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  1. 定语从句高考点例析 授课人:李建宁 齐鲁石化二中

  2. 指出关系代词(副词)在定语从句中的成份: 1.The man who came to our school is Mr. Wang. ( ) 2.The girl (whom) I met is Lucy. ( ) 3.A child whose parents are dead is called Tom. ( ) 4.I like the book (which) you bought yesterday. ( ) 主语 宾语 定语 宾语 Have a try

  3. 5. His parents wouldn’t let him marry anyone whose family was poor. ( ) 6. I like the person to whom you just talked. ( ) 7. We shall never forget the days (that) we spent together. ( ) 8. We shall never the days when we lived together. ( ) 定语 介宾 宾语 状语 Have a try

  4. 考点一:that和which 以下情况,引导词用that,不用which。 1. 先行词为不定代词everything,little,much,all,anything,nothing。 e.g. Finally, the thief handed everything that he had stolen. 2. 先行词前有形容词最高级、序数词修饰时,用that。 e.g. This is the best book (that) I’ve ever read.

  5. 考点一:that和which 3. 先行词被the only,the very,the last 修饰时,用that。 e.g. He is the only person that I want to see now. 4. 先行词同时指人和指物时,用that。 e.g. We talked about the things and persons that we saw then. 5. 定语从句内容为解释名词的性质、概念时,需用that。 e.g. A plane is a machine that can fly.

  6. Which引导非限定性定语从句,其先行词可是一个词,也可是整个主句或主句的某一部分。Which引导非限定性定语从句,其先行词可是一个词,也可是整个主句或主句的某一部分。 e.g. 1. She heard a terrible noise, ______ brought her heart into her mouth. A. it B. which C. this D. that 2. The weather turned out to be good, ___ was more than we could expect. A. what B. which C. that D. it B B 考点二:连接词which的用法 Good!

  7. ****“of + which/whom”可用来限定名词、代词、分数词、数词等。 e.g. 1. In the dark street, there wasn’t a single person ____________ she could turn for help. A. that B. who C. from whom D. to whom 2. He paid the boy $10 for washing the windows, most of ________ hadn’t been cleaned for at least a year. A. these B. those C. that D. which D 考点三:介词+关系代词 D

  8. 关系代词前介词的确定 1.根据从句中动词与先行词的逻辑关系,请体会: e.g. Is that the newspaper for which you often write articles? 2. 根据从句中动词或形容词的习惯搭配,如: e.g. Can you explain to me how to use these idioms about which I’m sure. 3. 根据先行词与介词的搭配习惯,请体会: e.g. 1949 was the year in which the P.R.C. was founded.

  9. 关系代词前介词的确定 4.非限制性定与从句中,要表示先行词的一部分时,可用“数词/代词 + of + 关系代词”的结构,如: e.g. There are 50 students in our class, two- thirds of whom have been to Beijing.

  10. 5. Whose从句可转换为“of +关系代词”型,如: e.g. They live in a house, whose door opens to the south. They lived in a house, of which the door opens to the south. They lived in a house, the door of which open to the south. 关系代词前的介词的确定

  11. Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions: 1. The sun gives us heat and light, ________ which we can’t live. 2. The student ________ whom we were talking just now is the best student in our class. 3. I’ll never forget the day _____ which she said good-bye to me. 4. Who can give me the reason ______ which he hasn’t turned up yet? for Can you work them out???????? without about on

  12. 在限定性和非限定性从句中,when的先行词是时间名词,where的先行词是地点名词,分别在定语从句中做状语。在限定性和非限定性从句中,when的先行词是时间名词,where的先行词是地点名词,分别在定语从句中做状语。 e.g.1. After living in Paris for 50 years he returned to the small town ______ he grew up as a child. A. which B. where C. that D. when 2. It was an exciting moment for these people this year, ______ for the first time their team won the World Cup. A. that B. while C. which D. when B D 考点四:关系副词的运用

  13. 考点五:as与which引导的定语从句 两者均可引导非限制性定语从句,有时可以互换,但下列情况多用as。 1. 关系代词引导的定语从句居句首时。 e.g. As we all know, the earth is round. 2. 当与such或the same连用时,一般用as。 e.g. Such books as you tell me are interesting. I have the same plan as you.

  14. Go on Please! 3. 当从句和主句语义一致时,用as,反之则用which。 e.g. She has married again, as was expected. She has married again, which was unexpected.

  15. Go on please! 4. as在从句中作主语时,后面常接行为动词的被动语态,如be known,be said,be reported等,如从句中行为动词是主动语态,一般要用which作主语。 e.g. She has been late again,as was expected. Tom has made great progress, which made us happy.

  16. 1. I’m using the pen which he bought it yesterday. 2. Is that factory which your father once worked in? 3. The man whom I spoke is from Canada. 4. July 1,1999 is the day when we’ll never forget. __ Correct the sentences: (去掉) ^ the one ^ to ____ which

  17. 5. I still remember the holidays I stayed with them. 6. I’m going to work in the hospital where needs me. 7. Those that haven’t been to the West Lake will gather at the school gate. 8. I don’t like the way which you talked to your friend. ^ Correct the sentences: when ____ (that/which) ___ who ^ in

  18. 9.This is the last time when I’ve given you lessons. 10. Soon they came to a farm house,and in front of which sat a small boy. 11. We heard the news which our team won the game. 12. The reason which he explained it sounds reasonable. ____ Correct the sentences: ____ that it ____ that ____ why

  19. 13. Those at the desk want to buy tickets write down your names. 14. That was the reason because she looked old. 15. Miss Chen is the only one of the few teachers who give us wonderful English lessons in our school. 16. Taiwan, that we know, belongs to China. as Correct the sentences: ^ who ______ why ____ gives ____

  20. 17. It is the one of the best films that have been shown recently. 18. The third place which we are going to visit is Hangzhou. 19. Which is known to all, many satellite are going around in the sky. 20. The students and things which you spoke of are known to us. that Correct the sentences: ____ has ____ _____ As ____ that

  21. 21.Einstein is such a great scientist that we must learn from. 22. The student who’s book I had borrowed didn’t come to school today. 23. Who is the worker who took some pictures of the factory. 24. The bike by which I travelled was his. as Correct the sentences: ____ _____ Whose ____ that ___ on

  22. Homework: 1) Finish off the exercises. 2) Preview Lesson 89.

  23. THE END