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Enigma Cracking PowerPoint Presentation
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Enigma Cracking

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Enigma Cracking
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Enigma Cracking

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  1. Enigma Cracking All the efforts have been failed People need more information to crack it

  2. The first Steps of Cracking: • The German spy Hans Thillo Schmidt provide the first documentation of Enigma. • These documents make people to make a replica not to decode it.

  3. The polish stay to decipher it • Polish people had more reasons to continue their efforts: • Build a new institute (Szyfrow) and gather the mathematicians:

  4. Repetitions are against the security • Rejewski started his work on the basis of this law: • He tried to find the repeating words and then try to find patterns: • The first words of every message are these repeated words.

  5. These repeated strings act as Achilles heels • He tried to find closed cycle of letters and then he noticed that the length of cycles would change by the day.

  6. Every Setting leads to a different length of cycles

  7. This discovery inspired him to provide a catalog of every setting. It took a year. It did not support the plugboardsetting. Ultimately if they find the appropriate setting of scrambles: • He allive in belrin. • He arrive in berlin.

  8. The Enigma Machines become more complex • The number of scrambles increased at the 1938. The Polish become unable to decipher the messages.

  9. Polish transferred their experiences : • England made a new institute :

  10. Searching For New Patterns • Tiredness of German soldiers lead to repeated passwords • Military messages obey special structures

  11. Alan Turing The Hero Of Mankind • Alan Turing tried to find another way for deciphering • Turing tried to find the special structures according to past messages • The first messages were about the weather

  12. Turing : German messages had lots of Achilles heels • The first message was something like : • Turing had some sentences that were mixtures of cipher text and deciphered text . He called them crib

  13. Enigma machine had a bug. It was unable to cipher a letter by itself • A ------------> A

  14. Turing designed a so noisy machine called Bombe. • He used one of the first Parallel machines.

  15. Ultra Files • The Bombe had changed the destiny of war. • Herman Pole : The war became a comic movie. We knew what and where and when and who and a bit more. • It informed the allies the location of German supply lines and the statue of General Romels forces in North Africa • The detailed pictures of German troops concentrations • along the French coast.

  16. The Tragic destiny of Bletchley park cryptanalysts. • Derek Taunt : Our Happy dominated on King Harry street in Hampshire.

  17. Natural Encoding And Biological Bombes • A language with four letters. The code book to make all the functional macro molecules . A T C G

  18. How to code it crack it hack it • It leads to know the way we live. • Every Protein is consisted of amino acids and every amino acids code by a special word.

  19. The biological deciphering methods

  20. The biological deciphering machine • RNA polymerase