gama business travel february 11 2011 american airlines direct connect n.
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GAMA BUSINESS TRAVEL February 11, 2011 American Airlines Direct Connect PowerPoint Presentation
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GAMA BUSINESS TRAVEL February 11, 2011 American Airlines Direct Connect

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GAMA BUSINESS TRAVEL February 11, 2011 American Airlines Direct Connect - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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GAMA BUSINESS TRAVEL February 11, 2011 American Airlines Direct Connect. February 11, 2011 Confidential 1. Agenda. Introductions & Meeting Objectives About Farelogix About the American Airlines Direct Connect Demo Implementation / Integration Points Open Discussion w/ Q&A Next Steps.

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GAMA BUSINESS TRAVEL February 11, 2011 American Airlines Direct Connect

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. GAMA BUSINESS TRAVELFebruary 11, 2011American Airlines Direct Connect February 11, 2011Confidential1

    2. Agenda • Introductions & Meeting Objectives • About Farelogix • About the American Airlines Direct Connect • Demo • Implementation / Integration Points • Open Discussion w/ Q&A • Next Steps 11 February, 2011Confidential2

    3. About Farelogix Farelogix is a provider of low-cost, high-value distribution technology and merchandising solutions, including XML airline direct connects using industry standard Open AXIS integration schema. Farelogix delivers value on both buy and sell sides of the travel supply chain For Travel Suppliers (primarily airlines) – provide channel control, custom content delivery (ancillary/merchandising) and lower cost distribution For Travel Agencies/TMC’s – provide sourcing management, content normalization, transactional business rules to any point of sale (POS), resulting in enriched content and closer supplier relationships Farelogix is a technology provider not a distribution company, nor can Farelogix represent/contract any airline content to a travel agency or 3rd party Agency/3rd party must have commercial relationship with airline

    4. Farelogix Platform February 11, 2011 Confidential 4

    5. About the AA Direct Connect • Air basics • Availability • Shop • Book • Ticket • Change, Cancel, Void • Exchange, Refund (full/partial) • Schedule change management • Expanded Air Capabilities • Optional services • Traveler-authenticated offers based on agency, corporation, traveler or other designation • PNR Management • Queue and automatic queue capability, with API for mid-office integration • Profile integration • Multi-source PNR • Service fee handling • Reporting • ARC and BSP reporting • CSR Sales Report • MIR-FLX Back Office Feed • Multiple Point of Sale Options • SPRK Model Office • XML API for other agency or corporate booking platform integration February 11, 2011 Confidential5

    6. GAMA: Current Environment

    7. GAMA: American Airlines Direct Connect Environment

    8. GAMA: Integrating the AA Direct Connect

    9. GAMAS: Future Opportunity (GDS & XML)

    10. Demo February 11, 2011 Confidential 10

    11. Integration Points 2 3 5 1a 1b 4a 4b 2a 4 2b

    12. Travizon: Integration Points 1. Agency Point of Sale 1a. Agent POS (From Sabre native/RED to SPRK) 1b. 24 Hr Call Center POS (From Sabre native/RED to SPRK) 2. Corporate Booking Tools 2a. Rearden (XML API Integration) 2b. Cliqbook (XML API Integration) 3. Mid Office 3a. Cornerstone (XML API Integration) 3b. Mid Office 2 4. Profiles 4a. GDS Profiles (One-time Push) 4b. Off-GDS Profiles (XML API Integration) 5. Back Office 5a. Agresso (MIRFLX back office feed) 6. Other/open issues 6a. Discussion of Virtually There (some overlapping front office functions?)

    13. Business Intelligence (BI)Back Office Integration & MIRFLX Overview February 11, 2011 Confidential 13

    14. Business Intelligence Engine The FLX BI Module contains all transactional data (including history) and enables interface integration supporting third-party and proprietary reporting, queries, quality control, and back-office management Back office integration is completed automatically by the BI engine creating a FLX Management Interface Record (MIRFLX) which is a replication of an industry standard MIR format.

    15. Business Intelligence Engine Back Office integration is managed through a simple automated download processes (one-time): FLX BI automatically creates a MIRFLX upon each ticketing transaction (ticket issue, exchange, etc) and places this as a file on a secure server. Each agency has a file automatically set up based on the unique agency PCC The agency runs a Windows install program which will run as a background process on the agency desktop. The agency configures the program FLX ACL using one or multiple PCC. The agency determines the download interval through configuration settings. The agency configures a local destination directory where the specific agency MIR files will be downloaded. The agency configures their back office system to accept the MIRflx files from their local file

    16. Business Intelligence Engine Once a successful file download, the MIR server automatically archives the specific MIR record with appropriate date/time stamp. The agency can dynamically access any archived record based on a date search. See screen shot examples on next slides

    17. MIR-FLX Examples Main Window Configuring Accounts Status of current download activity and main menu Uses Farelogix ACL Security Layer

    18. MIR-FLX Examples Setting Target Folder Interval Configuration Sets download interval For receiving files

    19. MIR-FLX Examples Program Settings Archive Access Download specific files from archive by date

    20. MIR-FLX Examples AA29FEB0902M01173014314990 902515822728335 Q9BTJT 611100010000000000 FLX0 SUFLX22728335 29FEB 0901 WAS* FLX 00012MARJFKNEW YORK J F KENNDXBDUBAI AE 001001002002001001000000000000 01 090229FEB EK ARC TEST TRAVEL AGENCY ADDR1 WAS,DC. 16054 1111111111 3014314990 3014314990 FLXDM M101TEST/RANJITA 021 0100000000 0102 01 M201ADT15590251582 2 USD 1005.00 2.50AY 30.80US 30.20XT USD 1068.50 1068.50 0.00 F 63.50ZZSMKZZ WAS N FLX0 SUFLXFLX0 SUFLX 0201EK15590251580 0102 01 CK O/B VALID ON EK 204 ONLY/NON REROUTABLE/CHG FEE USD 150 EACH M3011 0HK12MARAIRNJFKNEW YORK J F KENNDXBDUBAI AE EK 0204K 1120 0810 12.50 M 110 EK77W 0 TERMINAL4 TERMINAL1 1012008 01NM M3021 0HK28MARAIRNDXBDUBAI AE JFKNEW YORK J F KENNEK 0201K 0830 1420 13.50 M 000 EK77W 0 TERMINAL1 TERMINAL4 1012008 01NM M401ADT 12MAR12MAROK2PCKZ204US 1 USD M402ADTX 28MAR28MAROK2PCKZ204US 1 USD M50101 EK#1559025158/ 0/ 1005.00/ 63.50/ONE/CA 1.1TEST RANJITA/1/F/E M6ADT1 FP CK /FCNYC EK DXB Q155.00 M/BT KZ M/BT US5 EK NYC Q155.00 M/BT KZ M/BT US5 NUC M/BT END ROE1.000000 XT5.00XA7.00XY5.50YC8.20AE4.50XF JFK4.5### ***EOM*** Spaces removed for presentation purposes

    21. Action Items/Next Steps • Questions? • Action Items? • Thank you! February 11, 2011 Confidential 21

    22. February 11, 2011 Confidential 22 10/21/2008 Space for footer text 22