Agenda item 1 20 high altitude platform stations haps
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Agenda item 1.20 – High Altitude Platform Stations (HAPS). Presenter: Dick Butler. Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS. Background :

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Agenda item 1 20 haps

Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS


to consider the results of ITU‑R studies and spectrum identification for gateway links for high altitude platform stations (HAPS) in the range 5 850‑7 075 MHz in order to support operations in the fixed and mobile services, in accordance with Resolution 734 (Rev.WRC‑07)

View to identifying two channels of 80 MHz each for gateway links for HAPS)

Agenda item 1 20 haps1
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS

CPM 12-1:

Method A – NO change in Radio Regulations

Inhibited choice of technology in a national network – inconsistent with the preamble of the ITU Constitution. Radio Regulation 4.15A now 4.23 prescribes all HAPS transmissions shall be specifically identified in Article 5.

Method B – Regulatory texts for HAPS gateway links to avoid harmful interference to all other services – Hard limits

Australia Position:

Proposal for identification of the two channels – 6 440 – 6 520 MHz and 6 560 – 6 640 MHz in national network and the detailed regulatory conditions of Method B

Agenda item 1 20 haps2
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS

Conference considerations:

- Cote d’Ivoire contributed proposal supporting Method B

All Regions supported Method A – some sympathetic towards Method B for deployment within a national territory

Need for process for avoidance of interference to neighbouring countries

Committee 5 gave guidance in recognizing concerns relating to RR 4.15A - led to a sub group chaired by Australia

Varying drafting suggestions - formal support from some African Administrations including names in Footnote

Agenda item 1 20 haps3
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS

Pressure to keep number of countries to be listed in Footnote to minimum - late supporters discouraged by certain interests

Sub group meetings led to HAPS in new Footnote to Article 5 (ADD 5A.120) with major elements of the Australian proposal

- Advanced Notification period is not earlier than 5 years (Article 11.26)

Agenda item 1 20 haps4
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS


Additional Radio Regulation Footnote provision ADD 5A.120 for HAPS in bands 6 440 – 6 520 MHz and 6 560 – 6 640 MHz requiring Explicit Agreement with neighbouring countries

Special provision for the avoidance of interference to passive microwave sensor measurements carried out over oceans (permitted service) - HAPS stations location at a minimum distance from the coast line

Associated Resolution COM5/3 details the mandatory sharing conditions (hard limits)

Agenda item 1 20 haps5
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS

Resolution COM5/3 instructs the Radiocommunication Bureau to implement the Resolution

The Bureau to revise Appendix 4 of RR to include the mandatory compliance provisions and Bureau to examine notifications to ensure that Compliance Agreement and sharing conditions have been met

Director to report to WRC-15 on implementation instructions

- Administrations that were late supporters and not accepted in formal discussions at the Conference can be expected to come forward again

Agenda item 1 20 haps6
Agenda Item 1.20 HAPS


The outcomes reflect acceptable compromise on the Australian proposal to the conference.

Future Actions:

Actions by Bureau including report to WRC -15.

Some countries can be expected to seek listing in Footnote ADD 5A.120 in WRC -15.

CPM - 15 studies for broadband fixed and mobile services (JTG 4-5-6-7).