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PPST Committee Report PowerPoint Presentation
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PPST Committee Report

PPST Committee Report

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PPST Committee Report

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  1. PPST Committee Report Jane Lehr, Pulsed Power Science and Technology Technical Committee Chair 3 November 2012 NPSS AdCom Meeting

  2. Conference Attendance Concerns and Committee • PPPS Website will go live on Nov 12 • Making a contingency budget for reduced attendance • For the PPC, it was estimated 20% of attendees are funded by DoE. At least this number (if not more) come from DoD. • Proposing a Conference Information and Promotion (CIP) for PPPS2013 to promote attendance in the wake of reduced travel budgets (worldwide) and restrictions (USA) • @ PPPS 2013, we will hold a IEEE SM event – with onsite electronic applications.

  3. Previous AdCom motion to digitize BEAMS proceedings • The original Omnipress proposal to digitize the BEAMS proceedings, for under $50k, was negotiated by Edl Schamiloglu, with Jane Lehr’s and Gerry Cooperstein’s involvement • Motion 11.1.2 from the March 6, 2010 AdCom Monterey meeting: “Motion to digitize the proceedings of the High-Power Particle Beams conferences: It was moved, seconded and passed that NPSS provide up to $50,000 to digitize the Proceedings of the High-Power Particle Beams (BEAMS) conferences held between 1975 and 2008. These proceedings will be made available to the community through IEEE Xplore.” • We had understood that the key part of this request was to make a searchable master CD which could easily be added to by future BEAMS meetings just as we do for the Pulsed Power Conference.  AdCom wanted to make sure that the BEAMS proceedings would be put on IEEE Xplore.  Because the BEAMS meetings had several name changes over the years, it is not possible to search through all the previous BEAMS proceedings as a group on IEEE Xplore. • Ron Keyser and Paul Dressendorfersuggested that it would be “cleaner” if we get a new motion authorizing the distribution of searchable BEAMS DVD to attendees of BEAMS 2012 and PPPS 2013 in order to cover Ron’s approving the payment of the second half of the Omnipress order.

  4. Proposed Motion AdCom approves making and distributing searchable DVD’s of the High-Power Particle Beams (BEAMS) conferences held between 1975 and 2008 for distribution to attendees of BEAMS 2012 and PPPS 2013.  The total cost will not exceed the original $50,000 approved in AdCom Motion 11.1.2 to make these BEAMS proceedings available to the community through IEEE Xplore.  Further distribution of these DVDs to future biennial BEAMS meetings, e.g. ICOPS-BEAMS 2014 will be covered in the conference budgets.

  5. PPC 2011 • working on closing the conference • The treasurer sending documents to IEEE HQ for audit (Erin Lyman) • In trying to figure out what the actual problems are, one issue seemed to be that the (Bo Yu) software didn’t capture the data that IEEE needs to close. Did any other TC have this issue? I don’t understand how it happened ….? • For PPPS2013, we will use MCM software.

  6. MegaGauss XIV (Fully Sponsored) • The 63 registrants are from 8 countries:1 Canada2 China1 France1 Germany1 South Korea 4 United Kingdom22 Russia31 United States We lost 8 intended Chinese attendees due to visa problems.

  7. Participants

  8. Abstract submitted: 320 Abstract accepted: 304 Oral Presentations: 126 Contributed Talks 97 Invited Talks 25 Plenary Talks 4 Poster Presentations: 163 Total Oral + Poster Presentations: 289 Technically CoSponsored