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How to write an email PowerPoint Presentation
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How to write an email

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How to write an email - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How to write an email. Things to consider. Write from your university e-mail account. Avoid using emails which do include neither your name or surname eg . sweetgirl11@ (bad example) bozdogan_d @ (good example). Think about what you're saying. Choose an appropriate greeting .

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How to write an email

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    1. How to write an email

    2. Things to consider • Write from your university e-mail account Avoid using emails which do include neither your name or surname eg. sweetgirl11@ (bad example) bozdogan_d@ (good example)

    3. Think about what you're saying • Choose an appropriate greeting. • Ask politely • Proofread what you've written • Sign with your full name, course number, and class

    4. Examples of greetings: • Dear Professor Smith, • Dear Ms. Glaum, • Dear Dr. Brown, • Hi/Hello Ms. Glaum, • Hey/Hello teacher (informal)

    5. Do not leave the subject of your email blank, write your subject properly and to the point • Examples of a subject: (Your name and surname, Name of the course) FI Writing Diagnostic FI Essay Question

    6. Don't send unexpected attachments • When you get a reply, say thanks

    7. Remember! An email is a piece of writingwhich has a(n): • Introduction (introduceyourself/topic) • Body (state whyyou are writing, ask the question/s wherenecessary) • Conclusion (close the topic by eithersayingthanks or asking a question)

    8. More things to consider: • Give some context for the question, situating it in the particular assignment or activity you're working on. • Punctuate. Capitalize appropriately. Use complete words and sentences; this is not texting. Check your spelling. • Be specific and detailed about what the difficulty or challenge is regarding. • Ask an actual question, rather than leaving it up to me to infer. • Be nice and thank for answering. • Sign your full name.

    9. Example 1 • Hi Ms. Glaum,I'm working on my narrative essay essay for Focused Inquiry 111 and I’m having writers block. I'm stuck trying to figure out what to write about.Do you have a suggestion for what I should do? Thanks.Maggie SimpsonEng 3703, MWF 10:00

    10. Example Template • Subject: (put in your class and maybe the assignment number)Salutation: (Mr or Ms Glaum,)----message, short and in proper English----Signature: (Thank you and your name)

    11. More on email etiquette • Syllabus Email Policy: