oriented RCDA Small Grant (R03) Transition K99/R00: NIH Pathway to Independence (PI) Award K22: NIAAA Career Transition Award Exploratory/ Developmental Grant (R21) FACULTY K02: Independent Scientist Award Research Project Grant (R01) K24: Midcareer Investigator Award in Patient-Oriented Research Independent K05: Senior Scientist Award Research Center Grant (U and P series)

    3. K Support • Salary Support • Low (supplement clinically) • 75% time (50% for some specialties) • For training • For conducting research • Research funding • Up to $25,000 per year for research and training expenses (e.g. tuition, books, supplies) • Training is an expected part of Ks • Must describe a training plan in the proposal

    4. Independent K Higher probability of funding (vs. R01) Your previous track record can be slim Limited research funding Can get an R01 later Requires NCR yearly R01 More difficult to get funding Rating depends in part on PI experience No limit on research funding Cannot get a K later Requires NCR yearly Institutional K vs. Independent K vs. R01 • Institutional K • Highest probability of funding • Your previous track record can be slim • Limited research funding • Can get an independent K or R01 later • Requires annual update of information & competitive renewal after 2nd year

    5. Institutional Ks • BIRCWH (Dorsa,Guise) – Building Interdisciplinary Research Careers in Women’s Health (NICHD) Basic, Translational, Clinical, Behavioral 4 slots • OCTRI KL2 (Morris)– Designed for Career Development in Translational Research 6 slots • Child Health Research Center K12 ( Nicholson,Marks) 3 slots • Comparative Effectiveness K12 (Guise,Morris) 4 slots

    6. Independent Ks • K01: Mentored Research Scientist • K02: Independent Scientists Award • K08: Mentored Clinical Scientist • K22: Career Transition award • Postdoctoral fellows in transition to a faculty position • K23: Mentored Patient Oriented Research Career Development • K24: Mid Career Investigator Award in Patient Oriented Research • K25: Mentored Quantitative Research Career Development • K99/R01 Pathway to Independence Award • 1-2 years mentored 3 years independent (intended for postdocs)




    10. K01 APPLICATIONS AND AWARDS BY PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES AND CENTERSFY 2007 Applications Awards Number of Applications/Awards Participating NIH Institutes and Centers

    11. K08 APPLICATIONS AND AWARDSBY PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES AND CENTERS FY 2007 Applications Awards Number of Applications/Awards Participating NIH Institutes and Centers

    12. K23 APPLICATIONS AND AWARDS BY PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES AND CENTERS FY 2007 Applications Awards Number of Applications/Awards Participating NIH Institutes and Centers

    13. K24 APPLICATIONS AND AWARDS BY PARTICIPATING INSTITUTES AND CENTERS FY 2007 Applications Awards Number of Applications/Awards Participating NIH Institutes and Centers

    14. NICHD Independent K Award Success Rates 2005-2009

    15. OCTRI Education and Career Development Cynthia Morris, Director

    16. Educational Platform Health Professional Students, Predoctoral Students Clinical and Postdoctoral Fellows OHSU and KP faculty T32 OSLER program OCTRI KL2 program Educational Platform HIP Curriculum HIP Symposium, Seminars Certificate in Human Investigations Master of Clinical Research

    17. Clinical Research Education at OHSU Master of Clinical Research • Certificate program (2 years) • Focused education in informatics, epidemiology, biostatistics, basic sciences • Mentored capstone Certificate in Human Investigations • Required didactic coursework (2 years) • Mentored capstone Non-degree • Attend courses in C/T research

    18. Core Competencies • Identify major clinical or public health problems and relevant research questions. • Identify, interpret, and critique the state of knowledge regarding a question. • Design and write a research proposal. • Identify appropriate study methods (study design) for a research question considering feasibility, efficiency, and bias-free inference. • Evaluate the reliability and validity of measures. • Use appropriate sample size, power and apply basic statistical principles.

    19. Core Competencies, continued • Employ effective information management. • Identify, evaluate, and minimize risks to research subjects. • Effectively communicate orally and in writing with colleagues and the public. • Work effectively with the diverse community. • Work effectively within a multidisciplinary research team. • Manage a research project (personnel, budget)

    20. HIP Capstone • This mentored project pairs one or more mentors with trainee • End product: NIH R01 or K grant (or equivalent) • End product: Manuscript suitable for publication. Trainee must have designed project, implemented study, directed or conducted statistical analysis, written manuscript

    21. HIP Buffet • An informal forum to lean about practical topics for research • Alternate Tues/Weds at noon • Examples: • Developing a research budget • Finding funding for your study • Time management • Organizing your references • Creating a publication strategy

    22. OCTRI Scholars ProgramWho can participate? • Anyone at OHSU or VA who is applying for a career development award or first R01. • “Temporary OCTRI Scholar” status during application • Anyone at OHSU or VA who receives a career development award or first R01 • This includes VA CDA, NIH K awards, and lookalike career development awards

    23. OCTRI SCHOLARS: What is available? • Educational program • Support of the scholar through supplemental mentoring activities. • An informal, monthly noon seminar • A smaller, intensive group who commit to meet biweekly for manuscript and grant development  • Support of career development award research through research support. • Talk with research navigator

    24. OCTRI SCHOLARS: What is available? • Support to maximize odds of research success • OCTRI Design Studio • Career Development Award (CDA) Library • Targeted information dissemination via listserv on funding opportunities, seminars and conference • Support to improve mentoring quality • Participation in an electronic "learning community" for mentors and mentees • Participation in OHSU institutional programs that deliver workshops and seminars targeted to mentors and mentees.

    25. Grow from Within to ExcellenceA Mentoring Initiative • Lead Mentor Program (cohort of 15-18) • Take responsibility for developing mentoring programs within dept or organization. • Mentors share best practices, learn new strategies • Career & Mentoring Series • Seminars and workshops on mentoring • Work-life balance; Coaching through active listening; Mentoring across differences • Mentoring website (

    26. OHSU Clinical & Translational Research Resources Darlene Kitterman Program Director, OCTRI Investigator Support & Integration Services (ISIS)

    27. Accessing OHSU Research Resources • Women’s Health Research Unit (WHRU): Single point of contact to coordinate resources for ob/gyn students and faculty. • Access to WHRU departmental research resources • Triage to OHSU institutional research resources • Oregon Clinical & Translational Research Institute (OCTRI) • Institutional core resources • Navigate research administration • Assist investigators in finding collaborators • Contact • Tracy Lawson, WHRU Administrative Manager • 4-0111 •

    28. OCTRI Research Navigator Program • Gateway to OCTRI Resources: Single point-of-contact for OCTRI services • Facilitates access to OCTRI and Kaiser Permanente resources: • Resource availability and suitability for the research • Resource costs • OCTRI scientific review process, when applicable • Studies using more than one OCTRI program and; • The study has not received scientific review (Knight Institute, NIH, FDA) or a career development award • OCTRI support for new investigators: some services may be free or subsidized • OCTRI letters of support • Assists investigators in finding collaborators at OHSU and Kaiser Permanente • Contacts • Navigator Service staff • Navigation Manager: Joanne Price • Navigation assistants: Sunitha Jagannathan and Cynthia Malain • Call 503-418-9790 or email

    29. OHSU resources for all stages of translational research

    30. Design and Planning • Finding collaborators • Ob/gyn, OHSU & Kaiser Permanente • Statistical support • Design • Sample calculations • OCTRI free Drop-in sessions: Wednesdays, 4-5pm, HRC14D80 • Patient population feasibility • OCTRI virtual data warehouses (OHSU & KP) • Julie Mitchell, OCTRI BMIP • Guidance in community and practice-based research

    31. Funding Application • Statistical support • Grant development • Writing/editing • Budget development (grant and industry) • Regulatory assistance • Human subject regulation guidance • IND/IDE requirements guidance • Data & Safety Monitoring Plan development

    32. Pre-study & Start-Up • Compliance submission services • Protocol development • IRB submissions (OHSU, KPCHR, VA) • IND/IDE submissions to FDA • OCTRI informatics solutions: • Database development: • REDCap: Free basic access • Database: online, webbased data forms and database • Survey: Sophisticated online, webbased survey tool • Free REDCap Tutorials: 1st Tuesday/3rd Monday, 2-4pm, HRC10D03 • Scannable forms • Virtual Data Warehouse: Data from Epic (OHSU & Kaiser)

    33. Implementation Stage • Research space • OCTRI CTRC inpatient (MPV2SE) • Outpatient • WHRU MPV • OCTRI CTRC: HRC & CHH • Research nursing services • Study coordinator pool • OCTRI bionutrition services • Dietitian consultations • Patient meals and snacks • Energy expenditure and body composition procedures • OCTRI core laboratory services • Assays • Sample processing and shipping • Genetic analyses • Limited OCTRI funding to support costs of OHSU hospital tests and pharmacy services • Regulatory services • IND/IDE annual updates to FDA • GCP monitoring for IND/IDEs • Data & Safety Monitoring Board coordination • OCTRI Biolibrary (OHSU & KP) • Sample access • Sample banking

    34. Analysis & Publication • Statistical services • Data analysis • Manuscript preparation

    35. Resources for Funding at OHSU Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D.Research Funding & Development Services

    36. Funding landscape at OHSU OHSU researchers brought in $392 million in FY 2010

    37. Research Funding & Development Services Rachel Dresbeck, Ph.D. Director Currently Hiring Program Manager Katie Wilkes Administrative Coordinator Contact us:

    38. Research Funding & Development Services

    39. Grant Funding • Funding Database • Weekly Funding Alerts • Limited Submission Program • Presidential Bridge Funding • Internal funding opportunities • Visit the funding portal on our website! •

    40. Proposal Development • Help with grant writing • Workshops • Specific Aims Workshop • NIH Format Change Workshop • Funding Focus and other forums • Sample topics: Grant Writing 101, Foundation Funding, NIH Public Access Policy, and more! • Vollum Writing Class

    41. Research Communications • Research News blog • Email updates

    42. Where to get help Research Funding and Development Services Email us: Research Development & Administration